The Holy Rosary: Our Strongest Weapon, Surest Link, and Sweetest Remedy, by Heavenly Decree!

John Paul II, the beloved pope, called it his “favorite prayer” and firmly believed that by fervently praying it, one could change the course of human history. Padre Pio, the humble miracle-worker, called it his “weapon” against the devil, who would occasionally attack him in his sleep. Mother Teresa, the tireless missionary, exhorted her sisters to cling to it, and could often be seen doing so in the slums of Calcutta’s busy streets. Maximilian Kolbe, the heroic martyr, claimed it was the “secret” to all that he succeeded in doing, until he finally gave his life for another man in the concentration camps of the Nazis.

If you are a cradle Catholic or a convicted convert, you may have already guessed what “it” is: the Rosary. Yet though it is often overlooked and underutilized, Our Lady’s Rosary is among the most powerful, protective, precious means to bring down hell’s destructive ploys, bring together earth’s human family, and bring about the new era of Heaven’s love, joy, and peace. And because God makes the most extraordinary, supernatural masterpieces out of the most ordinary, natural means, only He could make a sword against the snares of Satan, a solution for the sadness of sin, and a safeguard to the serenity of the soul’s sanctity, out of the small, simple set of Rosary beads…

It’s no wonder then, that Our Blessed Mother has appeared all around the world, from Fatima to Lourdes to Medjugorje, beseeching us, her beloved children, to pray the Rosary, sometimes even with tears streaming down her cheeks. Yet amazingly, she has revealed that the grace outpoured from one heartfelt, fervent Rosary is worth more than all the many signs and wonders She has obtained for us from God at Her many pilgrimage sites down through the centuries.
Personally speaking, I can’t even put into words how much happiness, hope, and healing this prayer has brought me since the day I decided to pray it daily. Addictions and anxieties which I never thought I could overcome have essentially become little nothings. Wounds and worries which I never thought I would recover from have slowly become distant memories. And a degree of interior discipline and divine intimacy beyond my wildest dreams have miraculously begun to inspire and imbue my most humble duties and hidden deeds, genuinely opening my eyes to all the many golden opportunities to intentionally yet effortlessly share with all those around me this inner yet otherworldly feeling that, through the Holy Rosary, both consumes and ennobles yet embalms and consoles my whole soul and being, ever generously yet gently!

Indeed, this little, loving prayer has matured in me the courage and vitality of the man I was made to be, and at the same time it has restored to me the goodness and purity of my inner child, Hail Mary after Hail Mary. Of course, I still fail, falter, and fall short constantly, as a feeble, fallen human being. Yet like the countless struggling saints turned sublime saints from ages past, I have the certainty if I refuse to let go of the Rosary, I will be assured the victory over every defeat, in the Name of the Lord and by the Blood of the Lamb: Jesus Christ, my Life, my Love, my Everything.
And so, I ask you, in all sincerity: Are you willing to embark upon a journey into the innermost depths of your being, to arrive at the uncomprehensible mysteries, the uncontainable miracles, the uncountable merits, and ultimately, the unconditional mercies, of the universe’s Queen and King? Are you ready to travel with Them through Judea’s hill country, meditate with Them in the Garden of Gethsemane, and walk with Them along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, the road to Calvary? Are you prepared to witness the most meaningful moving, moments and scenes of He by Whose birth, life, death, and resurrection, you have been redeemed? From His upbringing with the Holy Family, His suffering for every last human being, His preaching during the three years of public ministry, and His rising in the glory of the Blessed Trinity… through the pure eyes and pondering heart of His Mother who knew Him and loved Him the most intensely yet intimately? Finally, are you eager to be accompanied, not only by Our Lord and Our Lady, but also by Their invisible, invincible army of angels and saints, oh so holy and heavenly, to guard and guide you, to protect and prompt you, and to generously provide for your every need, physically, emotionally, and spiritually… all while peacefully giving you insights into your own life’s joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous mysteries?

If your answer is, “Yes, please!” then simply take a breath, take out your Rosary, and take the time this day, to see why this prayer will allow you to open your heart, transform your life, and fulfill your eternal destiny… For undoubtedly, there is no surer, shorter, sweeter way to greatness, to gladness, to God Himself than through His daughter immaculately conceived, His mother dearly loved and deeply lauded universally, and His spouse of pure and perfect perpetual virginity: the Woman that Scripture has been ceaselessly yet steadily revealing, clothed with the sun and crowned by the stars, crushing the head of the serpent, our adversary and enemy, under her feet.
Truly, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, Mary is your Mother, and She loves you immeasurably. Close your eyes and see her bright beautiful smile, as She looks upon you with such warmth and receptivity. Open your hands and feel her timeless, tender touch, as She hands you the Most Holy Rosary. Finally, quiet your heart and hear her soft, sweet voice, calling you by name and making known Her presence, Her plan, Her plea:

“My child,” She whispers, “My little baby… Do not be afraid of Me. For I am right here beside you, ready to help you, hold you, heal you entirely. I have been watching you carefully, awaiting this day, this moment, most eagerly. Trust my voice, take my hand, and today and every day, try your best to pray My Rosary. And I promise that you, little dove, that you and your loved ones, will finally be able to rest safe and sound in your Mother’s Immaculate Heart, in the Father’s Universal Kingdom, and in my Son’s All-Forgiving Embrace, for all eternity.
I love you.
Yours lovingly,
Mary, The Handmaid of the Almighty and Mother of all humanity. The Lady of the Rosary and the Queen of Peace.”
Note: Especially for the month of November, please consider taking up the beautiful and powerful practice of praying the Flame of Love Rosary (in English or even in Latin!), since each Flame of Love Hail Mary prayed devoutly delivers 10 souls from purgatory during the entirety of this month!
In the following video, Fr. James explains the importance of this Church-approved devotion:

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