The Holy Rosary: Our Strongest Weapon, Surest Link, and Sweetest Remedy, by Heavenly Decree!

John Paul II, the beloved pope, called it his “favorite prayer” and firmly believed that by fervently praying it, one could change the course of human history. Padre Pio, the humble miracle-worker, called it his “weapon” against the devil, who would occasionally attack him in his sleep. Mother Teresa, the tireless missionary, exhorted her sisters to cling to it, and could often be seen doing so in the slums of Calcutta’s busy streets. Maximilian Kolbe, the heroic martyr, claimed it was the “secret” to all that he succeeded in doing, until he finally gave his life for another man in the concentration camps of the Nazis.

If you are a cradle Catholic or a convicted convert, you may have already guessed what “it” is: the Rosary. Yet though it is often overlooked and underutilized, Our Lady’s Rosary is among the most powerful, protective, precious means to bring down hell’s destructive ploys, bring together earth’s human family, and bring about the new era of Heaven’s love, joy, and peace. And because God makes the most extraordinary, supernatural masterpieces out of the most ordinary, natural means, only He could make a sword against the snares of Satan, a solution for the sadness of sin, and a safeguard to the serenity of the soul’s sanctity, out of the small, simple set of Rosary beads…

It’s no wonder then, that Our Blessed Mother has appeared all around the world, from Fatima to Lourdes to Medjugorje, beseeching us, her beloved children, to pray the Rosary, sometimes even with tears streaming down her cheeks. Yet amazingly, she has revealed that the grace outpoured from one heartfelt, fervent Rosary is worth more than all the many signs and wonders She has obtained for us from God at Her many pilgrimage sites down through the centuries.
Personally speaking, I can’t even put into words how much happiness, hope, and healing this prayer has brought me since the day I decided to pray it daily. Addictions and anxieties which I never thought I could overcome have essentially become little nothings. Wounds and worries which I never thought I would recover from have slowly become distant memories. And a degree of interior discipline and divine intimacy beyond my wildest dreams have miraculously begun to inspire and imbue my most humble duties and hidden deeds, genuinely opening my eyes to all the many golden opportunities to intentionally yet effortlessly share with all those around me this inner yet otherworldly feeling that, through the Holy Rosary, both consumes and ennobles yet embalms and consoles my whole soul and being, ever generously yet gently!

Indeed, this little, loving prayer has matured in me the courage and vitality of the man I was made to be, and at the same time it has restored to me the goodness and purity of my inner child, Hail Mary after Hail Mary. Of course, I still fail, falter, and fall short constantly, as a feeble, fallen human being. Yet like the countless struggling saints turned sublime saints from ages past, I have the certainty if I refuse to let go of the Rosary, I will be assured the victory over every defeat, in the Name of the Lord and by the Blood of the Lamb: Jesus Christ, my Life, my Love, my Everything.
And so, I ask you, in all sincerity: Are you willing to embark upon a journey into the innermost depths of your being, to arrive at the uncomprehensible mysteries, the uncontainable miracles, the uncountable merits, and ultimately, the unconditional mercies, of the universe’s Queen and King? Are you ready to travel with Them through Judea’s hill country, meditate with Them in the Garden of Gethsemane, and walk with Them along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, the road to Calvary? Are you prepared to witness the most meaningful moving, moments and scenes of He by Whose birth, life, death, and resurrection, you have been redeemed? From His upbringing with the Holy Family, His suffering for every last human being, His preaching during the three years of public ministry, and His rising in the glory of the Blessed Trinity… through the pure eyes and pondering heart of His Mother who knew Him and loved Him the most intensely yet intimately? Finally, are you eager to be accompanied, not only by Our Lord and Our Lady, but also by Their invisible, invincible army of angels and saints, oh so holy and heavenly, to guard and guide you, to protect and prompt you, and to generously provide for your every need, physically, emotionally, and spiritually… all while peacefully giving you insights into your own life’s joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous mysteries?

If your answer is, “Yes, please!” then simply take a breath, take out your Rosary, and take the time this day, to see why this prayer will allow you to open your heart, transform your life, and fulfill your eternal destiny… For undoubtedly, there is no surer, shorter, sweeter way to greatness, to gladness, to God Himself than through His daughter immaculately conceived, His mother dearly loved and deeply lauded universally, and His spouse of pure and perfect perpetual virginity: the Woman that Scripture has been ceaselessly yet steadily revealing, clothed with the sun and crowned by the stars, crushing the head of the serpent, our adversary and enemy, under her feet.
Truly, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, Mary is your Mother, and She loves you immeasurably. Close your eyes and see her bright beautiful smile, as She looks upon you with such warmth and receptivity. Open your hands and feel her timeless, tender touch, as She hands you the Most Holy Rosary. Finally, quiet your heart and hear her soft, sweet voice, calling you by name and making known Her presence, Her plan, Her plea:

“My child,” She whispers, “My little baby… Do not be afraid of Me. For I am right here beside you, ready to help you, hold you, heal you entirely. I have been watching you carefully, awaiting this day, this moment, most eagerly. Trust my voice, take my hand, and today and every day, try your best to pray My Rosary. And I promise that you, little dove, that you and your loved ones, will finally be able to rest safe and sound in your Mother’s Immaculate Heart, in the Father’s Universal Kingdom, and in my Son’s All-Forgiving Embrace, for all eternity.
I love you.
Yours lovingly,
Mary, The Handmaid of the Almighty and Mother of all humanity. The Lady of the Rosary and the Queen of Peace.”
Note: Especially for the month of November, please consider taking up the beautiful and powerful practice of praying the Flame of Love Rosary (in English or even in Latin!), since each Flame of Love Hail Mary prayed devoutly delivers 10 souls from purgatory during the entirety of this month!
In the following video, Fr. James explains the importance of this Church-approved devotion:

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“Suffering Saves Souls” – Please Share These Merciful, Mystical Messages with Family and Friends!

Part 1: Translations of the “Offering of Past Crosses” Prayer to Share Worldwide!

Do you or does anyone you know speak any of the following languages? If so, pray the Holy Spirit for the gift of Spiritual Discernment and Holy Boldness, to share one or more of the following images with them, Lord-willing! They can be easily copied and pasted to be texted and email to family and friends, as well as posted on various social media platforms! Note: To print English prayer cards of this powerful prayer, to spread/leave in churches, adoration chapels, restaurants (especially to workers/waiters), schools, hospitals, nursing homes…(even staple them to telephone poles if the Spirit so calls! For as Our Lord told ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’: “Use My words, dear little apostles. Spread them everywhere.”*), click here:

Offering of Past Crosses Prayer Card (English)

Remember, this prayer is SO IMPORTANT to help save so many souls, marriages, and vocations in this time of so much sin and confusion! Thus, let us endeavor to unite our holy and heavenly efforts and fight back against the great tide of evil surging through the internet, for the glory of the God we will one day see Face-to-face in awe and all humility, and the salvation of struggling, suffering souls we may never meet until eternity!

After all, as Our Lord has stated on November 5th, 2006:

“As more and more souls relinquish to Me all their past crosses–great and small–I am opening wide the First Chamber of Our United Hearts, the Heart of My Mother, which is Holy Love.” “As more and more souls turn to Me by merit of the powerful force of this offering of past crosses, Satan’s attacks upon this Mission of Our United Hearts will be more easily discerned and readily thwarted.”



Video: “The Inestimable Value of Even the Slightest Suffering…” Feel free to share!

Do you know of any family, friends, and loved ones who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually during this time? If so, please consider sharing the following words/videos of grace and consolation, so that they may know that, no matter what they’re going through, they are not alone, but are entirely surrounded and aided and endlessly accepted and cherished, by their vast and beautiful heavenly family who eagerly awaits them in an eternity of joy, love, peace and adventure, beyond their wildest imagination.


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Offering of Past Crosses Prayer Cards (Spanish)








And finally, Chinese!

(The following is a translation in Chinese of one of my favorite Messages on the power of a Single Hail Mary! Here it is with the English translation! I hope it motivates many souls in China to take up the powerful weapon of the Holy Rosary!

The following are translations I simply ran through Google Translate, without yet having a native speaker proofread/edit them. Thus, feel free to let me know if you see the need for any corrections! (My email is 🙂









Offering of Past Crosses

Offering of Past Crosse Prayer Card (English Older Version)

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Part 2: Book Excerpt (On the Spirituality of Suffering and the Science of Sacrifice)

Love Endures All Things: Having a Grateful “YES” to Everything

“Transform any disagreeable thing you meet in your daily walk into a bouquet of flowers. Gather them with love, and offer them to Me with love. Gifts? This is how I appreciate them: when they are given with all possible love. This is how even your most insignificant actions become precious.”

How else will other hearts catch fire to Love unless my own heart becomes a little more enflamed with the burning Love of God Himself, Love’s Source? For the more my heart draws near to Christ’s irresistible Heart of endless fire, the more other hearts will be irresistibly drawn along by Love’s outgoing, ongoing, perpetual, perpetuating force.

Christianity is not a religion of pain; it is a religion of love. Christ Himself assured us of this fact in His words to Sister Consolata on September 24th, 1936: “Remember, Consolata, that I am kind; do not distort this fact! You see, the world likes to represent sanctity by pictures of austerities, flagellations, chains… But it is not like that. If sacrifice and penance do enter into the life of a saint, they are not on that account the whole of his life. The saint, or the soul who gives herself to Me with generosity, is the most fortunate being on earth, for I am kind, altogether kind.” It is true that the holier we become, more the Our Lord “spoils us” so to speak, lavishing us with His gifts and graces, as He relates to St. Margaret of Cortona: “All the time I was on earth, My body had not one completely happy day, nevertheless while My friends are here below I intoxicate them with the joys of Heaven and give them rest and peace.” Yet by the same token, Jesus has also revealed in Volume 2: Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, that from a heavenly perspective, the words “love” and “sacrifice” are nearly interchangeable… How is this so?

Well, for one thing, sacrifice enables the human heart to be emptied of self-love and expands it to encompass the divine love of God. Every opportunity to lovingly sacrifice in thought, word, and deed- that is, to die to self- is really a golden opportunity to love and thus win all the more grace for one’s self and others. In other words, every time one willingly chooses to die to self- that is, to one’s own will- to do the Will of God, that person is really effecting a new birth of grace into the world, for at least one other soul that her or she may never meet until eternity. “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat,” Jesus tells us in John 12:24, “but if it dies, it produces much fruit.” No wonder religious sisters and priests are known and understood as spiritual mothers and spiritual fathers! For by denying, depriving, and disciplining their bodies, minds, and wills, through prayer, penitence, and penance, they are really bolstering, burgeoning, and blossoming their hearts, souls, and spirits, and with them, all their many other “spiritual children” whose lives have been benefited in some major or even slight way by their sacrificial love. Think, for example of the great spiritual Father, St. Padre Pio, who in Volume 5: Jesus the Redeemer, tells us that he is the “saint of heavenly service,” because he not only said “yes” to everything the Lord sent him, but would actually actively search out more ways to suffer and sacrifice for God and souls: “During my time on earth I had the greatest of love for the will of Jesus Christ in my life. I tried to embrace His will in everything, even the smallest of things. There were times when Jesus would tell me that I was being granted a respite, and truly, I tell you, I would feel disappointment. I took the greatest of comfort to think I was suffering, both to console Jesus, and to save the souls of my fellow men who would otherwise be lost. I focused so completely on accomplishing these things that I experienced joy in suffering. This concerned me at times because I wondered if suffering could be called suffering when one enjoyed it. But let me clarify and say that I did not enjoy it in my humanity, but in my spirituality, which had been blessed with the greatest of gifts from Jesus Christ, my God and my all….Come to me and ask for my help as this pleases God. I send you my very best wishes and every heavenly blessing that is within my power to obtain…. I am available to you and wish to help, so do not waste my offer.”

This, however, does not imply that we should seek to harm ourselves or jeopardize our health with severe mortifications and strict fasts, which are often done out of self-will and are thus outside of the Divine Will. Rather, it consists in simply and lovingly accepting all the Good God sends our way, on each and every day, trusting that He has our best interest at heart. “The nicest prayers are the prayers of humble acceptance,” Our Lady tells us in Volume 1: Thoughts on Spirituality, “Acceptance moves you closer to God in a swift and beautiful manner.” This acceptance, of course, may sound easy enough in theory, but in practice it means bearing the good, the bad, and the ugly in the people around us and the situations involving us, “first with patience, then willingly, without raising any difficulties and finally with joy” as St. Maximilian Kolbe proposes.

“When I think that, for a sorrow borne with joy, I shall be able to love You more for all eternity, I understand clearly that if You gave me the entire universe, with all its treasures, it would be nothing in comparison to the slightest suffering.” These words of little St. Therese remind us that no matter how difficult it may be in this passing present moment, immediately upon our entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, we will truly rejoice in every last little suffering that we tried to secretly and silently yet eagerly and enthusiastically accept from, for, and with Jesus! Still, how many of us fail to see the many the crosses we may come across daily as true treasures of grace which hold incomparable richness for our soul’s holiness and perfection, and our heart’s happiness and peace! The following prayer, given by St. Martin de Porres, encompasses a variety of these everyday hardships, annoyances, and seemingly “unfair” circumstances, which are really the greatest of all gifts from Heaven! He promises that if prayed in the morning, the great and small sacrifices that one may have forgotten to offer the Lord have already been given to Him:

“Dear Jesus, Divine and Beloved Savior, today I surrender to You every pain—physical, spiritual or emotional. I will not complain about inconveniences, demands upon my time, breaches of privacy or the rudeness of those You put in my life today. With Your help, I will accept each present moment with Holy Love. Amen.”

Similarly, Our Lord reveals the following short and simple but penetrating and potent prayer as a sure means for helping Him claim more and more souls for the Heavenly Father and helping us become more and more confirmed to Him, the Suffering Servant: “If My children, even just My chosen ones, would accept their small crosses and say, ‘I accept this cross in the name of Jesus Christ for the salvation of sinners,’ I could save countless souls. Countless. The value of even a small thing offered to God is inestimable. You must understand that suffering will occur in every life. Use it for your holiness and for the good of your brothers and sisters.” Likewise, in other messages to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King,’ Jesus tell us that, “…suffering saves souls,” that, “You must begin to equate even your smallest crosses to so many souls rescued from darkness,” that, “All of your crosses, each one, obtain merit for your soul and salvation for others. The more unpleasant the cross, the more merit and salvation obtained,” and that, “You will not regret your sufferings. You will only regret the times you failed to love.”

On earth, we truly have no idea how unconceivably powerful our sufferings are before God. Imagine a mother who is forced to watch her newborn baby receiving a lifesaving yet painful shot, such as a vaccine. Though she knows that this child of hers would immediately forget and even eventually thank her for the injection, would the sound of her precious little one’s heartbreaking cries in that difficult moment not bring her to tears herself? In the same way, though the experience of suffering might last a lifetime, it is truly short in the long run and grand scheme: the drop of a pin, the blink of an eye, the shot of a needle and then we’re Home, safe and sound in the embrace of our loving family, never to struggle, strain, or sorrow ever again, for all eternity!

And yet, Our Blessed Mother, Whose love for us is infinitely greater than the love of all other mothers throughout human history combined, can barely stand to see us undergo suffering of any kind. Her heart breaks, melts, and nearly stops at the sight of it, just like it did during the excruciating hours at the foot of the Cross, when Her Son, Her Baby, Who despite being pure Love and Innocence Incarnate, willingly took on the human guilt of us all and underwent the divine justice of God. Yet despite Her agony, She was sustained by God’s grace, and with His help, was able to submit Her will to His and even fully forgive those killing Her Lord and Her Love, believing with all Her Heart that God’s Plan was infinitely greater and grander than She could ever fathom or foresee. “Behold the Blessed Virgin at the foot of the Cross.” Jesus once told Sister Consolata, “She suffers, yes; but what dignity in her suffering! Can you see her? …in a sea of anguish, not one lament! She does not become despondent or discouraged; nothing of the kind! …She accepts and suffers, she offers it all up with calmness and strength, even to the ‘consummatum est.’ That is the way I wish you to be in the days of sorrow; the virginal purity of your love will help you to be so!”

Christ Himself, with Arms outstretched and Blood outpoured suffering and suffocating, on the Cross, also looks upon us in our moments of sadness and loneliness, heartbreak and dejection, gloom and grief. And if He sees us looking back at Him, doing our best to carry our own cross, His Heart is immensely consoled and comforted, for He is no longer alone. Our pain becomes joined to His and, through the Immaculate Hands and Heart of Mary, is offered to the Father as an eternal currency, by which we can purchase the restoration of sick bodies, the consolation of troubled minds, and ultimately, the salvation of lost souls. “Whenever a soul receives with faith and love any occasion of suffering,” Jesus once revealed to Sister Benigna Consolata Ferrero, “it is as if she received Me in her arms when taken down from the Cross; the two arms with which the soul receives Me are resignation and love for My divine Will.” This unfathomable closeness, indeed Oneness, with Our Lord, and thus Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross, is truly only made possible by refusing to complain about suffering, and instead intimately sharing it with Them alone, as Jesus explains in God’s Blue Book 3: “Life is a bittersweet symphony, My child. You have a mixture of suffering and pleasure. The way to Me is the cross, to relinquish your life here and live it totally for Me. Suffering suffered for Me lasts forever. It is the crown I wore that won your salvation. It is in your suffering you will help to save souls. You are not here for momentary pleasures. I ask you to carry crosses, to carry the burdens that I place on you. It is through these burdens you are drawn closer to Me. Accept your suffering with joy. It is in this joy that you will find the true joy of everlasting happiness…. Such sorrow, such joy, joy to be united, sorrow to suffer the pain. It is in sweet surrender you are joined to Our Hearts. You accept all I have given you, you consecrate yourselves to our hearts, a total surrender of yourself to the Hearts of Mary and Jesus.”

In her locutions to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King,’ St. Margaret Mary Alacoque explains the potential that physical, emotional, and spiritual affliction can have in allowing us to become co-creators with the Father, co-redeemers with the Son, and co-sanctifiers with the Holy Spirit. To all those who suffer, even to the point of being tempted to end their life, she promises: “If your situation requires a miracle from Heaven, you should ask for one. Miracles are not impossible when you keep company with saints. Saints, indeed, are all about obtaining miracles from God. God gives us these things, these miracles, because we suffered with Him while we were on earth. You will be a saint if you suffer with Jesus. And then you will be able to obtain powerful graces, also. You will say, ‘God, please help this person.’ God will do so when He sees that you are making the smallest effort to accept your suffering with Jesus.” Indeed, though it is true that pain is God’s megaphone to us, as C.S. Lewis points out, if offered back to Him in a spirit of acceptance and love, pain can also be our megaphone to God, utterly disarming Him to withhold the Arm of His justice, deeply moving Him to unleash the torrents of His grace, and practically forcing His Paternal Heart to grant the innermost intentions of our hearts, on behalf of those we love. “Remember, sacrifice is what strengthens your prayers,” God the Father reveals in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love, “When you offer Me sacrifices, I see your efforts and am moved to answer your prayers. Sacrifice brings you deeper into My Heart.”

Yet while the topic of suffering and sacrifice can sound daunting and downright dismaying, let us not be afraid! For if Our Lord will never assign to us anything beyond our capabilities or devoid of His help, as Saint John of the Cross explains in “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Rejected God”: “Possibly you are fearful of what God will ask of you. This is short-sighted because anything that God asks of you becomes easy when you embark upon it with Him.” Besides, if He didn’t require anything extraordinary of His victim soul, He certainly will not require it of us…save of course, extraordinary love! “No, Consolata no! Jesus does not demand heroic acts from you, but merely trifles,” He once told her, “only they must be offered with all your heart!” Indeed, as followers of Christ, the First and Greatest of all, Who made Himself the least and littlest of all, we must dare to dream big, but remember to think small. “It takes so little to make you climb one degree higher,” Jesus encourages us through His words to Bl. Gabrielle Bossis in He and I, “And degree by degree you come to a deeper knowledge of God. You climb for others as well as yourself.” In the spiritual life, one degree can really make a world of difference! For St. Faustina once said that she would suffer all the torments of the martyrs combined if only to attain but one more degree of glory with, knowledge of, and resemblance to Christ in Heaven…and I’m sure all of the saints, who now fully see, know, and enjoy God in all His greatness, goodness, and grandeur would easily say the same! After all, listen to how St. Thomas Aquinas, in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love, describes the most sublime and sweet, perfect and pleasing, happiest and highest level in Heaven, the Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary- the very Heart of God the Father- reserved for the greatest saints: “The saints in the Sixth Chamber earned this coveted place while on earth. It is such a jewel of a Chamber that not even every saint is admitted to its sanctuary. There are martyrs and other saints who are in the highest place in the Fifth Chamber–for there are certain priority levels within each Chamber–all according to merit. Yet, these saints, while standing very close to the Sixth Chamber, are not allowed entrance. You cannot understand this unless you comprehend that every present moment counts towards your eternal reward. In God’s Mercy, which is one with His Love, sins are forgiven when the heart is contrite. Punishment is also obliterated through certain plenary indulgences. However, it is how deeply the soul immerses his heart and becomes one with the Divine Will while on earth, that determines admission to the Sixth Chamber.”

In order to receive all from Jesus, we must truly give Him everything. Yet even the weakest effort we exert to overcome ourselves can merit the necessary grace for raising the degree of our soul’s eternal brightness, beauty, and bliss. “I, who find all My joy in you,” Our Lord once told Saint Gertrude, “do not intend to allow even your least thought, nor a single movement of your finger, which you have done for love of Me, to pass by without using it for My glory and your eternal welfare.” Additionally, the littlest things can go the longest of ways when it comes to rescuing, ransoming, and releasing other souls from the clutches of the enemy, as ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ reminds us of this in her book Mist of Mercy, wherein the Lord made her understand that, “our prayers, our offering of our day to Jesus, and then our little teeny sacrifices accepted for Christ, as well as our greatest pain and sufferings offered for Christ, can actually help make the difference between a soul choosing Christ or casting himself away from Him into hell.” “A word here, a smile there, a kindness there, an act of humility when pride would be tempting,” God the Father assures us in Volume 3: God the Father Speaks to His Children, “these small acts bring souls back to the family and I can then bring them to heaven.”

In case one still might be skeptical of the surprising salvific power of even our smallest, slightest prayers, the following is a story told by Maria Simma (1915-2004), from Austria who was able to see souls in purgatory. She relates… “One day, I was on a train and in my compartment there was a man who didn’t stop speaking evil of the Church, of priests, even of God. I said to him: ‘Listen, you don’t have the right to say all that, it’s not good.’ He was furious at me. Afterwards, I arrived at my station, I got down from the train, and said to God: ‘Lord, do not let this soul be lost.’ Years later, the soul of this man came to visit me; he told me that he had come very close to Hell, but he was saved simply by this prayer I had said at that moment!”

The interviewer of Maria goes on to write, “Yes, it’s extraordinary to see that just one thought, one impulse of the heart, a simple prayer for someone can prevent them from falling into Hell. It is pride which leads to Hell. Hell is to stubbornly say “NO” against God. Our prayers can elicit an act of humility in the dying, a single instant of humility, however small, which can help them to avoid Hell.”

WOW! Just think of how many souls are at death’s door in every present moment, unprepared to face their judgement and unwilling to repent of their sins… Their guardian angels stop at nothing to petition heaven and earth for the prayers and sacrifices necessary to obtain a deathbed conversion for the soul they’ve been assigned to and entrusted with by God from all eternity! No wonder St. Therese didn’t fear entering Purgatory, as she was far too focused on obtaining Heaven for others, whose fate was weighing in the balance: “If I had been rich, I could not have seen a poor person hungry without giving him something to eat. That is what I do in my spiritual life: as soon as I acquire something, knowing that there are souls on the point of falling into Hell, I give them my treasures and I have not yet had a minute to say, ‘Now I am going to work for myself…’ I do not know whether I shall go to Purgatory. Nor am I worried.” “If I do go to Purgatory, then I shall be very content to do so; I shall do like the three young men, sing the song of love as I am being transformed in the furnace. How happy I should be if by these means I could save other souls, and suffer in their place.”

Indeed, the Little Flower, who used to make thousands of small sacrifices during her days on earth continues offer us guidance and instruction concerning her “Little Way” from Heaven! The following are a few excerpts of her various messages as given to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle of Holy Love Ministries: “My little way is a fortress against evil. Begin at once to offer many small sacrifices daily. You will be given deeper insight between good and evil in your moment-to-moment decisions.” “Every present moment holds a bounty of sacrifices to be offered to God. These little sacrifices combine to become great graces for the soul and for humanity in general. Ask me and I will help you to discover these small sacrifices. Offer them with love.” “Many little, humble sacrifices amount to much in God’s Eyes. Never allow Satan to convince you otherwise. Each sacrifice is as valuable as the depth of Holy Love in the heart when it is offered. That is what God looks at, not the cost of the sacrifice to the soul.”

Sister Consolata, who was so inspired by St. Therese’s life and writings, aimed not to miss a single sacrifice she felt compelled to make, from one Communion to another! Yet this third point of the “Littlest Way” is only made possible through the internal unceasing act of love itself: “Consider St. Peter: alone, he had fished all night and hadn’t caught a thing; with Me, he had barely thrown in the nets before they were full of fish. In the same way, if you remain in Me, with each inspiration for mortification that I send you, you will throw in the nets and I will pull them in, full of souls which you will only know in Paradise.” Of course, Jesus made it very clear to her that external acts, devoid of a spirit of love toward and union with Him, no matter how costly or impressive are worth nothing in His Eyes and have no efficacy for saving souls: “When the heart is very sick, it makes even a robust person inactive. Thus, if the heart does not belong to Me, I do not know what to make of the soul, no matter how much she is adorned with virtues.” On the other hand, when a soul is first saturated, submerged, indeed “supercharged” with supernatural love from spending time sincerely, silently, and secretly sitting, soaking, and even snuggling in Christ’s Presence, everything, including the most seemingly strong, scary, and sophisticated struggles, sufferings, and sacrifices become surmountable, simple, and somehow, even sweet! For as Jesus Himself revealed to Sr. Josefa Menendez, “I would like them to know how much I desire their perfection, and that it consists in doing their ordinary actions in intimate union with Me. If they once grasped this, they could divinize their life and all their activities by this close union with My Heart… When a soul is burnt up with desire to love, nothing is a burden to her, but if she feels cold and spiritless everything becomes hard and difficult.”

Because grace builds on nature, it may be very profitable for the “Littlest Ones” to study the “science of sacrifice,” so as to learn about and be on the lookout for all the thousands of hidden opportunities for self-denial during the day, each of which, like splinters to a flame, add intensity and immensity to the ongoing, outgoing yet intimate, inner song of one’s love for the Lord. “Be ingenious in mortifying yourself and in breaking your own will,” the religious soul in Purgatory exhorts her fellow sister on earth in An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory. And in the more recent words from God the Father Himself in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love, “The soul who is completely converted looks for ways to sacrifice in order to please Me. With a wise heart he asks for My assistance in discovering ways to sacrifice, in carrying out each sacrifice and in keeping each sacrifice between Me and himself. Every sacrifice given with a sincere heart strengthens the soul’s conversion and his relationship with Me.” Thus, the following tables give a list of different ideas for small sacrifices, as well as some of the benefits and blessings, both seen and unseen, that may come with each one!

Little Physical Sacrifices

“I need your acts of self-denial too, your discomforts and your bodily sufferings, just as though Mine were not complete and I had to wait for yours in order to bring salvation to the world.” “The most ordinary sufferings—heat, insects, unforeseen mishaps, petty annoyances that you offer Me in expiation—are part of the harvest of the autumn of your life in this ever-marvelous springtime of love.” -Jesus to Blessed Gabrielle Bossis

Practical ExamplesSpiritual Effects
Sleep Rising earlier than necessary to pray in the morning; getting up right away instead of going back to bed.“You could help Jesus save somebody’s soul by getting out of bed the moment your alarm goes off… You’re saying no to the senses and becoming a free person. You are listening to the Holy Spirit. and you are worshipping God by offering this sacrifice and you are redeeming the world by uniting that moment of sliding out of bed to the Cross of Jesus Christ.” -Fr. Mike Schmittz
Food Fasting (on bread and water, for instance) 1-2 days a week; choosing healthier, leftover, or less desirable foods and drinks; only eating during set or scheduled mealtimes; eating slowly or interspersing prayers or conversation between bites; finishing meal slightly hungry; forgoing desserts.“…a servant of God performed eight acts of mortification in eating an egg, and it was afterwards revealed to her that, as the reward of her self-denial, eight degrees of grace and as many degrees of glory were bestowed upon her.”  -St. Alphonsus Liguori “Fasting is the support of our soul: it gives us wings to ascend on high, and to enjoy the highest contemplation!” -St. John Chrysostom “Besides the ordinary effect of fasting in raising the mind, subduing the flesh, confirming goodness, and obtaining a heavenly reward, it is also a great matter to be able to control greediness, and to keep the sensual appetites and the whole body subject to the law of the Spirit; and although we may be able to do but little, the enemy nevertheless stands more in awe of those whom he knows can fast.” -St. Francis De Sales
Health If undergoing sickness, seeking help and allowing Jesus to work through the medicine and doctors, but accepting as God’s Will a cure or no cure.If you are ill, particularly, spend your days with Me and I can show you heights of holiness that will leave you breathless. I work with great energy in the soul of someone who suffers physically. Trust Me, please, with everything, for I am caring for you lovingly.” -Jesus via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ “Do not be too preoccupied about your health. God will always give you sufficient strength to serve Him properly.”                                                –Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory
Posture Sitting or standing up straighter; kneeling or even prostrating oneself during private prayer.“When you kneel before an altar, do it in such a way that others may be able to recognize that you know before whom you kneel.”           -St. Maximillian Kolbe “A Christian can see more when he’s on his knees than he can when he’s on his feet.” -John Hagee

Little Social Sacrifices

“The Lord may ask us when we see Him, ‘Do you remember this person who was standing next to you for an hour…for thirty minutes…for five minutes? This person needed your love and your prayers. Did you notice her, or was she another passing shadow? Did she mean nothing to you because you were so into yourself?’” -Marino Restrepo (a revert to the faith, hailed as a St. Paul of our century, who actually met the Lord face-to-face an illumination of conscience experience and shocking life review).

Practical ExamplesSpiritual Effects
Kindness Viewing opportunities to serve, assist, or console others as requests directly from the Throne of God and responding graciously and immediately; being generous with one’s time, talent, or treasure; showing gratitude and affection; gifting kind notes and compliments.“It usually costs little to bring joy to another’s heart. All it takes is a little good will, a trifling exertion for the sake of your neighbor, a cheering gift, a few words, and sometimes just a smile.” “When you have entered into eternity, you will be amazed on realizing what a wonderful kingdom of joy you might have set up around you on earth by means of mere trifles.” -Fr. Lawrence Lovasik “When someone knocks at our door, or when we are rung for, we must practice mortification and refrain from doing even another stitch before answering. I have practiced this myself, and I assure you that it is a source of peace.” -St. Therese of Lisieux “What you do for yourself will perish miserably. What you do for others, for the love of Me, will go on re-echoing throughout all eternity.” -Jesus to Bl. Gabrielle Bossis
Humility Remaining in the background as much as possible to commune with God, but reaching out to others in sincerity and simplicity; focusing on and discussing the positive qualities of others and any shared commonalities.“If there is a disagreement and you make peace, even if you are not at fault, all of Heaven will applaud you. Blessed are the peacemakers, my children… Bring peace everywhere with you and you will be a faithful apostle of my beautiful son, Jesus.” -Blessed Mother via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ “If you are a sign of humble love in the world, people will be drawn to you. Always affirm the good in people and let your demeanor preach Holy Love for you. In this example of Holy Love, people can be convicted in their hearts of their errors, rather than you preaching to them. Always defend the Truth, however, even in the face of opposition.” -Blessed Mother via
Meekness Being a good and attentive listener; giving others’ opinions or preferences primacy; giving no resistance or reply when insulted or ignored; holding back an unnecessary or unkind word or joke.“My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice, these are my invincible arms; they can move hearts far better than words, I know it by experience.” “It is better to leave each one in his own opinion than to enter into arguments.” -St. Therese of Lisieux “You must never take any notice of what will be said of you. The real merit of a person consists not in accepting with patience rebukes which she has merited more or less, but in accepting patiently those she has not merited, especially if she has done her utmost to do good and is then reproached for it.” -Unpublished Manuscript of Purgatory
Courage Praying to have one’s spiritual eyes open so as to always be prepared to evangelize; speaking Jesus’ Name lovingly in conversation; standing up for the Church or the Truth, offering to pray together with someone.“You are to speak freely of Me. If a soul rejects Me, hold no malice for that soul. Simply pray for them and move along, seeking out another. Often you are like a farmer sowing seeds. I, Myself, must reap the harvest.” -Jesus via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ “You will need to use the truth as a weapon. When someone speaks the truth, people listen. They may become angry, they may deny the truth, and they may then try to hide the truth, but they will hear you. And then they must make a choice.” -St Ignatius of Loyola via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’

Little Mental Sacrifices

“Dearest little children, place your petitions in My Motherly Heart, which is your protection and trust in the provision of My Son’s Heart. Your every need is already in My Heart. Every concern must be your joy, for it helps to turn souls towards God.” -Our Lady of Mount Carmel, via Holy Love Ministries

Practical ExamplesSpiritual Effects
Joy Accepting trials, inconveniences, disappointments, and bad news with cheerful resignation to the Will of God; refusing to complain about one’s sufferings, so as confide them only to Jesus.“…when something painful or disagreeable happens to me, instead of a melancholy look, I answer by a smile. At first I did not always succeed, but now it has become a habit which I am glad to have acquired.” -St. Therese of Lisieux “You are this light that shines in the darkened world. If I give you sufferings and you complain, your light does not shine… If you accept your cross, you should carry it, not give the burden to others… This develops intimacy with Me and our eyes meet and we know the suffering, as the suffering between My mother and Me!” -Jesus in God’s Blue Book 3
Diligence Doing your daily duties thoroughly and promptly, despite any feelings of fatigue or boredom; avoiding procrastination or diversions; prioritizing and finishing necessary tasks before allowing one’s self a break;  practicing being attentive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to do the Will of God in the present moment.“Watch your time. Write it down-how you spent it in useless ways!… Don’t rob Me of My time. I am telling you, you will be accountable for your time and how you use it. I lent it to you to do My work…to serve Me.” -Jesus in God’s Blue Book 1 “It matters – the disposition of the heart – in the very smallest of matters. If the smallest and most insignificant thing is given to Me with great love, it becomes great in My Eyes. This is how the boredom of routine can become a great vehicle of conversion for many. It is likewise how the smallest inconveniences can save souls and turn hearts back to Me.  -Jesus via “Find Me in your soul in each moment you are questioning your role in the Kingdom. I will direct you.” -Jesus via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ “In every situation think more about loving than about working.”    -St. Maximilian Kolbe
Holy Indifference Quickly replacing any vain, impure, selfish, judgmental, or useless thoughts with prayers; avoiding instantly and incessantly checking our mail or messages; mortifying curiosities about others’ affairs; peacefully entrusting any past regrets or future worries to Jesus’ infinitely merciful love.“Focus! This is your focus, Jesus Christ! Constant union with Me in your thoughts. …. I must be so close to you that you wander not one second in your thoughts from our union.”          -Jesus in God’s Blue Book 2 “What is left of all the earthbound thoughts you have cherished? And what would your treasure not be today if they had all been transformed into upsoarings to Me.” -Jesus to Bl Gabrielle Bossis “I permit this assailing battle of thoughts which oppresses you because it glorifies Me and gives Me souls. Offer Me these undesired thoughts at every instant with this ejaculation: ‘For You and for souls!’ I will transform these thoughts which come to you from morning to night, and which hinder your love, into graces and blessings for souls.” -Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone
Perseverance Persisting in prayer  (especially the Rosary)  when experiencing dryness or restlessness; seeking out a few more minutes of silence in the day; making visits to the Blessed Sacrament and Spiritual Communions.“When you do not have peace in your heart, stop what you are doing and pray. I will restore peace to your soul and you will then be happier and more effective.” “…your own little priceless soul…becomes more and more beautiful through prayer and silence.” “In those prayer times when you feel less, you are gaining more, believe Me, please.” -Jesus via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ “Be prayerful and silent as often as possible. In this way we can help Jesus fill you with peace.” -St. Anthony via ‘Anne, apostle of the returning King.”

It must be stated that the greatest of all sacrifices is an internal one of love. “Do not wonder what type of sacrifice to offer Me; for the greatest and most perfect of all sacrifices is to live in Holy Love in every present moment,” Jesus reassures us in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love. “To do so dictates a total dying to self. This is the sum total of all I ask.” Our Lord makes this especially clear to Sister Consolata in revealing to her His desire to be loved deeply and ardently. “Consolata, henceforth we must not merely strive to avoid defects,” He tells her,  “but our efforts must aim at loving Jesus even to the extremes of folly!” His words in God’s Blue Books have the same effect: “I want an intimate, on-fire love relationship with each soul. My Heart is a burning fire. It is an abyss of fervent love, a furnace on fire for the love of you.” “Love is embracing, love is entwined, love is vibrant and forceful, love is burning, love is longing, love is wanting, love is thinking about the other and talking about that person at all times. Love is an active force. It is on fire.” “…My love within you should be a force mightier than any explosion. It is a force that can never be contained.”

Because “our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29), those throughout history who persisted in pursuing Him throguh prayer and the sacraments, namely, His saints, became like burning flames. Pope St. John Paul II, for example would immerse and exert himself so intensely and attentively during prayer that he was actually heard audibly groaning before and during Mass and was even called “the old lion” by Fr. Maciej Zieba and other of his contemporaries. St. Aloysius Gonzaga once appeared before Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta with a love so dazzling, flaming, and great that it seemed “to be able to burn the whole world to ashes.” Jesus then told her, “Look how beautiful Aloysius is; but the greatest thing in him, which distinguished him on earth, was the Love with which he operated. Everything was love in him- love occupied him interiorly, love surrounded him externally; so, one can say that even his breath was love. That is why it is said of him that he never suffered distraction- because Love inundated him everywhere, and with this love he will be inundated eternally, as you see.” St. Gemma Galgani experienced a mysteriously sweet yet burning sensation in her heart after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, and once cried out to the Him in ecstasy, “You are on fire, oh Lord, and I burn. Oh pain, oh infinitely happy love! Oh sweet fire! Oh sweet flames! And would You wish my heart to become a flame? …. Come then, Oh Jesus! Your heart is a flame and you wish mine to be turned into a flame as well…. Jesus, I feel I must die when you are throbbing so in my heart.”

Above all, Our Blessed Mother, the “Heavenly Phoenix,” loved God more intensely and intimately than all the seraphim and cherubim, virgins and martyrs combined. As the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Who overshadowed Her soul by Her Fiat at the Incarnation and enshrouded the whole Church by her intercession at Pentecost, how could She not be utterly and entirely forged and transfigured by and eventually and ultimately fused and transformed into the very Breath and Fire of the everlasting love and desire between the Father and Son? Indeed, by the end of her life on earth, She had become “a devouring flame and conflagration of immense activity” as Mary Agreda describes her in Mystical City of God. “…The flame of her most pure love, with irresistible flight, pressed upward to her proper sphere, that is, the Divinity.” Indeed, let us always remember that while Sister Consolata is the model for the “Littlest Way” of continual, pure, and intense love, Our Blessed Mother Mary is the Model “par excellence.”

“The true measure of loving God,” St. Bernard teaches, is to love Him without measure.” Indeed, we are commanded in the Holy Bible to love the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength, and we are advised in An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory, to “have no other desire than to love God always more and more.” Still, since His desire for our love is truly infinite and eternal, no amount of love for God on our part could ever really be enough. Yet it is precisely because of true love’s infinite and eternal essence that, in loving God and thus uniting with Christ, we ourselves, and thus our every thought, word, and deed, become divinized. Yes! The more we love our Infinite and Eternal Lord and Savior, even to the point of folly, the more all our actions, even the littlest and least, become infinitely and eternally valuable! In other words, it is by repeatedly renewing, redirecting, and redoubling of one’s efforts toward internally burning up, beaming out, and blazing forth one’s love for Jesus that all our deeds, dispositions, and even desires become illuminated, invigorated, and immortalized, both in time on earth and throughout eternity in Heaven! As the soul in undergoing her purgation in An Unpublished Manuscript explains: “It is only recollected souls who will have any influence for good around them. Things done differently have no value.” “Try to be as recollected in your actions as you are during your thanksgiving after Holy Communion.” “There must be a little sacrifice in each one of them, something that costs you an effort. Without that there is no merit.”

Additionally, with love, suffering ceases to cause one suffer, and if this love is powerful and prodound enough, it can even turn and transform suffering into the joy and consolation of the mind, the peace and refreshment of the heart, and the life and “daily bread” of the soul. “…when Jesus really reigns over your will and you allow Him to be absolute master of your whole being, then, no matter how heavy the crosses are, you will not feel their weight,” we are told by this same soul of a religious sister in An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory. Indeed, “Love will absorb everything…” Sister Consolata herself attests that amazingly, “The unceasing act of love keeps the soul always in peace. I believe that it has a strong ascendency over suffering and helps one to suffer joyfully… The act of love is stronger than any pain.” Finally, this ever-intensifying inner flame within us is what ignites many other hearts with love and allows them to catch fire. Luisa Piccerreta proposes an inward examination, when in The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion, she writes, “In all that we do – prayers, actions and other things – do we always have the intention of absorbing new love within ourselves, so as to give everything back to Him? We must absorb it in order to give it, so that everything we do may carry the seal of the works of Jesus. When the Lord gives us fervor, light and love, do we use them for the good of others? Do we try to enclose souls in this light and in this fervor, so as to move the Heart of Jesus to convert them; or do we selfishly keep His graces for ourselves alone?” And in God’s Blue Book 2 Jesus Himself warns us why continually fanning and fueling the fires of this love within ourselves, to shine on and warm up, and energize and thus evangelize all those we encounter is so crucial: “Souls are at stake. Their eternal life depends on the ardent love you are developing in your heart. You can only speak of My love with fire when you are on fire yourself. Be on fire with love of Me. Be about your love affair.”

It’s important to understand, however, that fervent love will not always be accompanied by warm, fuzzy feelings. In fact, as Fr. Lorenzo Sales explains, one can “love God with a perfect and intense love, even with an icy heart, even while experiencing disgust or aversion. To love God with an act of perfect love, it’s enough to want to love Him in that way. In these circumstances, the act of love can be even purer, more generous, and therefore more meritorious and agreeable to God.” These words are confirmed by those of Our Blessed Mother in Volume 1: Thoughts on Spirituality: “Do not think that the merit of your prayer is based on how you feel when you are praying. You may feel nothing on some days, but you must persevere and believe me when I tell you that on those days, when you feel nothing, you are saving as many souls through your smallest prayers as on the days when all of heaven seems open to you.” Yes, it is true! Though at times, it may seem, look, or feel like nothing, loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength can cause the angels and saints to resound, the eternal reward that awaits us compound, and the glory of the King of the Universe to abound! After all, in one of my personal favorite Messages of Holy and Divine Love, Jesus promises that, truly, “…your smallest effort in prayer, sacrifice or fasting does not remain small but affects the entire cosmos–the whole universe; therefore, do not be discouraged in the least little effort, for I take it and make it great.”

“Do not grow slack in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer” (Romans 12:11).

“You Watched Me” (A Poem to My Uncle Carlton)

My Uncle Carlton with his beautiful little granddaughter Layton 🙂

“You Watched Me”

You watched me grow up big strong,

and you wanted nothing but for me to live a life that was happy and long

You watched me as I caught my first fish that all began with one tug…

I’ll never forget how proud you were, giving me that famous big bear hug

I watched you work, play, laugh, and pray, helping others in every way,

Teaching me to share the love, joy, and peace of Christ, moment by moment, day by day

I watched you grow older, never losing the vivaciousness from your younger years

But even as you moved on to a better, brighter place, my eyes filled with tears

Yet now I can live my life the way you wanted, through all I learned and saw

Knowing that you and our divine Lord and Savior are watching over us all.

Eternal rest grant to Him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the soul of Doyle Carlton Smith (1928-2013) and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.


Yesterday, June 9th, was the birthday of my dear Uncle Carlton! And what a man he was indeed! Please offer up a a special prayer for him, and be assured that your smallest, slightest prayers and sacrifices for those who are still awaiting full entry into Eternal Glory can go SUCH a long way!

Eulogy for Doyle Carlton Smith (1928-2013)

Written and Delivered By Gregory O. Perenich, June 1st, 2013

Today we pay our respects to a man who changed all of our lives forever.  A man of courage, of simplicity, of love.  A man who will live on in all of us until we at last rest with him up above.

Carlton lived more than a great life; he built a legacy, completed a journey and fulfilled his purpose on Earth.  Of course, he was always happy. I never once saw him with anything but a smile on his face as he would teach me how to catch my first bass…okay my first minnow.  Or the look of excitement on his face as he brought a skinned succulent fish inside to cook and share with all of us.  Or even the look of contentment on his face as he would just sit back and enjoy the beauty of everything unfolding right in front of him.  He would just sit and watch, at peace with the lake, the world, and himself.  Simply watching, never taking even the smallest things for granted.  

My Uncle Carlton with his sweet, loving, wonderful wife Mary Smith, who made him oh so happy!

And that was the thing about Uncle Carlton.  As diligent, disciplined, and determined of a man he was, at the end of the day, after all the work was done, he wanted nothing more than to watch the glowing, golden sunset God gave him over the glorious lake he had grown his seeds off of.  He would watch his plants that were finally blossoming, his flowers that were finally blooming, his little saplings which were becoming great trees, bringing shade, brushing against breezes, bearing fruits.  And that’s exactly what he saw in each of us.  Little seeds that were growing in the world, extending our branches upward to the sky, and eventually, letting our fruit fall back to the ground where we once came from.  And you can bet the that he is gonna be there to soak up the sun under our shade.  For he planted each of our seeds, and placed us all in this garden together.  And I have to thank him for that. Because there’s not a single one person in this room who I wouldn’t want to grow in this garden of life, laughter and love with.  

I know that he is watching us today, with that old grin and glimmer in his eyes, knowing that his lifelong journey is finally over, his seeds finally planted, his saplings grown, his trees producing fruit, his garden complete and his purpose fulfilled.  And now he hands the orchard over to us.  So that no matter how tough times are, how many obstacles we face, or how many cold winters plague our pastures, we may remember our Uncle Carlton and persevere, persist, and prosper through passion, praise, and pure love, just as he did.  

My Uncle Carlton standing beside his sister Jeannie! He was the “baby,” the youngest of 2 sisters and 9 brothers!

His soul is now in a place of peace. He looks out upon all he has created and cultivated…us.  And he awaits us on the day our own lives have been lived, our own seeds planted, our own purposes fulfilled, to join him in the eternal resting place with God, looking back on the setting sun and the shinning world that each of us, like Carlton, made just a little bit brighter.


Those sown among thorns are another sort. They are the people who hear the word, but worldly anxiety, the lure of riches, and the craving for other things intrude and choke the word, and it bears no fruit. But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.” -Mark 4:18-20


“Today I wish to speak to My children about heaven. Heaven is real, dear ones. It is a place and I am there. Most of your deceased family members are here along with all of the saints and many others whom you have not met. There is great fellowship in heaven, particularly among souls who served Me in similar ways. You will feel no pain or fatigue here, but, at times, you will rest in ideas and concepts so that you can learn them. You see, My children, your learning continues and the quenching of the thirst for knowledge is a part of heaven because everyone is able to learn about any topic that sparks their curiosity. You can then build on that and graduate to even deeper levels of knowledge and knowing. This does not feel like school. It is joy and wonder. It is innocence and love. It is coming into the mystery of your universe in such a way that you then help to direct the universe. My children, because of your limited understanding, which is necessary while you remain on earth, I cannot tell you everything. But I wanted to share this glimpse of heaven with you and I will continue to part the curtains, as it were, so that you understand where you are going. It is good to know your destination so that you know how to prepare. I, your Jesus, am helping you prepare. If you listen to Me and prepare well, you will be ready for heaven when it is time to come here. In this way, the day of your earthly death will be the best day of your life. Believe Me, My children, when I tell you that all of Us here in heaven await your coming.”

-Jesus on August 27th, 2003 to Anne, a lay apostle in Volume 2: Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Praying the Hail Mary with Pappy! Some Things Are Truly Unforgettable…

Though the thoughts that we fill our minds with are often fleeting and fading, the love that we outpour from our hearts goes and grows onward and outward forever and ever.

I am reminded of this timeless, transcendent truth when I re-watch this video of my grandfather Guy Nicholas Perenich, aka “Pappy” or “Papster,” who was called home to the Heavenly Kingdom on May 11th, four years ago.

Towards the end of his 93-year-long life, he suffered from severe dementia that caused him to forget even the names of his own children and grandchildren. Yet there were two things that he never forgot: the Notre Dame fight song and the Hail Mary.

Indeed, those little prayers we learned as children are more than just simple words… If recited frequently and fervently, they have the power and potential to rearrange the dendrites of our synapses, refresh the depths of our spirits, and ultimately redirect the very destiny of our souls.

After all, what else could infuse consolation, inspire compassion and ignite conviction deep within one’s innermost being? How else could those sparkling eyes and earnest smiles of my amazing Pappy spring up amidst his otherwise seemingly somber circumstances, if not from another otherworldly, sublime, supernatural Source?

And so, in honor of the life and legacy of my Pappy that continues to live and live on, I cheerfully challenge you…

Pray unceasingly. And never underestimate the importance of your profound prayers:

“When you pray with love in your hearts, your prayers are eternal in value and affect souls, world conditions, and the propensity of God’s Mercy. The love in your heart when you pray lights up the world with the Spirit of Truth, making all things new.”*

Serve unreservedly. And never underestimate the influence of your selfless service:

“Each moment is your chance to store up treasures for eternity… How you loved will never be forgotten…. Love gives and doesn’t stop giving. On the day of judgment it will be found in the hearts of those you touched.”**

Love unconditionally. And never underestimate the impact of your limitless love:

“Human connections of love and affection and care are permanent. Those connections create permanent light which lives on in the next world… Create many, many connections of love and affection because those will live forever.”***

Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

And may the soul of Guy Nicholas Perenich, and the souls of all our beloved family members and friends, through the infinite Forgiveness of Christ and tender Mercy of God, rest in Peace.


*Mary, Refuge of Holy Love on via

**Jesus in God’s Blue Book 2 via

***Jesus to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ in the New Locutions via

Note: The following is an edited version of the full Eulogy I wrote and had the honor of delivering for my “Pappy,” Guy Nicholas Perenich… Enjoy and please keep him in your prayers, and be assured that your smallest, slightest prayers and sacrifices for those who are still awaiting full entry into Eternal Glory can go SUCH a long way!

Pappy, you were a character…

I’ll never forget some of your classic catch-phrases like, “Oye Ve!” “Bill’s in the mail” and “Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow!” Whether it was warning us about the infamous “itchy scalp” or explaining to us that “Nina is as Nina does” you always knew how to make us happy, Pappy. Even up until your last few years, as your Alzheimer’s progressed, you never forgot the words “Hail Mary, full of grace” as we would pray the rosary or “Cheer Cheer for Old Notre Dame” as we would clap and sing the fight song together. And surrounded by those you deeply loved, you never lost that spark in your eyes, that glow in your face, that warmth in your smile. Though you couldn’t always remember the right words to say, you never forgot how to make us laugh.

Yes indeed, Pappy you were a character.

Pappy and Grandaddy togeher…wow! What a joy!

Pappy, you were a fighter.

From the tennis court to the courtroom, you had an intensity, a relentlessness, a fire within you, down to the your very core. Your humble, “5-foot-nothing, 100-and-nothing-pound” stature didn’t stop you from serving in the Navy for 2 years during WW2, surviving even a Torpedo attack on your ship in the Pacific. Though you were just like your strong-willed, hardworking Italian family growing up in New York during the Great Depression, you were also a Fighting Irish.

Yes, Pappy you were a fighter.

As a trial lawyer, Guy pioneered the practice of personal injury law dedicated to representing injured claimants out of his Clearwater office in his law firm alongside Frank Muscarella and then later Robert Carroll. 

Pappy, you were a giver.

I’ll never forget the “check wars” that used to ensue after a meal at Carrabba’s or Longhorn Steakhouse when you would insist that my dad to use your American Express card to pay. (Here, I should probably apologize for all the times your grandchildren used your credit card to buy snacks at Innisbrook. But somehow I know you would’ve been disappointed if we hadn’t.) Still, your generosity wasn’t limited to just your finances: you were generous most of all with your time… with your love. Truly, your 9 children, 27 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren and the joy they brought you are living proof of that timeless truth, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” Even my own life, my own tennis career, my own extroverted and theatrical personality, and next week, my own graduation from the university of Notre Dame would never have been made possible without you.

Yes, Pappy, you were a giver.

A Christmas photo of Guy with Elizabeth Perenich and all 9 of their children! It’s one big, Catholic, Italian family!

Pappy, you were, like all of us, a human being.

And the story of your life is not the story of God’s perfection, but of God’s mercy, God’s forgiveness, and God’s love. Indeed, the Image of the Divine Mercy, which hung over your bed and upon your wall for the final years of your life says it all. It is an image of Christ holding up His hand not in angry punishment, but in gentle blessing. The inscription simply reads: “Jesus I trust in You.”

Yes Pappy, you were a character, a fighter, a giver, a father, and grandfather to us and a beloved son of God. We love you and we’re going to miss you but now we entrust you to God’s Infinite Love and Mercy until the day our sorrow becomes joy and we are together again in Paradise, as we pray:
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.

RIP Guy Nicholas Perenich
March 24th, 1925-May 11th, 2018

“Amen, amen, I say to you, you will weep and mourn, while the world rejoices; you will grieve, but your grief will become joy. When a woman is in labor, she is in anguish because her hour has arrived; but when she has given birth to a child, she no longer remembers the pain because of her joy that a child has been born into the world. So you also are now in anguish. But I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you.”

-John 16:20-22

Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord, and perpetual light shine upon him. And may he and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

A Special Easter Message and Prayer…

“I am light. I am peace. I am happiness and joy and love. I am hope and delight. You, my beloved, fill me with hope and delight, just as you are right now. Only I have the eyes to fully recognise what is beautiful and heavenly in you. I look at you and see an infinite ability to spread peace through your trust in me. You cannot see this because you cannot see the effect of even one action of love from you to another. Only I can see the effects that blow into the world through the trust that you offer to me. Come. Let us, together, introduce many origins of love which can move then out into the world from one person to another. Today, we will spread my love, together.”

-Jesus on May 17th, 2020 via ‘Anne, Apostle of the Returning King”

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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Feel free to click on the following family photo below for a Special Easter YouTube message from yours truly! 🙂

HAPPY EASTER! Please enjoy this photo of my dad, mom, and I!
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, make our family a little holy family like Yours! 🙂

An Easter Prayer

Dear God,
Our Gentle Father and Friend...
Thank You!

Thank You
for the absolutely beautiful and sublime gift
of this and every precious present moment,
with all its billions of blessings,
both seen and unseen!

Thank You
for the inexhaustible power
and inexpressible peace
that continuously calls out to us
from the lowly manger
of Your Joyful Birth!

Thank You
for the unconquerable hope
and uncontainable happiness
that freely flows out to us
from the bloody Cross
of Your Sorrowful Passion!

Thank You
for the endless possibilities
and ever-new potential
that boundlessly bursts out to us
from the empty tomb
of Your Glorious Resurrection!

Thank You
for the Greatest Gift of all:
Your Son, Our Savior,
Your Love, Our Lord,
Your All and Only,
Our Alpha in Omega:
Jesus Christ!
Who comes to us
as but a helpless baby, a homeless fisherman,
a restless servant, reckless lover,
a speechless victim, a spotless lamb,
and, today, a risen, resurrected, and righteous King!
“For God so loved the world...”

Dear Mary,
Our Blessed Mother and Queen,
Thank You
for Your all-embracing and all-encompassing “YES”
which was the beginning of our unending life
in the Holy Trinity!
Help us to continue to grow that divine life
-in our hearts and in each other-
through our humble “yes” answers,
today and everyday,
until that very last day
of our little lives of hidden, heartfelt
service, surrender, and sacrifice...
when the Lord Himself will finally fully take us
from the trials of earth
to the Triumph of Heaven,
where our uniquely prepared place awaits us
in perfect Paradise...
whispering those words which will be
pure bliss to our aching ears
as we draw our dying breath:
“Well done,
My precious and beloved child,
My good and faithful servant!
Since you were faithful
in small moments and simple matters,
I will give you glorious rewards and great responsibilities!
Come now and enter into your Master’s everlasting glee!”

Amen! Alleluia!

Happy Easter!
Jesus is RISEN!
Jesus is King!
He is ALIVE you and in me! 🙂

May He,
Whom the whole of creation
ceaselessly celebrates and sings,
hold you and all your friends and families,
all your desires and dreams,
and yes, even all of your wounds and worries,
ever closer and closer to His beating, burning
Sacred, Eucharistic Heart
of intimate, intimate
Love and Mercy and for all of eternity!

"Little Gregory"

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“Form an army of prayer within your families and amongst your friends. Never believe that this will not be enough to overcome any evil. Very often, it is the only thing that will be decisive enough to bring evil to its knees.” -God the Father on March 1st, 2022, in response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict via

The “Littlest Way” of Love: Who Was Sister Mary Consolata Betrone?

“To the little ones I tell everything.”

I am Goodness Itself; Don’t be afraid to speak. For from the depths of this Infinite Goodness,

I am humble, I am meek. And in it, your heart will gain strength when weak… Indeed, I am your Good Father, And to and through your voice I desire to speak!

“I choose the weak and helpless in the world to accomplish My greatest missions.” Jesus tells us in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love. “It is through these most unlikely little ones that My Glory is able to shine and My Father’s Will find fulfillment.” Indeed, Pierina Lorenzina Giovanna Betrone was one of these “unlikely little ones” that Our Lord used to change the world forever. Born in Saluzzo, Italy on April 6th, 1903, Pierina seemed to live an ordinary childhood by all accounts. Yet at just 13 years old, something extraordinary happened to her. While she was hurrying to do her errands in the village, she was overcome by an unexpected spiritual fervor and an intense prayer suddenly surged forth from her heart: “My God, I love you!” This was beginning of her remarkable spiritual experiences with the Lord, and indeed a foreshadowing of her future life and vocation. For on February 28, 1930, the very day of the Ceremony of taking the Veil as a cloistered Franciscan Capuchin, Pierina heard Jesus speak to her again: “I do not call you for more than this: an act of continual love.” She had chosen the name Sister Maria Consolata, which means “Consoler,” as she was to be like Our Lady, the Consoler of the agonizing Heart of Christ, not through heroic deeds or great penances, but with an inner, silent, steady, surging stream of acceptance, of trust, of love.

In her early years of convent life, Sister Consolata often carried with her the great spiritual classic “The Story of a Soul” by Saint Therese, as she was a devoted disciple of the Little Flower. Interestingly, Jesus Himself told her on November 27th, 1935: “Little Saint Thérèse once wrote: “Why is it not given to me, O Jesus, to relate Your ineffable condescension to all little souls? I have a feeling that if the impossible were to happen and You were able to find a soul still weaker than my own, it would please You to heap upon her still greater favors, if only that soul would abandon herself with complete faith to Your infinite mercy.” Well, I have found that still weaker soul who had abandoned herself with complete faith to My infinite mercy: it is you, Consolata, and through you I will perform marvels which will far exceed your fondest desires!”

Sister Consolata’s spiritual director, Father Lorenzo Sales, (a member of the Congregation of Consolata Missionaries) played a key role in the unfolding of Jesus’ plan to gift the unceasing act of love to the world. Compiling and commenting on various experts of her spiritual diary, Fr. Lorenzo wrote Jesus Appeals to the World, a book detailing Sister Consolata’s life and spirituality. “Sister Consolata’s particular vocation was one of love,” he explains, “to round out, so to speak, the Little Flower’s doctrine of the Little Way of Love by giving it a concrete form which could be practiced and achieved by all souls who feel themselves called to it.” This new “Littlest Way of Love” which compliments and completes St. Therese’s “Little Way” consists essentially in the following:

The Three Main Points of The Littlest Way of Love
1. To offer an unceasing act of love from the heart, with the greatest possible constancy, purity, and intensity, in times of consolation and desolation alike
2. To have a smiling “yes” for everyone, seeing and serving Christ in each person He sends our way, the loving and unloving alike
3. To have a grateful “yes” for everything, accepting with love and trust all God permits in our lives, the good and bad alike, as well as complying with His requests for any and all sacrifices

These three points can be summarized into the following formula: “Never omit one act of love, one act of charity, or one sacrifice from one Communion to the next.” If this sounds intimidating or even impossible to you, fear not! For Our Lord assures us that it is precisely in loving Him through the unceasing act of love that our souls are fortified with the strength, grace, and disposition necessary to make the other two points easy. After all, in His own words, “Consolata, establish within yourself a continuous ‘Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls!’ Consider that it’s the only resolution that will allow you to say ‘YES’ to all of my requests for sacrifices.” Sister Consolata herself testifies to this truth when she writes, “The ceaseless act of love is more powerful than any suffering: so, to place myself above suffering, I must not cease to love.”

Yet what does living out the unceasing act of love actually look like? An act of love of God can express itself with different words for different souls at different times. “My God, I love Thee!” for example, were St. Therese’s last words. Sometimes, no words are necessary. St. Fasutina describes certain moments in her Diary, for examples, where she was utterly entranced in the silent, loving gaze of Jesus: “…I have long talks with him without saying a word.” (411). Yet, in Sister Consolata’s case, Jesus actually simplified her exact means for loving Him, by explicitly giving her a short and simple formula to do so. This formula began as “Jesus, I love You!” then later on Jesus added, “Jesus, Mary, I love You!” before finally completing it with “Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls!” These seven simple words contain within them the full fulfilment of the Commandments of Holy Love by encompassing love of God, love of the Blessed Virgin, and love of all souls, all in the same breath and heartbeat. “Tell Me,” Jesus once asked Sr. Consolata, “what prayer can anyone say that is more beautiful? ‘Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls!’” “This ‘Act of Love’ includes all souls;” He explained to her on another occasion, “the souls in purgatory, the innocent, the suffering, the sinful, the dying, and even your own poor soul.”

Like any good religious, Sister Consolata prayed a variety of prayers every day, from the Way of the Cross, novenas to Our Lady, and of course, intimate and free-form conversation with Our Lord. Yet she was instructed to pray this most fruitful act of love prayer as fervently and frequently as possible from morning until evening, except when she couldn’t be actively focused on praying the act of love as laid out by the formula. During all those times, such as when she was engaged in writing or speaking or praying in other ways, Jesus promised to continue the unceasing act of love for her Himself: “…when you are conversing with Me or when you are writing or meditating, the act of love continues. I credit you with it just the same even though the heart is obliged to keep silent at those times!”

Truly, for Sister Consolata the bar was set very high. Jesus wanted everything from His little Consolata, every action, every word, and even every thought, so that His Spouse might become perfect and attain the glorious triple-fold virginity of the greatest of saints, that of the heart, the body, and the spirit. Yes, Jesus wanted her love for Him to be of the highest degree of purity, so as to purge her of any other affection, of continuity, so as to protect her from any waste of time, and of intensity, so as to prevent her from holding anything back from Him. And it was precisely by the practice of the unceasing act of love that her love would be gradually perfected. As Servant of God, Father Adolph Petit, SJ, once explained, “Just as one learns to read by reading, and to write by writing, so does one learn to love Our Lord by multiplying one’s acts of love for Him. Each one of these acts is as it were an armful of kindling, to be thrown on the fire; it renders the flame of love more ardent.”  

Of course, Sister Consolata experienced many falls and failures within the first few years of her practice of the unceasing act of love. Over time, however, through the constant struggle against her natural inclinations and consistent practice of her childlike reliance upon Jesus and His ever-abundant grace, her love eventually reached a truly heroic level of purity, continuity, and intensity! According to her spiritual director, Sister Consolata managed, with more or less success, to persevere in her unceasing act for about 17 hours a day, every day, for over 10 years! He also tells us that during the entirely of her life as a religious, Sister Consolata never deliberately answered “no” any of the Lord’s requests…not even once!

 “To offer an unceasing act of virginal love in fact requires of the soul an extreme vigilance over herself,” Father Lorenzo writes, “…and the act is really impossible without controlling and renewing one’s fervor as often as possible.” These words seem to perfectly align with those Our Blessed Mother has spoken in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love: “You must constantly assess the reservoir of Holy Love in your hearts and always strive to strengthen it. By your efforts in measuring this virtue, you can increase in holiness and increase your happiness in Heaven.” In order to do this, Jesus actually taught Sister Consolata to renew her resolution of the unceasing virginal act of love every hour, in addition to making a quick particular examen of how well she had loved during that hour, marking any infidelities in her notebook. At the end of each day, she would humbly ask pardon for any of these voluntary lapses, before taking up again her song of love, without voluntarily wasting any more thoughts, moments, or efforts on her past mistakes. In order to continue onward in her fidelity to the unceasing act of love, even when she no longer heard the voice of the Lord later in her life, Sister Consolata most likely would of had to remind herself of Jesus’ encouraging words to her and divine requirements of her:

Jesus’ Words to Sister Consolata Betrone Regarding the Unceasing Act of Love
“Forget everything and everybody, and think only of loving Me more! Concentrate your every thought, every heartbeat, every silence upon this one thing: to love! Do not think of anything, anything, anything else but to love Me and to suffer with all possible love; that is sufficient.”
“Say goodbye forever to all that is created and to this world, and escape into a ceaseless act of love. You see, each has his own tastes. Here are Mine: smallness, nothingness, annihilation, but love.”
“Live, annihilated and enclosed in a single perpetual ‘Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls!’ Nothing, no one, must exist for you except the act of love.”
“Remain fixed in this one resolve, not to interrupt the act of love! This suffices for Me. Remain faithful to it, renew it hour by hour, and I will grant you everything, Consolata, truly everything.”
“Follow Me in a ceaseless act of love, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute; I Myself will take care of all the rest. I Myself will provide.”
“As a little fish will die outside of water, so also will you, outside the act of love!”
“Saint John the Baptist called himself ‘a voice crying in the wilderness.’ You are to be ‘an unceasing act of love.’”
“The ceaseless act of love is your standard; defend it before the enemy (even at the cost of your life).”
“One must love one’s flag; one must defend it at all costs, love under it, and die clutching it to one’s heart, so that it may never fall into enemy hands. Do the same with your act of love! Even if it costs you an effort, give it to Me without ceasing!”
“Raise your effort to the highest pitch and, firmly determined not to lose one single act of love, take up the struggle again without wasting a backward glance at the interruption.”
“If you have fallen, raise yourself up again; if you have forgotten, then start anew; an act of love is useful for everything, at any time, and under every condition!”
“All that tempts you to turn away from the ceaseless act of love would not come from Me, but from the enemy.”
“Consolata, it matters little that the devil and your passions unleash in your soul every possible attack; do not mind thunder, storm, and lightning. Say to yourself: ‘I want to continue undismayed my act of love from one Communion to the next, that is my duty, my sole duty!’ And so, forward! Nothing else!”
“Do you think I could not grant you this continuity of love? It pleases Me to see you struggle, fall, and rise again, in short, making an effort. I like to see what you can do. And do you know what delights Me most? It is when you rise above everything unperturbed and continue your act of love!”
“Remember, Consolata, that I have not given you Nicholas [her brother], nor will I give you your uncle Felix, in reward for you penances and sacrifices, but solely because of your unceasing act of love. Remember that, for it is love that I desire from My creatures.”
“Consolata, place at one side all the acts of virtue which you could perform today, and on the other side a single day passed in a continuous act of love- I will prefer the day passed in continual love to anything else you might do or offer Me!”
“Not only is your cell for you a sanctuary where you can always find Jesus, the Sacred Heart or the Crucified, but you yourself should be a tabernacle wherever you may be. And just as you do not wish anything but the continual act of love to enter into your cell, so you too must not permit anything but the continual act of love to occupy you, no matter where you may be or in what work you may be engaged.”
“Be extremely vigilant not to permit one though to enter, not to utter a single sentence except in reply; but do not lose yourself in this effort. No! Lose yourself rather in the unceasing act of love!”
“Consolata, I have consecrated all the time which remain to you in this life into one single act of love. Now, if you were to stop loving in order to follow some other thought or utter some sentence which is not strictly necessary, you would be committing a theft of love!”
“Love Me always, through the battle and the inevitable falls; train yourself to be unimpressed by failure, but to continue, impervious, your act of love.”
“Remember that an act of love on your part can decide the salvation of a soul, its eternal salvation. So see that you don’t waste a single ‘Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls!’”
“Don’t lose time: every act of love is a soul! Of all the gifts, the best gift you can offer me is a day full of love.”
“You must do your utmost to offer Me the unceasing act of love, but when you fail, I will make it good. No, have no fear, I am always kind!”

WOW! Pretty amazing right? Now, it is true that Sister Consolata despised compromise, complacency, and carelessness, and was vigilant, vigorous, and valiant in her everyday interior life and ongoing response to grace. Indeed, she desired more than anything not only to love God more than He had ever been loved before, but to save souls in equal measure, no matter how much suffering it may have required (her nickname was actually “Thunder and Lightning”!). Yet it is important to keep in mind that Sister Consolata was a cloistered religious nun, specifically chosen for and raised up to the special role of victim soul, that is, a victim of divine love. Jesus expressed this when He told her, “I know that the continual act of love costs you something, particularly at certain times. But it is more meritorious so, Consolata! And then you must never forget that I have chosen you to be a victim of love!” Furthermore, Sister Consolata was called to serve as the model for all the Littlest Ones who would follow her throughout the centuries, as Jesus thus explained to her: “I want a wave of love to surge from the earth to heaven. You yourself must blaze the trail of the Littlest Way. One day you will serve a model: as the world has its eyes fixed on St. Theresa today, so will the millions of Littlest Souls turn to you.”

While all souls must truly love the Lord God above all else, with all the heart, mind, soul, and strength, not every soul is called to the carry out this Commandment with the same spirituality, vocation, or even degree of perfection. Think for a moment of St. Therese’s beautiful metaphor of each soul being a unique flower, with a specific color and special fragrance unlike any other in the garden of the Lord. “Aren’t you struck by the diversity in human creation?” Christ once questioned Bl. Gabrielle Bossis. “In heaven too, each saint differs from the other and if you are enchanted by the colors of your garden, you may be sure that paradise flashes with a myriad, many-splendored things, all for My glory.”

Therefore, let us not fall prey to the what Our Lord told St. Faustina were the “greatest obstacles of holiness,” namely “discouragement and exaggerated anxiety” when comparing ourselves to Sister Consolata. Rather, even if we too desire to become great “Littlest Ones,” following her spiritual way of loving Jesus unceasingly, perhaps we should start by to becoming humble “Little Angelets” who simply strive to make the act of love a more and more frequent practice in their everyday lives. Let us ask ourselves where we can love the Lord a little more in the duties of our day, in the faces of our neighbor, in the mysteries of the Eucharist, and of course, in the depths of our own hearts. And let us simply refuse to let the enemy’s tool of fear or worry disturb our inner peace, by believing wholeheartedly Our Lord’s powerful divine promise: “I will think of everything, even the smallest details. You think only of loving Me.”*This is precisely what Sister Consolata did. Like a child in the arms of her father, she wholeheartedly trusted that the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-loving God of all would provide everything she would possibly need in every present moment, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to bring her to the very heights of sanctity and depths of suffering, so as to win as much merit and as many souls for Heaven as possible. Her continual love for Jesus lead to an ever-deepening trust in Him, which in turn strengthened her love for Him and thus her charity for others all the more, since love is the both the root and fruit, the foundation and fullness, the principle and perfection of all the other virtues. After all, the great doctor of the Church and gentle pastor of souls St. Francis de Sales once replied to someone who told him he desired to be very humble, so as to be able to love the Lord deeply: “I however, wish to love the Lord a great deal in order to be very humble.”

Over time, Sister Consolata came to depend entirely on the act of love, not only to satisfy the Lord’s wishes of her, but to assuage the burning longing in her heart for Him. On one occasion before the tabernacle, she relates being consumed by the uncontainable desires and outbursts of love: “I felt myself pervaded by an infinite urge to love Jesus, who loves me ardently, with a love of equal ardor: and as I repeated to Jesus the infinite desire to love Him, I felt within my heart another heart: the Sacred Heart! that was able to launch Itself into the Infinite without destroying nature.”

Even towards the end of her life, Sister Consolata was well aware of her great mission to be “an apostle of apostles” and the very first of “not just thousands, but millions and millions” of Littlest Ones of both men and women alike. After all, Our Lord had expressly told her, “When your last ‘Jesus, Mary, I love You!’ will have been pronounced, I will gather it up, and through the writings about your life, I will transmit it to thousands of sinful souls who will receive and follow it in the simplicity of this way of confidence and love, and they will thus love Me.” Sister Consolata died on July 18th, 1946, but she continues her unceasing act of love with the choirs of all angels and saints, for all eternity! From her glorious throne beside the Lord Himself, she remains a powerful intercessor for us, her spiritual little brothers and sisters until the day she can welcome each one with her into Heaven, where the littlest and least shall be first and foremost. The following is the ending of a letter that she personally addressed to those future souls who would try to love Jesus during their time on earth as purely, continuously, and intensely as possible through the “Littlest Way” of Love:

“Among the obstacles which prevent you from offering Jesus the unceasing virginal act of love, Our Lord teaches us to combat three: useless thoughts, useless talk, and outside interests. As for thoughts and preoccupations, everything becomes useless from the moment that Jesus promises His Littlest One that He Himself will think of everything, even to smallest details. As for useless talk, if you speak when you not obliged to do so out of necessity, charity, or propriety, then it is a waste of time; you steal time from Love. As for extraneous interests, curiosity, etc., all these detach your spirit from one thing to which you have vowed yourself: to love Jesus unceasingly with a virginal love.

It is necessary, however, for you to realize that, to carry out the divine wishes, never to lose one act of love or one act of charity from one Communion to another, will require arduous work from your soul (sustained by grace), no small amount of time, and a generous, constant effort; above all, never let yourself become discouraged.

At every more or less voluntary infidelity, renew your determination of virginal love, and start afresh. If your fault causes you suffering, you should offer it to Jesus… as an act of love! You will see and will be able to experience with what tenderness Jesus raises you up again after each fall or infidelity, how He hastens to put you on your feet again, so that you may continue your canticle of love…

Have no fear! Jesus will aid you. He has said: I ask only one thing of you: an unceasing act of love…. Love Me, for I thirst for your love…. Love Me, and you will be happy; the more you will love Me, the happier you will be!…. Jesus keeps His word!

So, have courage! Jesus and Mary will aid you! Never have any fear, but trust and believe in the love which He has for you!

Affectionately, Sister Consolata, R.C.”

“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:4).

A Word of Caution about the New COVID-19 Vaccines and “Booster Shots” (Updated)

“…you must quietly discern all that moves around you. Ask yourself this question. Is the remedy being offered to people helping humanity or hurting humanity? If it is helping, then you know I am active. If it is hurting humanity, then you know that it is not what I desire for people. Because you cannot possibly judge any person, you leave all judgement to me. The truth is that sometimes people believe they serve to help others when really they spread harm. I do not want this. I want all of God’s children on Earth to be loved and assisted. At the very least, I ask that God’s children not be deliberately harmed. If I am speaking to you, then you should heed my words, which you have now been given. If I am speaking to others, then you should simply discern prayerfully which part of these words are for you. Ponder my words. Ask for light from the Holy Spirit. Ask for protection from the Creator who desires what is good for you.

-Words of Our Lord on May 21st, 2020 to Anne, ‘Apostle of the Returning King.’ Visit to read more Church approved locutions from Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and multiple saints on various topics including addiction, suicide, depression, divorce, atheism, everyday lay spirituality and more.


To my dear family and friends,

I write this blog post not to criticize anyone’s personal decisions or motivations in any way (I have multiple close family members and friends who have already been vaccinated who have experienced negative side-effects, especially following the second dose) but rather to honestly and lovingly warn anyone contemplating receiving the COVID-19 vaccine or its current or future “booster shots.” Before forming any opinions or making any decisions about this vaccine based off what you may hear repeated through mainstream or social media, please take a few moments to give the research a look for yourself, for the sake of your physical health and spiritual wellbeing and that of your loved ones. Thank you so much and may God bless you in His infinite kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, and love!

As of June 3rd, 2022, in the United States alone there have already tragically been a total of 28,714 deaths, following COVID-19 vaccinations, as reported to VAERS system managed by the CDC and FDA. This is alarmingly more than 28 times the number of deaths reported in the US for all vaccines during the previous six years (941).

Additionally, there have been 53,621 permanent disabilities, and 1,508,464 adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, which are not FDA approved but have been released under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Yet because as few as 1% of people actually report to VAERS, these numbers are likely much higher. According to a CDC whistleblower, who signed a sworn affidavit, “the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least five.”

This, of course, is only the US data… For the full compilation and explanation of these global statistics, visit:

At this point you may be wondering why this vaccine has yet to be recalled from the use of the general public. After all, the attempt to vaccine 55 million in the U.S. during the swine flu pandemic was terminated after just 25 deaths, and Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH — one of the most highly cited doctors in the National Library of Medicine who has chaired numerous drug data safety boards — stated that, “A typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained deaths, we get a black-box warning, saying it may cause death. And then at about 50 deaths it’s pulled off the market.

Though California was forced to recall a batch of 330,000 Moderna vaccines after a cascade of reported injuries, but afterwards the state began resuming their administration of the vaccines, the Defender reported. Surprisingly, because the pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued, even in the case of death, Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazenica, unlike any other company, has complete immunity from liability. Indeed, there is a multi-million dollar, mainstream media campaign of “inoculation indoctrination,” attempting to convince us, over and over again, that not only are these vaccines safe and effective, but that until as many are vaccinated as possible, herd immunity won’t be achieved and life won’t return to “normal,” which simply isn’t true…as Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor explained.

As you will see in the full article below, there are many doctors around the world who are speaking out, even risking their careers to warn people about the potential long-term (and sometimes not so long-term) ill-effects that this new mRNA vaccine will have. A recent 2021 study in the Journal or Microbiology and Infectious Disease even shows that the spike protein, created by the translation of the vaccine RNA could eventually lead to neurological degenerative diseases like ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. Even though neither mRNA nor the lipid nanoparticles have been tested in humans, the 2015 mRNA vaccine animal studies which showed that mRNA molecules injected in muscle tissue were found in the brain, heart, bone marrow, and other organs of mice soon after vaccination.

Finally, and perhaps saddest of all, dozens of babies over 3 months gestation were aborted so that their organs could be harvested in the research for the vaccines, as Dr. Stanley PIotkin (considered the “Godfather of Vaccines”) admitted in a 9-hour deposition. I totally understand why someone would want to take this vaccine to protect themselves or others, but even if there was a high probability of safely doing so (not considering all the variants the vaccine doesn’t account for, those who have still contracted COVID-19 even after taking the vaccine, and the need for additional and potentially even annual booster shots), how could the ends ever justify the means, even if it was just one innocent life? What if that one innocent human being was your child? What if that “one” was you?

Thus, it’s no surprise that many Church leaders around the world have spoken out against abortion-tainted vaccines, including Cardinal Janis Pujats, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Archbishops Tomash Peta and Jan Pawel Lenga, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and other bishops and priests around the world expressed their strong conviction that any use of a vaccine tainted by the use of aborted fetal cells. American Cardinal Burke stated that “it must be clear that it is never morally justified to develop a vaccine through the use of the cell lines of aborted fetuses.” Many other competent and trustworthy social, legal, and religious leaders, including President Ronald Regan, Attorney Matthew Staver, and Doctor Alveda King (MLK’s niece), have voiced this similar concern through the Personhood Alliance, a US organization which defends the right to life of all human beings, at every stage of their biological development and in every circumstance.

Additionally, there are many prophetic voices, chosen messengers, and visionaries that are warning us from Heaven’s perspective about the dangers of this vaccine, including the following message from Our Lord on August 21st, 2021, via Children of the Renewal Messages:

I remind you to reject the temptation to fear. Out of fear, many accept the injection that changes your genetic code, sending incorrect and unnatural messages to your DNA. This is what you have done out of fear, My children. I am telling you yet again to have no fear. What is needed is trust in Me. Trust in Me, My children. Do not trust in wicked men who make false promises to you they have no intention of keeping. Mankind longs to live forever in this world, so much so that one is willing to do almost anything. My poor children I came that you would have eternal life, not physical life in this world. This is not Heaven, My poor children. This is the earthly world where you live so you will learn about Me, love Me, follow Me, assist your neighbor, your family, your friends in knowing Me and then one day when this earthly pilgrimage is over, you will die so that your soul can depart for the heavenly Kingdom. One day at the end of time your bodies will be reunited with your souls. Then, you will be as I, your Jesus is and as My Holy Mother Mary is, body and soul in Heaven. You will still be fully alive in Heaven, I assure you when your soul is there with Me. I will see you as you and you will see others and recognize your family and friends.”

In His message on September 30th, 2021 to prophet John Leary, Jesus stated, “My people, you will be seeing lock downs coming to America as most of your sick and dying people are the vaccinated people. The more shots and boosters people take, the quicker they could develop symptoms and die. Refuse to take any Covid shot, boosters, or flu shots. They will all destroy your immune system, and you could die from the next corona virus if you take the shots. As the evil ones try to restrict your travel and freedoms, I will soon call you to My refuges of protection.”

For those who may be experiencing regret over taking the new COVID-19 vaccine or are worried about adverse side effects, there is complete healing available in mind, body, and spirit! Jesus made the following promise, through the messenger Enoch of Colombia from the Blessed Sacrament on July 28th, 2021:

“All those who for lack of knowledge, faith, or fear, have been vaccinated and are sheep of my flock, I tell you, do not fear; for there is a hope for you; if you make my Rosary of the Precious Blood and Wounds together with my Litanies of my Blood with faith, as a novena and you ask Me that my Blood destroy the harmful effect of the vaccine in your body; I will free you by my Mercy from its adverse effects and I will seal you with my Blood.

Beloved children, the power of my Glorious Blood and Wounds, is the best antidote against any virus, plague or pandemic; pray the prayer of my Blood morning and night, (make it) covering your children and relatives; I assure you that if you pray it with faith, no virus, plague or pandemic can harm you.”

If, after reading through this post, you are still unconvinced or unsure, I would simply say pray, discern, research, and at the very least, wait until we know more. Be sure to take a blood test to see whether or not you have the antibodies for natural immunity, since you may have contracted the virus without knowing it, and been asymptomatic. And remember that there are many other means of both prevention and treatment to COVID-19. In his “Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops”, Mark Mallett reports:

The Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, an advisor to several governments and published in top peer-reviewed journals, reports a “99% survival of high-risk Covid-19 patients” by placing them on similar protocols utilizing the “Nobel prize-honoured” Ivermectin or Quercetin to deliver zinc to cells to combat the viral proteins. In his address to the UK government, Dr. Sucharit declares:

The truth is there are excellent medicines: safe, efficacious, cheap — that, as Dr. Peter McCullough has been saying for months now, will save the lives of 75% of the elderly with pre-existing disease, and that reduces the lethality of this virus to below the flu.

Note: If you are seeking means to obtain proper dosages Ivermectin for yourself or your loved ones, or simply seeking to learn more, please reach out to me via my email

I am fully confident that God will speak in the silence to all those willing to slow down and listen. After all, when it is a question of the health, wellbeing, and even life of just one of His precious, beloved children, He will not hide the Truth…and neither should we. May He, May He Who holds every galaxy and star of our universe, and indeed every breath and heartbeat of our bodies, protect and guide us in every moment of our short stay here in this life, before our entrance into the eternal Kingdom of endless laughter, light, and love!

For those who have already taken the first shot and are unsure about taking the second, it turns out that the second, or optional booster dose, is not necessary and even, additionally more harmful to take. In the words of the Frontline Doctors of America:

We primarily don’t advocate any receive the shot because all things considered, this is an investigational vaccine in use under the EUA (emergency use authorization). This technology (mRNA) has never been used, has limited safety data, and we just don’t know what we don’t know.

We believe there are effective medicines to treat COVID-19, and when treated early, patients don’t advance to the hospital with severe disease. When pressed for more information by those who have taken the first dose, and now, having learned more about the investigational vaccines, our physicians advise: Most of the benefit comes from the first shot. Most of the side effects come from the second.

If you would like to discuss this further with our physicians, or want to get access to preventative or early medical treatment, please sign up for a telemedicine visit by following this link:

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog post summary (see an extended version of this post below)! Feel free to reach out to me for any questions as you continue to pray about, research, and discern this very important and personal matter. Truly, I am fully confident that God will speak in the silence to all those willing to slow down and listen. After all, when it is a question of the health, wellbeing, and even life of just one of His precious, beloved children, He will not hide the Truth…and neither should we. May He, May He Who holds every galaxy and star of our universe, and indeed every breath and heartbeat of our bodies, protect and guide us in every moment of our short stay here in this life, before our entrance into the eternal Kingdom of endless laughter, light, and love!

Yours in Him and Our Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary,

Greg O. Perenich

Notre Dame Class of 2018

BS in Neuroscience and Behavior

Full Letter:

To my dear friends and family,


There is certainly no doubt that these past several months have been very trying times for many of us who have lost or been separated or isolated from friends or family members, due to the spread and contraction of the coronavirus. I myself just recently had to quarantine since all three of my family members tested positive for COVID… Fortunately, all are currently better and more or less symptom-free, thank God! It was such a blessing to have so many of those around us reach out to offer our family food, flowers, favors, and, above all, their heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

In light of the recent release of COVID-19 vaccines, I wanted to write a brief commentary of the research I’ve compiled. Of course, I am not a doctor, medical researcher, or bio-ethicist (although I do have a BS degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from the University of Notre Dame), but simply a young and discerning Catholic Christian who is concerned for both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of those I love. Thus, please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who may be contemplating taking the vaccine (or who may have already received the first dose), especially health care workers, medical school students, long-term care facility residents, those over the age of 65, or anyone who has underlying medical conditions, to whom the first waves of vaccines are already being administered to around the nation and world daily.

I want to start by saying that I am usually not someone to be “anti-vaccine” by any means, especially for standard vaccines, which take around 5-10 years to develop. For example, I have received the necessary vaccinations for my international travel in Peru, such as the vaccines for Typhoid and Rabies, for example). However, after looking into the matter from both a moral and medical lens, I would humbly advice you or any of your loved ones who are considering taking this COVID-19 vaccine, or who have already taken the first dose and are planning on receiving the second, not to do so.

Yet before you dismiss this letter as another out-of-touch, unscientific, or even hyper-politized* opinion, I invite you to look at the following evidence (with the respective links) for yourself.

Since its release in December of 2020, nearly half of healthcare workers were resisting/waiting on taking the new COVID-19 vaccine. More than one third of health care workers in the US (36%) said they were doubtful about the safety and efficacy of the fast-tracked, experimental COVID-19 vaccines. To be clear, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are not FDA approved but have been released under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). In the rush to release these vaccines to the general public in a matter of months, the industry-standard animal trials for the vaccine manufacturers were suspended and human clinical trials that were supposed to continue for 2 years ended prematurely (See: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons article: “COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Ended Prematurely”).

As of October 22nd, 2021, in the United States alone there have already tragically been a total of 17,619 deaths, following COVID-19 vaccinations, as reported to VAERS system managed by the CDC and FDA. This is alarmingly more than seventeen times the number of deaths reported in the US for all vaccines during the previous six years (941).

Additionally, there have been 27,277 permanent disabilities, and 967,544 adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, which are not FDA approved but have been released under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Yet because as few as 1% of people actually report to VAERS, these numbers are likely much higher. According to a CDC whistleblower, who signed a sworn affidavit, “the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least five.”

This, of course, is only the US data… For the full compilation and explanation of these global statistics, visit:

In addition to those hospitalized, thousands of people reported being unable to work or perform daily activities, or required care from a healthcare professional, after getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, (via V-safe, an app that allows users to quickly tell the CDC if they’re experiencing side effects) according to new data from the CDC.

The FDA website states the most commonly reported side effects include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, and chills, which tend to go away after a few days. However, there have also been more acute adverse side effects associate with the new vaccine, including, heart attack, stroke, blood disorders, and even death.

Sadly, the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NMA) reported that as of January 14, 2021 twenty-three people have died within days of receiving the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The New York post explained that 13 of the 23 who passed away were nursing home patients over 80 years old, and that, in response, medical officials, without apparently indicating significant concern, have already stated that, “they are adjusting their guidance on who should receive the vaccine.” The NMA stated that the “large studies” on the Pfizer/BioNTec vaccine “did not include patients with unstable or acute illness – and included few participants over 85 years of age.”

Additionally, there have been other tragic deaths associated with the new COVID-19 vaccines, including Dr. Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old obstetrician from Miami, Florida (in his case, a Johns Hopkins University expert in blood disorders later asserted that it was “a medical certainly that the vaccine was related” with his death), a 41-year-old mother and health care worker in Porto, Portugal, as well as 24 nursing home residents in Auburn, New York, all within a period of less than two weeks after being vaccinated.

In her article which investigates the bioethics of vaccines, Dr. Kristine Severyn, explains that, “If an adult or child is killed or injured by a vaccine, federal law—the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986—prohibits the person from suing the drug company that made the vaccine. Despite the government’s narrowing criteria for injured parties to collect on vaccine death or injury, the taxpayer fund has paid out more than $4 billion to vaccine victims and their families.”

Of course, it should be noted that the thousands of reported unfavorable outcomes are only a small percentage of the total number of millions who were vaccinated.  Yet on December 16th, 2020, research scientist Dr. Lyons-Weiler, PhD, warned that “21% of people are having serious adverse events from this vaccine.” Lyons-Weiler, who is the President and current CEO of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK), points out that because of the rush to release a vaccine to the general public, normal protocols (such as industry-standard animal trials) for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers were suspended: “The FDA, absolutely ignoring [the] safety margin, in a stunning decision, decided to allow Moderna and other vaccine manufacturers to skip the most important step in vaccine safety for coronavirus which is the animal trials…. they [the FDA] even said well we don’t have to do phase one human trials and phase two human trials separately; we’re going to combine them together because this is such a horrible epidemic, we need to get the science done fast.”

The Moderna vaccine safety report also showed that “68.5% of vaccine recipients” reported fatigue; 63% reported headaches; 59.6% reported myalgia (muscle pain); 44.8% reported arthralgia (joint pain); and 43.4% reported having chills. Additionally, as many as 13 people in Israel have suffered from facial paralysis after being administered the COVID-19 vaccine. The following is the list of potential side effects that the FDA has listed:

The new COVID-19 vaccines have caused widespread enthusiasm and have even been advocated as necessary to “return to normal,” as prominent figures like Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have suggested. However, it is clear that they are not full-proof measures in protecting against the contraction and spread of the virus. 240 people in Israel, for example, were found with COVID after vaccination, and in fact Dr. Fauci recently stated, “…if you get vaccinated, you can’t throw away the masks, because you could be infected and conceivably infect others” and that we have to prepare for the possibility that COVID is here to stay.

Under recently released federal guidelines, a COVID-19 vaccine can be authorized for use if it is safe and proves effective in as few as 50% of those who receive it. Yet “effective” doesn’t necessarily mean stopping people from contracting COVID-19, but rather that the its most serious symptoms are minimized, experts say. Dr. Paul Offit, for example, a vaccine expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, expressed his concerns about a vaccine with limited efficacy delivered prematurely might give people “a false sense of being protected” and “lead to serious outbreaks of the disease.”

Additionally, because of the new and evolving strains of the virus which are emerging from various parts of the world, scientists and medical experts are uncertain about whether the current vaccines will protect against them. Stephane Bancel himself, the CEO of Moderna, stated on January 13th, 2021 that, “health officials will have to continuously watch for new variants of the virus, so scientists can produce vaccines to fight them,” and that, “we are going to live with this virus, we think, forever,” according to CNBC.

After being repeatedly asked about the new COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Shallenberger, MD, who has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a Pioneer in Integrative Medicine since 1978, gave the following reasons why he warns against taking them. Below are only the first 5 of 14 reasons he gave, the rest of which can be read here:

“People need to have fully informed consent when it comes to injecting foreign genetic material into their bodies.

1. The COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a completely new type of vaccine. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use before. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe.**

2. Traditional vaccines simply introduce pieces of a virus to stimulate an immune reaction. The new mRNA vaccine is completely different. It actually injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-humans sources into our cells. Once in the cells, the genetic material interacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus being coded for. Note that these newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, and are thus completely foreign to our cells. What they are fully capable of doing is unknown.

3. The mRNA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So, in order to protect the fragile mRNA strands while they are being inserted into our DNA they are coated with PEGylated lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mRNA from our immune system which ordinarily would kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been used in several different drugs for years. Because of their effect on immune system balance, several studies have shown them to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune reactions, and to cause damage to the liver.

4. These new vaccines are additionally contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have not yet disclosed what other toxins they contain.

5. Since viruses mutate frequently, the chance of any vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely. That is why the flu vaccine changes every year. Last year’s vaccine is no more valuable than last year’s newspaper.”

Indeed, this entirely new type of vaccine, has “no long term safety studies will have been done to ensure that any of these vaccines don’t cause cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines.” This is why “many experts question whether the mRNA technology is ready for prime time” and why many doctors and medical professionals in the United States and around the world, are advising us not to take the current vaccine. For example, “Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is also Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, said of the new mRNA vaccines, ‘I worry about innovation at the expense of practicality because they [the mRNA vaccines] are weighted toward technology platforms that have never made it to licensure before.’” And Michal Linial, Ph.D., who is a Professor of Biochemistry, aligns herself with approximately 50 percent of Americans (around 25 percent are unsure), when she states, “I won’t be taking it [the mRNA vaccine] immediately – probably not for at least the coming year. We have to wait and see whether it really works. We will have a safety profile for only a certain number of months, so if there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know.” Furthermore, “in November 2020, The Washington Post reported on hesitancy among healthcare professionals in the United States to the mRNA vaccines, citing surveys which reported that: ‘some did not want to be in the first round, so they could wait and see if there are potential side effects’, and that ‘doctors and nurses want more data before championing vaccines to end the pandemic.’”

More examples of medical professional weighing in about the vaccine include the acclaimed French anesthetist and resuscitation specialist in one of the four major hospitals in Marseille, Dr. Louis Fouche, who is urging people to “refuse the vaccine,” the doctors who petitioned the EU to stop all COVID vaccine studies due to grave risks, and Prof. Dr. Paul Cullen of Germany, who explains the risk of a half-finished and ineffective product causing massive damage to health, an extremely rushed COVID-19 vaccine, “could prove to be the biggest mistake” of the whole COVID episode.

In addition to the very real medical uncertainties and potential health risks that this entirely new form of vaccine presents, there are serious moral concerns being raised. According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “both the Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc vaccines have some connection to cell lines that originated with tissue from abortions…that took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s and that have often been replicated since.”

Indeed, both Pfizer Inc and Moderna used the HEK-293 cell line in developing their respective COVID-19 vaccines. “HEK” stands for Human Embryonic Kidney and the “293” refers to the number of experiments that a researcher did to develop that cell line. And as biologist Pamala Acker, who spent time in a vaccine research lab for nine months before encountering the ethic and moral issue of the HEK-293 cell line, explains, “It doesn’t mean there were two hundred and ninety-three abortions [for the HEK-293 cell line], but for two hundred and ninety-three experiments, you would certainly need far more than one abortion. We’re talking probably hundreds of abortions.”

Acker goes on to explain that because the cells have to be gathered within 5 minutes of an abortion, “They will actually deliver these babies via cesarean section. The babies are still alive when the researchers start extracting the tissue; to the point where their heart is still beating, and they’re generally not given any anesthetic, because that would disrupt the cells that the researchers are trying to extract. So, they’re removing this tissue, all the while the baby is alive and in extreme amounts of pain…” (You can watch the full interview between Pamala Acker, author of “Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective” and John-Henry Westen here.)

Indeed, dozens of babies over 3 months gestation were aborted so that their organs could be harvested in the research for the vaccines, as Dr. Stanley PIotkin (considered the “Godfather of Vaccines”) admitted in a 9-hour deposition. I totally understand why someone would want to take this vaccine to protect themselves or others, but even if there was a high probability of safely doing so (not considering all the variants the vaccine doesn’t account for, those who have still contracted COVID-19 even after taking the vaccine, and the need for additional and potentially even annual booster shots), how could the ends ever justify the means, even if it was just one innocent life? What if that one innocent human being was your child? What if that “one” was you?

In a paper released on December 12, 2020, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, along with co-signers Cardinal Janis Pujats, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Archbishops Tomash Peta and Jan Pawel Lenga, and other bishops and priests around the world expressed their strong conviction that any use of a vaccine tainted by the use of aborted fetal cells, “cannot be acceptable for Catholics.” Additionally, many individual Church leaders have strongly spoken out against any vaccine derived from aborted fetal cell tissue, including American Cardinal Burke, who stated that such vaccines violate “integrity of citizens” and “it must be clear that it is never morally justified to develop a vaccine through the use of the cell lines of aborted fetuses,” Bishop Strickland of Texas, who stated that we must “reject any vaccine that is developed using aborted children,” and Bishop Joseph Brennan of Fresno, California, who stated, “If it’s using objectionable material, we can’t use it, we can’t avail ourselves of it.”

Now, I am fully aware that there are many people of faith, Christians, and even prominent Church leaders who assert that the vaccines are not only permissible, but morally commendable, and should even be obligatory, due to the potential lives they could protect and save. However, the Personhood Alliance, a US organization which includes many competent and trustworthy social, legal, and religious leaders, including President Ronald Regan, Bishop Kagan, and Dr. Alveda King (MLK’s niece), declares that these arguments are in error, since the means, however good and ideal, simply cannot justify the ends: “The production and testing of vaccines using the remains of aborted human beings, regardless of manner of conception and without their consent, is morally unacceptable and must be opposed. The Personhood Alliance strongly urges the rejection of such vaccines.” This official stance was guided by the principles of “the rights of born persons not to be forced to violate their own bodily integrity and/or moral conscience and the rights of pre-born persons not to be trafficked, commodified, and/or experimented upon without their consent.”

There are moral theologians who, despite their belief that abortion is a morality of abortion, assert that the currently available vaccines are morally licit since their connections to the abortions were many years removed and thus, “remote.” Yet to this objection, Catholic nun and podcast speaker, Mother Mirium responds, “If stem cells were used from babies who died, stillbirths, or babies who died shortly after birth, I don’t see any problem with that, as I don’t see a difficulty with an adult donating organs and stem cells. But to use the stem cells from a child that was murdered, I do believe we are participating in the abortion, even though we weren’t even alive at the time.”

These voices aren’t just the consensus the conscience of faithful and trusted Catholic Christians… There are many prophetic voices, chosen messengers, and visionaries that are warning us from Heaven’s perspective about the dangers of this vaccine, including priest, exorcist, founder and superior General of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre.***

Another example is Anne, ‘apostle of the Returning King’ whose Apostolate of the Returning King (ARK) has received from the Irish Bishop O’Reilly a decree granting it the canonical status of a Private Association of the Faithful with Juridical Personality. Anne has received many locutions from Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and multiple saints on various topics including addiction, suicide, depression, divorce, atheism, everyday lay spirituality and more since the early 2000’s, many of which have undergone the careful review and approval by the Church, with the Imprimatur, which states that the messages are free of all moral or doctrinal error. The following is an excerpt of a beautiful and vert relevant message she received from Our Lord on May 17th, 2020, and it with this I would like to end:

“A created being does not create what is good without God, regardless of one’s beliefs about God. A created being does not create and use that which is bad for people with God, regardless of one’s beliefs about God. Therefore, let it be said that when a person creates something which is used to hurt humanity, they do so without God and they are acting separately from God.

Why do I speak with you this way today? Because you must quietly discern all that moves around you. Ask yourself this question. Is the remedy being offered to people helping humanity or hurting humanity? If it is helping, then you know I am active. If it is hurting humanity, then you know that it is not what I desire for people. Because you cannot possibly judge any person, you leave all judgement to me. The truth is that sometimes people believe they serve to help others when really they spread harm. I do not want this. I want all of God’s children on Earth to be loved and assisted. At the very least, I ask that God’s children not be deliberately harmed. If I am speaking to you, then you should heed my words, which you have now been given. If I am speaking to others, then you should simply discern prayerfully which part of these words are for you. Ponder my words. Ask for light from the Holy Spirit. Ask for protection from the Creator who desires what is good for you.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to heed this letter. I hope you understand that my aim is not to incite fear, division, or discouragement, despite the dangers, both physical and spiritual, of these difficult times. Rather, I exhort you to continue to stay positive, peaceful, and prayerful through everything, so as to be a beacon of the power of love and trust in God’s attentive love, complete care, and ever-present grace.

May He and His beautiful, blessed Mother Mary, bless you and your families and friends and keep you safe and healthy in mind, body, and soul, now and always! Yours in Christ’s infinite Mercy, Kindness, and Forgiveness,

Greg O. Perenich

University of Notre Dame Class of 2018

Bachelors of Science

Neuroscience and Behavior


*Though I have made my support for Donald Trump public when I posted the YouTube video, “Why, As A Young Catholic Millennial, I’m Voting for Life,” I believe there are serious ethical concerns with the “Operation Warp Speed” fast track vaccine development effort combining the US government, military, and pharmaceutical industry, to release the COVID-vaccines by January of 2021, even before meeting the standard regulatory approvals.

**Final Article/Video: Dr. Dolores Cahill, PhD, is a Molecular Biologist/Immunologist and Professor at the University College of Dublin in Ireland. She is an inventor, founder and shareholder of companies, and has been granted & licensed patents in Europe, the USA & worldwide with applications in improving the early accurate diagnosis of disease (autoimmune diseases & cancer). She has more than 20 years of expertise in high-throughput protein & antibody array, proteomics technology development, automation & biomedical applications in biomarker discovery, diagnostics & personalized medicine. Dr. Cahill recently did an interview explaining how previous peer-reviewed studies on SARS Coronavirus mRNA vaccines conducted on animals have had very negative results, which is why one has never been approved for humans. She states: “When you inject it, this mRNA, why it’s so deadly, is that it now goes into your genes, and starts expressing. And it starts stimulating the immune response from inside your body, and you can’t get rid it because of the source of the viral protein. You now have become like a genetically modified organism.”

*** At this time, the vaccines that don’t involve tests using aborted fetal cells have not yet been made available to the general public, which is why some Catholics may be advocating waiting longer until there are more ethical alternatives to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. However, the following blog post gives a spiritual and moral warning against taking the vaccine, even suggesting that doing so in full knowledge and consent could be a grave matter, due to the harm it could cause:

Important Commentary – (Covid) Vaccinations and the Mark of the Beast – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

The following is the full message from God the Father to Father Michel Rodrigue on December 31st, 2020, concerning the new vaccines:

The following is a comprehensive review of the vaccines that are and aren’t connected to abortion:

“Behold Your Mother”

Toppling evil temptations, experiencing heavenly sensations, and storing up eternal elations …One “Hail Mary” at time!

“From my first Rosary prayer, I felt a peace, a happiness, an excitement within. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I couldn’t stop crying. No drugs or alcohol could have given me what I was feeling at that moment. The more I prayed, the stronger this feeling became, until suddenly, I had finished fifteen decades. I wanted to continue…” -Alan Ames in “The Warning: Testimonies and Prophesies of the Illumination of Conscience”


The next time you feel stressed, depressed, or anything less than blessed, simply stop what you’re doing and start to say few, slow and sincere Hail Marys. Don’t worry don’t even know the words… Just say, “Mary, help me” quietly and from your heart. That is enough for your Mother to immediately swoop in and begin to fill you with her sweetness and strength! Try this experiment and I guarantee you, the Blessed Virgin Mary will make her consoling presence known to you; she will hold you by the hand and lead you deep into Her Immaculate Heart.

“Your Rosaries, dear children, are a lifetime to Heaven” she tells us in the Messages of Holy and Divine Love (via “Through the Rosary, I your Mother, can feed you with the nutrients of My Grace. I can nourish your souls with strong virtues and help you to determine God’s Will in the present moment. The Rosary deters evil inclinations and encourages deeper personal holiness.Cling to the Rosaries. It is a sign to satan that you belong to Me.”

Mary, as the St. Padre Pio confirms, is truly the “shortcut to God,” the quickest, easiest, shortest, and sweetest way to holiness, to happiness, to Heaven. She is the Woman “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Revelation 12:1), Who crushes the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15), is “full of grace” (Luke 1:28) and thus free from sin, and is utterly overshadowed by the power of the Most High (Luke 1:35) to conceive of Her Divine Son Jesus, as the very Mother of God (Luke 1:43). Yet She is also the Mother of all “those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus” (Revelation 12:17), as Jesus Himself gave Her to all of us, his beloved disciples, in His final words on the Cross (John 19:26). Throughout His entire Passion and Death, it was Mary Who gave Jesus the necessary consolation and strength to lay His life down for our salvation, every step of the way. Thus, She has rightly received the titles of Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of All Graces.

And yet, I believe that Our Lady’s favorite title is simply that of Mother. As the most merciful, kind, and gentle of all mothers, all she really wants for all of us, her children, is to know, love, and serve Her Son. Her last words in Scripture really say it all: “Do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5). When contemplate the mysteries of Holy Rosary, we embark upon a timeless journey into the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, through the pure eyes and pondering heart of She Who knew and loved him most intimately! In fact, Our Blessed Mother has revealed that after the Holy Mass, the Holy Rosary is the most powerful, pleasing, and precious prayer for her, and indeed, for all of Heaven to hear! She even told St. Michtilde, “‘Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee!’ No creature has ever said anything that was more pleasing to me, nor will anyone ever be able to find or say to me anything that pleases me more.” No wonder Fr. Paul Moll once stated that, “If it were permitted to one of the elect [a soul currently enjoying Heaven] to live again in this world, he would submit with joy to all the sufferings that men have ever endured here below, in order to add to his merits that which he would acquire by the recital of one Ave Maria.”

Jesus Himself once revealed to the Stigmatist and visionary Catalina Rivas that “Each decade of the Holy Rosary you repeat, the angels gather and place as an offering at the feet of My Mother.” WOW! Imagine all the eternal treasures you will storing up for yourself in Heaven and the all graces and blessing you will giving to others with on earth if you began by just a few more prayers here and there! Try squeezing Hail Marys between bites, before classes/work, while washing your hands, and most of all in the most golden and glorious moments after receiving Our Lord Himself Holy Communion at Mass, just like Our Blessed Mother received Him at the moment of the Incarnation, when God became Man and the Word became Flesh in her Womb! And in addition to passing many mystical graces to others through these fervent, frequent Hail Marys, eventually you may just find yourself giving out brighter smiles, warmer words, and cheerier acts of kindness toward all of those around you, who you formerly may have been failing to notice, to reach out to, to forgive, and to truly love! Even if you’re distracted while praying (by the whirlwind of activities occurring around and within you), YOU WILL STILL BE SAVING SOULS through your smallest prayers! For the Blessed Mother has promised that She sends Her angels to collect the fragments of such prayers, in order to make them wholesome and even beautiful in the Eyes of God! Are you starting to see how, with Momma Mary, you really can’t lose!

“…do not let the Rosary out of your hands.” Our Blessed Mother told Catalina Rivas. “Pray even when you think you can no longer do so.” “…say [the Rosary] very slowly, so that it will reach My ears like a soft whisper of love. Make Me feel your child-like love with each word you recite…”

And if you’re really feeling daring, perhaps you will even take up the incredible practice of the DAILY ROSARY! It only takes 15-20 minutes (About 1% of your day), but it will go on doing good for you and for others for all of ETERNITY! St. Padre Pio called the Rosary “The Weapon” and promised to pray at least 5 (but often upwards of 18 Rosaries a day!) and Alan Ames attempts around 60 Rosary decades every day! Truly, a Rosary a day keeps the devil away!


Though I was the kid in elementary school who would wear a wooden Medjugorje rosary around my uniform belt loop and even lead rosary prayer groups at Recess (the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit were apparently my special “favorites” of my Catholic faith!), my devotion to this prayer, and prayer in general, dwindled and nearly altogether diminished by the time I was in high school. Still, my mom never gave up on praying for me, especially during my years of being bullied, feeling excluded, and seeming “lost,” and would often bind me and my little brother to the Immaculate Heart of Mary when she prayed her Rosary on the way to work. This proved to be very fruitful in the end, for during my first year in college at Our Lady’s University, the University of Notre Dame, I was invited to attend a lifechanging weeklong pilgrimage to Rome through the Office of Vocations of the Congregation of Holy Cross. From seeing the jaw-droppingly massive sculptures of the St. Peter’s Basilica and mind-bogglingly gorgeous paintings of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, to tasting the sweet and savory flavors of fresh Italian pizza and gelato, the trip had so many amazing moments. Yet perhaps the most meaningful and enduring of all was a certain Confession that I had with a Bishop during a public penance service, just after the announcement of the coming Year of Mercy. After listing off all of my sins to him, he seemed to ask me, in a strong foreign accent, “You pray rosary every day?”

“Well…umm…I try…but I don’t always have time…” was something of my timid response.

“No…No…” he declared, “You pray rosary every day.

“Ohhh!” I thought to myself just then, “That must be my penance!” Though a rosary every day for the rest of my life certainly sounded daunting at the time, I accepted the challenge. And after the daily rosary, eventually came daily mass, and even a daily hour of “Tabernacle Time” with Jesus. On several occasions, I started to actually sensibly feel Christ’s overwhelming and overflowing tenderness and peace in the Eucharist, and found it was becoming nearly impossible for me to leave the Church or chapel after receiving Him at Mass, without lingering in His Presence and losing myself in His Love. Other changes began to take place in me as well. I started caring more and more for the spiritual wellbeing of the souls around me, from family to friends to even the “background people” of my life, such as the dorm janitors and dining hall workers, all the while caring less and less of what others thought and said of me. My joy became more exuberant. My peace became more constant. My prayers became more ardent. And my thoughts became more transcendent. Though I still struggled (and still struggle) with certain attachments, such as those to food and comfort, my desire for and capacity for sacrifice was steadily increasing, with little victories after falls and signs of growth over time.

“Never will anyone who says his rosary be led astray. This is a statement I would gladly sign with my blood.” These were the words a later discovered from St. Louis De Montfort, and I can attest to them through and through. Truly, from the day I decided to pray the daily rosary, it was though Our Lady had taken me under Her Mantle and guided me by the hand, slowly infusing me with Her virtues and silently teaching me how to live as a child of the Divine Will, in both the big life decisions and little everyday moments. Day by day, She eventually lead me to my vocation with the Salesians, where I have never been happier. This is why would recommend this most pleasing and priceless, treasured and timeless devotion to anyone and everyone!

After all, in the words of Our Lord to Catalina Rivas, “Spread devotion to [the Rosary]. My Mother promised that if just one member of the family prays it every day, She will save that family. And this promise is signed and sealed by the Divine Trinity.”

Thus, if you feel so called, why not start sharing these Marian prayer cards (in English and Spanish!) on the Power of the Rosary anywhere and everywhere?! After all, in the Unpublished Manuscipt on Purgatory (with the Church Imprimatur) we read, “Those who promote the recitation of the Rosary everywhere deserve praise. It is this prayer that is the most efficacious in the present time of need.”

Thank you so, so much for (hopefully) taking the time to read these words and give them a chance! May you soon know of the indescribable, unfathomable love that Our Blessed Mother has for YOU personally! And may each Hail Mary for you be another joy on earth and treasure in Heaven that awaits you now and for all eternity! Amen!

PS- The following are some more amazingly powerful prayers beseeching Mother Mary’s matchless intercession that have proven to be very profitable in my own prayer life! Feel free to copy/paste and text/email to family/friends! May God bless you, Mary keep you, the angels guide you, and the saints surround you today and always! Ave Maria! Amen!

NOTE: The greatest way to love Jesus with everything you have, body, mind, and soul, is to let Mary do it through you! To consecrate yourself entirely to the Blessed Virgin Mary, (and thus swap all your prayers, virtues, and merits with HERS) through the 33 Days to Morning Glory personal retreat book, very simply yet beautifully written by Father Michael Gaitley, click here:

“Confession” (A Poem)

For many of Catholics, the going to confession regularly might seem like a chore to be checked off at best and an awkward or even intimating event to be avoided at worst. For me, however, this sacrament has become one of the most beautiful, encouraging and liberated experiences of my life…so much so that I desire to receive this special “soul-cleansing” after a careful examination of conscience at least every month or so! Our Blessed Mother, in her many messages to the visionaries of Medjugorje has encouraged the faithful to partake in the immense graces which monthly confession brings us! And as Mother Angelica used to say (paraphrasing), “If you don’t polish yourself often, you get dim and dull!” Thus, the following poem delves a little deeper into the mystery of this gift…with a glimpse of my thoughts beforehand and afterward! After all, there is nothing that can quite compare to the feeling of shedding all that holds us back from holiness and happiness and being made into a new creation in Christ, through the person of His priestly representative. May He, Who loved you into existence, show you personally how very far the depths of Infinite Mercy will go to swallow up every last one of your faults and failures and hold you ever closer to His yearning and burning Eucharistic Heart! Amen! Enjoy!



I step in
Sullied and steeped in sin

I step out
Fully and freely forgiven

I step in
Lips quivering
Limbs shivering
Head shaking
Hands quaking
Heart pumping, pulsating, palpitating

I step out
An old smile showing
Once glazed over eyes now glowing
A cold and restless heart slowing and warming
And a golden horizon of infinite possibilities flowing;
Hope is regrowing and reforming

I step in
Downcast and distant, heavy and hardened by guilt and grief

I step out
Uplifted and undaunted, dazzled and dizzied by resilience and relief

I step in
Convicted, but lacking conviction
Am I really about to finally pour out my deepest and darkest secrets and addictions?
My biggest and baddest regrets and mistakes?

I step out
It is finished! It is complete!
Yet how could receiving something so sublime and surreal be so simple and sweet?
I guess a little good will and a lot of grace is truly all it takes!

I step in
Scared and scarcely able to speak
For my many seemingly “insignificant” and “inconsequential” sins have snuffed out all the life in me until I’ve become bitter, burdened, broken, and bleak…
Yet the festering wounds that they’ve caused can no longer remain stealthily concealed; in order for them to be thoroughly healed, it is past time for the whole Truth to be bravely revealed, and so here, in this quiet Confessional, I have nervously kneeled
Indeed, the spirit is willing, but flesh is weak
Though I cannot change the past, with the greatest of God’s gifts, my free will in this present moment, it is redemption and reconciliation with Him I now seek

I step out
Humbled and humming a hallelujah song
For Jesus has entirely incinerated my every wrong
In the passionate flames of His Sacred Heart, which burn so bright and so strong
Though my future will be forever transfigured and transformed, it wasn’t my own dreams and designs, but His all along
Indeed, I have placed all my faith, all my hope, and all my love in nothing and no one but God, for I am once again His beautiful and beloved prodigal son, and to Him alone do I belong

I step in
Worrying over how many people I have hurt by my unkindness, unforgiveness, and unwillingness to let go of my pleasures, my plans, my pride
I have cheated, I have stolen, I have gossiped, I have lied
And it has cost me too much precious time and peace of mind to continue to try to justify, deny, criticize, and hide

I step out
Wondering how many people I can help by my everyday efforts in prayer, positivity, service, and sacrifice too
Yes, there has been so much good left undone and yet, how much good there is still left to do!
For every waking moment is a unique opportunity to let Christ’s love, laughter, and light shine through!

I step in
Still frantically trying to prepare
Tempted and tormented by the demons I’ve let in to enslave and ensnare
Yet surrounded and sustained by the Lord’s vigilant protection and tender care
For in my lowest and loneliest of moments, when I wasn’t even awake or aware
He was holding my hand, drying my tears, caressing my hair
Yes, He was always there

I step out
As though from a gentle “soul shower”
Rinsed and released of from the grip of the evil enemy, who has been chained back to hell and detained from all power
While this new, pure, childlike heart beating from within has become a haven for all of Heaven and a throne for the King of the Universe once again! And from now on, He will silently direct me and slowly perfect me therein, day after day and hour by hour

I step in
Feeling dirty, dark, and desperate
Longing and languishing for a clear conscience, a fresh start, a blank slate
For if I were to die unrepentant in this state
Everlasting death, despair, and darkness may very well be my fate…
But thank God Almighty, it’s not too late!

I step out
Feeling filled, freed, and floored
For my soul’s original baptismal innocence has been altogether restored!
And all of the angels and saints are rejoicing all the more
Since if this were my last breath, I would instantly and effortlessly soar
Toward the boundless bliss and beauty of celestial palaces and planets, villages and vineyards, ships and shores
Awaiting me in an eternity of exhilarating adventures and intoxicating intimacy with my vast, heavenly family, with my Blessed Mother Mary, and above all, with my Bridegroom, my Beloved, my Lord

I step in
And with one last prayer and deep breath of courage from within
I make my confession
Leaving no stone left unturned, no sin left hidden
Even the ones I have selfishly and stubbornly committed over and over again…
Finally, when I have reached the very end
I fall to my knees and recite a heartfelt “Act of Contrition”
Professing my deep desire to do all I can to make amends
And my sincere sorrow for the pain I have inflicted upon myself, upon others, and upon My Crucified Savior, Who has been brutally beaten, bloodied, and bruised, outside and in
And then
Comes the Voice, not of a mean judge but of a merciful Friend:
“I absolve you from your sins
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I step out
And I am alive! I am made new! I am washed clean! I am set free!
Because now, it is no longer I who live, but Christ Who lives in me

Poem written by “Little Gregory” on 12/8/2020, Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Verse: “If we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing” (1 John 1:9).

Quote: “I tell you, dear child, that the truth cannot be denied. I am the Truth. And I love you beyond anything you can imagine. My only wish is to you back to Me, where I might protect you. Do not be afraid. You will not be punished for your misdeeds. Come back to Me now and I will pardon your sins. We will proceed together as though these sins had never been committed. Sins leave a certain residue on a soul. Come to Me now, My beloved child, and with a heavenly breath, I will blow away the residue of sin so your soul proceeds in joy and newness. I am your God. I love you. That will never change.” -Jesus on August 21st, 2003 via ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ in Volume 2: Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Song: “Clean” by Natalie Grant:

Heaven Speaks to YOU: Words of Comfort and Hope for Anyone Who May Be Struggling Emotionally or Spiritually

Since reading and rereading the heavenly messages given by Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints as given to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ in, my life has been forever changed. These words truly provide Heaven’s answers and remedies to the questions and challenges we are all faced with in these times of so much uncertainty and unrest.

In August of 2020, I received formal permission from Father Darragh Connolly, the Chaplain of the Apostolate of the Returning King (which now enjoys Canonical approval of and status in the Church), to transcribe these words from Heaven into YouTube videos! With the help of some amazing friends and a lot of grace, I have been able to make several already on a variety of relevant subject matters!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you: Do you know of any family, friends, and loved ones who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually during this time? If so, please consider sharing the following words/videos of grace and consolation, so that they may know that, no matter what they’re going through, they are not alone, but are entirely surrounded and aided and endlessly accepted and cherished, by their vast and beautiful heavenly family who eagerly awaits them in an eternity of joy, love, peace and adventure, beyond their wildest imagination.

After all, Jesus Himself has promised in Volume 8: Resting in the Heart of the Savior: “You must heed My words and you must spread them. The merit gained in the spread of these words will astound you because I am asking this of you and souls who do this work are saying “yes” to Me. I am grateful more than you realize, faithful ones. Now be brave and assist your brothers and sisters by giving them these words. You will be well rewarded in heaven.”

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Experienced Tragedy
“If you pray for others in a time of such great pain, Heaven will flood others with graces, because Heaven views this prayer, made in sorrow, as the most beautiful act of trust. The angels delight in this and bring this prayer before the Father as evidence of man’s respect for His dominion. God the Father, in turn, unleashes a torrent of conversion, healing, and calming graces for all involved in the tragedy. Truly, the Father orders the angels and saints to benefit thousands from such a situation. Talk to Heaven and you and all those around you will be blessed powerfully.” -St. Ambrose. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Fear Death
“My little child, how joyful I am to be with you. My heart rests with you as you contemplate God’s mercy. There will be no difficulty with Jesus accepting you. If you feel the smallest desire to be with Jesus, to rest in His merciful gaze, you will do so. You belong to heaven, little child. Be very humble about your entrance into eternity. A good child, a faithful servant, comes to the door in humility. This is what you must do. God is great, very great. God is all goodness, all power. Comparatively, what are you? I will tell you. You are God’s beloved and immeasurably cherished child. You are like a small infant in my arms, in need of comfort and nourishment. Allow yourself to be a small and helpless infant and I, your heavenly mother, will give you all that you need to appear before God.” -Our Blessed Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle with Depression
“Offer [Jesus] each day in the spirit of love and patience. He will get you through another day, yes, which is another one of your fears, is it not? That you cannot get through a day? He will get you through that day and preserve each moment for eternity. He will use each moment for the salvation of others, who may be suffering even more than you. This is the truth. This is how you are needed at this moment perhaps. Will you make the most use of it?” -St. Dympha. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Considering Suicide
“My dear little child, how heavy is your heart. I see that you are suffering and feeling alone. Dear beloved one, you are not alone now and you will never be alone. Even as you read these words, heaven surrounds you. The angels pray constantly for your recovery, for a return to joy for you. You must believe that I tell you the truth today. I am Mary, your mother, and I can only seek what is good for you. I will seek what is good for you right now, before the throne of God, and ask the Father to send you heavenly gifts of courage and calm. You will move through this day that is already passing into the past and tomorrow will be better. Each day will move you closer to recovery. Do not think for a moment that God will leave you with pain that is unmanageable. God will not do this. Ask for help and you will receive it. I am here, with you now, and I will make sure that you receive all that you need to move past this period of anguish. Heaven does not will this for you. Heaven wills hope for you. Heavenly graces filled with hope flow into your soul now. Rest in God’s grace and I will secure all that is necessary for you. I am your mother. I love you completely. I will help you.” -Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks on Abortion

“My children, you are all so precious to Me. There is a temptation for people to believe that if they have made a grave mistake, they are not welcome in heaven or that they are not suitable companionship for Me. This is not true. And this temptation must be fought against. Sin is forgivable. All sin…” -Jesus. Read on

To read more of the uplifting and compassionate words from Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints on a variety of topics, such as “Heaven Speaks About Addictions“, “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Rejected God” “Heaven Speaks About Divorce” and “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle to Forgive” click here:

Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully share!) these heavenly messages, which have greatly aided my spiritual journey and have truly changed my life! I hope that after deeply pondering and praying with them, you too can say the same! May God bless you and your loved ones in His infinite, intimate love and mercy, which can forgive any sin and right any wrong, now and always! Amen! 🙂 JMJ