Come Home

“Letters to the Lord”
February 3rd, 2018

Dearest Jesus,

After Communion, I heard the deep calling of Your Love within me, ever so sweetly exhorting me:

“My child, My little beloved one, whom I relish in more than all the beauty of Heaven and Earth, come to Me. Come, and enter into the deep refuge of my Love. Rest on my Heart, which burns for you, churns for you, yearns for you. Look into My eyes, teary with longing, and embrace your King, your Creator, your Father. Come My child, for here and now, you are safe and sound, entirely immersed in My Mercy, which forgives even the littlest movements of your heart away from Mine and cleanses even the deepest, darkest stains of sin. Apart from me, you are empty, lifeless, cold. Yet united to Me, as you are now, you are full of peace, full of joy, full of grace, full of love. Come, My Beloved Soul, Apple of My Eye, Joy of My Heart, Masterpiece of My Hand…Come to Me…Come Home.”

Amen. Oh, Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all Love, though the day ahead may be moving a million miles a minute, allow me just this little while to really and truly be with You. To be still and know that You are God, that You are here, with and within me, and that whatever I do today or wherever I go, with You, I am whole.
With You, I am Home.

In Your Tenderness and Love,

Your Sinner, Servant, Soldier, Son…
Little Gregory,
Your Beloved One

PS- Today’s Image of Our Lord is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, revealed to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in 1673. In her own words, “May faith be the torch which illuminates, animates, and sustains you.” And don’t forget to say this short, powerful prayer:
“Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You!”

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