Free Prayer Cards! (Packet and Brochure!) :)

“You must heed My words and you must spread them. The merit gained in the spread of these words will astound you because I am asking this of you and souls who do this work are saying “yes” to Me. I am grateful more than you realize, faithful ones. Now be brave and assist your brothers and sisters by giving them these words. You will be well rewarded in heaven. Peace. When you do not have peace in your heart, stop what you are doing and pray. I will restore peace to your soul and you will then be happier and more effective. Remember that I am Jesus and I am God. I will see to everything.” -Jesus, in Volume 8: Resting in the Heart of the Savior

“You, My children, are now My messengers of Holy Love in the world. I offer you My unlimited grace. Offer the Message to those you meet as a mother would offer food to her hungry children. Some will recognize it and assimilate it. Others may taste it and not recognize its value. Still others may turn away unsatisfied and unwilling to partake of what is offered with love.” “A good mother continues to offer nourishment. I am asking you to courageously offer Holy Love to those around you. Do not take heed of the response. I am with you, blessing you.”    -Our Lady, on April 13th, 1998 (via

Messages of Divine Love (PDF)

^Especially relevant for those who may not be very deep in their knowledge of God and His tender love^ Feel free to print/text/email 🙂

Messages of Mercy! (Prayer Packet)

…including messages from,,, and more! Simply print the following PDF doc on any colored printer (13 pages double sided), fold in half and staple in the middle to spread to any and all (feel free to place in Churches and chapels as well for others to see!), for as Jesus Himself said in Volume 10: “Use My words, dear little apostles. Spread them everywhere.” 

Messages of Mercy (Brochure)

Messages of Mercy (PDF)

^What does Heaven say about atheism? Suffering? Forgiveness? Food? Find out via this compilation of mystical messages and feel free to text/email to family/friends?

“Use My words, dear little apostles. Spread them everywhere. Keep your words limited and allow Me to claim the soul. You will soften the soul by loving the person. Your love and your example can predispose a soul so that I can find the opening I need. What joy is there in this work! How satisfying is a rescue mission when souls are saved. And they will be saved, do not fear. You will be successful, but only I can measure your success.” -Jesus in Volume 10 (to His Apostles)

Messages of Mercy Handout

This 1 page PDF handout is especially relevant those who may yet not know God’s Love!


Messages of Mercy Handout 2

Messages of Mercy Handout (in Spanish)

This 1 page PDF handout is especially relevant to Catholics/Christians seeking new prayers and faith deepening! It also contains few important prayers/consecrations, so be sure to spread! Let us not forget the wise words of St. Matthew the Apostle in Volume 7: Greetings from Heaven:

“Call as many servants into the fold as you can. Do not be afraid to tell souls that Jesus needs their help. You must encourage others to take up their crosses and follow because more workers will complete the tasks more quickly and easily.”

Brochure23 Ways to Help Save Souls and Experience Deeper Divine Intimacy (PDF) Your love affair with God Himself awaits! And it will truly change the whole world and course of human history! Try it for a week and see for yourself if you don’t believe me! 🙂

To the Priests the Sons of Heaven PDF (2 Pages Front and Back)

Our priests are the vessels of God’s gracious mercy and merciful grace, truly other Christs on this earth! The greatest of quantities of graces flow through the priests saying mass around the world! Yet sadly today, the priesthood is under attack. Thus, please PRAY for our priests, offer them your love and NOT criticism, and consider sending the following PDF document (34 pages electronic) and/or PDF handout (1 Page, Print) to your local parish priest or any other priest friends you have, as the greatest of quantities of graces flow through the priests saying mass around the world.

To the Priests Handout Pamphlet (1 Page Front and Back)

Priest Pamphlet

As St. John Vianney has said (via “My brothers and sisters, I have come to help all priests realize that the success of their vocation does not lie in intellectual prowess, but in their personal relationship with Jesus. The spirituality here (Maranatha Shrine) returns the soul to the Tradition of Faith. You must encourage it amongst the priests. Some will never see Heaven without it.

To the Priests Electronic PDF (34 pages)

To the Priests

To the Elderly

(A 1 page handout with a very important short “Morning Offering” and other prayers)

Prayer Cards

You can email Office Depot or Staples the PDF of the prayer card you would like to print and have them blessed by a priest to hand out to others and disseminate in places of prayer! It only costs about 10 dollars to print 100 cards at my local Office Depot and around 25 dollars to print 1,000 at Staples, but the spiritual reward of spreading God’s Love and Mercy through them is priceless! 🙂

Spread them in churches, adoration chapels, restaurants (especially to workers/waiters), schools, hospitals, nursing homes…even staple them to telephone poles if the Spirit so calls! 🙂 Though it might feel a little intimidating at first, I can assure you that most people have responded quite receptively to the prayer cards (especially if I really focusing on loving them and praying for them with the kindness and gentleness of Christ Himself, letting HIM operate in me and trusting totally in what He says and does through me…) In the more rare case of rejections, never forget the words of Our Lord on September 5th, 2003 (via  “Understand that every persecution bears its good fruit in due time – just as every prayer petition bears some good fruit. “

Sacred Heart Prayer Card

(Note: The beautiful and realistic Sacred Heart Image in this prayer card and other brochures on this website was painted by Dona Gelsinger in Oregon! Her website is ).

I love you

Eucharistic Jesus Prayer Card

Body and Blood of Jesus.jpg

Refuge of Holy Love Prayer Card

Refuge of Holy Love

United Hearts Prayer Card

United Hearts

New Act of Love Prayer Card PDF (English)

New Act of Love Prayer Card English Final.PNG

New Act of Love Prayer Card PDF (Spanish)

New Act of Love Prayer Card Spanish

Act of Love Prayer Card (English)

Act of Love

Act of Love Prayer Card (Spanish)

Acto de Amor

Alternative Act of Love Prayer Card (For adults too!)

“Come to Me in the Eucharist” Prayer Card

These words are not meant to be saved. Spread them here by any means possible.!” and ” Spread the messages on the tabernacle. I want them out!” -Jesus in “I Want My Priests to Come Back” in God’s Blue Book 2… Therefore, “Feed the Hungry” by leaving multiple prayer cards like these (as well as packets/brochures if possible) in Churches and Adoration chapels everywhere! Even if they help just one soul receive Our Lord more lovingly and reverently, the whole world is benefitted!

The Eucharist is Your Miracle

Divine Mercy Prayer CardScreen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.19.30 AM

“Cling to Me” Card

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.13.41 PM

Offering of Past Crosses (English)

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.17.04 PM

Offering of Past Crosses (¡en español!)

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.19.02 PM

The Power of the Names of Jesus and Mary Card

United Hearts Card 2


United Hearts.PNG

Children’s Consecration to Jesus Card

Consecration to Jesus

Children’s Consecration to Mary Card

Consecration to Mary

Consecration to the Holy Spirit Card 

Jesus’ Promises concerning His Divine Mercy, given to Saint Fuastina, a Polish Nun (1905-1938) who founded the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and was given the title, “Apostle and Secretary of My Mercy” by Our Lord:

  • “Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior. At that last hour, a soul has nothing with which to defend itself except My mercy. Happy is the soul that during its lifetime immersed itself in the Fountain of Mercy, because justice will have no hold on it (Diary, 1075).”
  • “All those souls who will glorify My mercy and spread its worship, encouraging others to trust in My mercy, will not experience terror at the hour of death. My mercy will shield them in that final battle (Diary, 1540).”

Jesus’ 15 Promises given to all those who honor His Sacred Heart Saint of the Sacred Heart, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun, whom he called “the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart” and the Heiress “of all Its treasures”, in the 1670’s.

1. I will give them all the graces necessary for their state in life.
2. I will establish peace in their families.
3. I will comfort them in their trials.
4. I will be their secure refuge during life, and, above all, in death.
5. I will shed abundant blessings on all their undertakings
6. Sinners will find in My Heart an infinite ocean of mercy.
7. Lukewarm souls will become fervent.
8. Fervent souls will rapidly grow in holiness and perfection.
9. I will bless every place where an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.
10. I will give to priests the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
11. The names of those who promote this devotion will be written in My Heart, never to be blotted out.
12. I promise thee, in the excessive mercy of My Heart, that My all-powerful love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on the First Friday of nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving their Sacraments; My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.