If Your Love Were the Sea

“Letters to the Lord”
February 16th, 2018

Dearest Jesus,

If Your Love were the Sea
My heart would be but a drop
Immersed in Your Mercy to the depths
Yet released in Your Freedom to the top

If Your Love, O Lord, were a Furnace
My soul would be but a spark
Burning with the Light of Your Joy
Yet glowing in the dark

If Your Love, O Lord, were a Meadow
My spirit would be but a flower
Shrinking before Your Glorious Majesty
Yet growing by Your Omnipotent Power

If Your Love, O Lord, were a Body
My body would be but a cell
Working with Zeal for all to be saved
Yet resting in the Peace that all is well

If Your Love, O Lord, were a Mind
My mind would be but a thought
Contemplating all that You are
Yet realizing all that I’m not

If Your Love, O Lord, were a Symphony
My personality would be but a chord
Singing of all Your many wonders
Yet speechless that You are my Lord

If Your Love, O Lord, were Eternity
My existence would be but now
Moving a million miles a minute
Yet staying perfectly still somehow

If Your Love, O Lord, were Infinity
My everything would be but one
Coming closer and closer to Completion
Yet further and further from being done

If Your Love, O Lord, were the whole Universe
My life would be but a single star
Shining apart from all others
Yet showing them each Who You are

If Your Love, O Lord, were the Cross
My being would be but a shred
Sinking into the Blood of Your Passion
Yet rising with You from the dead

If Your Love, O Lord, really is all mine
My Love, in turn, is all Yours
Inseparable and Invincible we shall be
Here on earth and soon along Heaven’s shores

O Lord, Your Love for us is like the Sea
And for every last little drop You yearn
For through Love we all come to be
And to Love, we are all destined to return


Yours through, with, and in Love,

Your Sinner, Servant, Soldier, Son…
Little Gregory
Your Beloved One

“As the Heavens tower over the earth, so God’s love towers over the faithful.”
-Psalm 103:11 (NAB)

“I can feel the bottomless abyss of my soul, and nothing will fill it but God himself. I feel that I am drowned in Him like a single grain of sand in a bottomless ocean.”
-Saint Faustina, Diary of Divine Mercy (343)


Today’s Photo of Our Lord, entitled “Walking on Water” was painted by Julius Sergius von Klever

PS- Here is a personally handwritten copy of “If Your Love Were the Sea”…Enjoy! 🙂
If Your Love Were the Sea 1.jpgIf Your Love Were the Sea 2.jpg

One thought on “If Your Love Were the Sea

  1. Amazing!!! Your special gift is even more wonderful because of you glorifying our dear Lord with your beautiful words! Thank you Gregory!! It’s so perfect. 🙏🏼☦❤️


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