A Special Easter Message and Prayer…

“I am light. I am peace. I am happiness and joy and love. I am hope and delight. You, my beloved, fill me with hope and delight, just as you are right now. Only I have the eyes to fully recognise what is beautiful and heavenly in you. I look at you and see an infinite ability to spread peace through your trust in me. You cannot see this because you cannot see the effect of even one action of love from you to another. Only I can see the effects that blow into the world through the trust that you offer to me. Come. Let us, together, introduce many origins of love which can move then out into the world from one person to another. Today, we will spread my love, together.”

-Jesus on May 17th, 2020 via ‘Anne, Apostle of the Returning King”

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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Feel free to click on the following family photo below for a Special Easter YouTube message from yours truly! 🙂

HAPPY EASTER! Please enjoy this photo of my dad, mom, and I!
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, make our family a little holy family like Yours! 🙂

An Easter Prayer

Dear God,
Our Gentle Father and Friend...
Thank You!

Thank You
for the absolutely beautiful and sublime gift
of this and every precious present moment,
with all its billions of blessings,
both seen and unseen!

Thank You
for the inexhaustible power
and inexpressible peace
that continuously calls out to us
from the lowly manger
of Your Joyful Birth!

Thank You
for the unconquerable hope
and uncontainable happiness
that freely flows out to us
from the bloody Cross
of Your Sorrowful Passion!

Thank You
for the endless possibilities
and ever-new potential
that boundlessly bursts out to us
from the empty tomb
of Your Glorious Resurrection!

Thank You
for the Greatest Gift of all:
Your Son, Our Savior,
Your Love, Our Lord,
Your All and Only,
Our Alpha in Omega:
Jesus Christ!
Who comes to us
as but a helpless baby, a homeless fisherman,
a restless servant, reckless lover,
a speechless victim, a spotless lamb,
and, today, a risen, resurrected, and righteous King!
“For God so loved the world...”

Dear Mary,
Our Blessed Mother and Queen,
Thank You
for Your all-embracing and all-encompassing “YES”
which was the beginning of our unending life
in the Holy Trinity!
Help us to continue to grow that divine life
-in our hearts and in each other-
through our humble “yes” answers,
today and everyday,
until that very last day
of our little lives of hidden, heartfelt
service, surrender, and sacrifice...
when the Lord Himself will finally fully take us
from the trials of earth
to the Triumph of Heaven,
where our uniquely prepared place awaits us
in perfect Paradise...
whispering those words which will be
pure bliss to our aching ears
as we draw our dying breath:
“Well done,
My precious and beloved child,
My good and faithful servant!
Since you were faithful
in small moments and simple matters,
I will give you glorious rewards and great responsibilities!
Come now and enter into your Master’s everlasting glee!”

Amen! Alleluia!

Happy Easter!
Jesus is RISEN!
Jesus is King!
...in you and in me! 🙂

May He,
Whom the whole of creation
ceaselessly celebrates and sings,
hold you and all your friends and families,
all your desires and dreams,
and yes, even all of your wounds and worries,
ever closer and closer to His beating, burning
Sacred, Eucharistic Heart
of intimate, intimate
Love and Mercy
...now and for all of eternity!

"Little Gregory"

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“Form an army of prayer within your families and amongst your friends. Never believe that this will not be enough to overcome any evil. Very often, it is the only thing that will be decisive enough to bring evil to its knees.” -God the Father on March 1st, 2022, in response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict via holylove.org