Vibrant Pools of My Infinite Love

Looking back at my day before going to bed was thinking: 

”Ugh, God, I wish I worked for you more today.”

“You did and you are working for Me all the day, by praying. Your prayers are beautiful works of love before My Eyes that I can use according to the All-Benevolent Will of My Father. And the more trust you surrender them to Me with, the more facility I have in distributing them to their intended destinations- always directed toward your good and the good of all souls.

“Prayer from the heart is truly the weapon, not only in these precarious times in which you live, but in every moment of your own life. When temptations draw near, draw your sword of fervent prayer, especially the prayer devoted to My Mother- the Most Holy Rosary- and we will be there in an instant to act against whatever the challenging force you feel creeping near you may be. Be it any trace of sudden tiredness, anxiety, curiosity, prideful, unkind, or impure thoughts, or simply a lessening of love in your heart, prayer is the remedy, for I am the Divine Healer. Constantly plunge, bathe, immerse yourself in My Vibrant pools of infinite Love then, little one, for to grow in love is what you are here on earth for, and what is growing in your love but simply experiencing Mine, more and more deeply? You’ve heard it been said that prayer is oxygen for the soul. So breathe, My child, breathe in My Love!

“Truly, I tell you, Heaven and earth will pass away, but your prayers stand firm forever, for your words of intimate love are My Words when you let My Spirit pray through you. Yet often, it is the wordless prayer that most please Me, your Jesus. The payer of simply relishing in My Presence and absorbing My Love into the depths of your soul. For what is prayer but a continual communion with Me? 

“When we are like this- heart to Heart- I begin to fuel you, feed you, and fuse ever closer with you. Let oneness be your goal then! Oneness with the Divine! Just think of it! Then I will live in you and it will no longer be you but Christ living in your world. Yes, yearn for Me with everything you are, long to stay with me, to just be with Me and in Me for as long as possible. There is an untold, ecstatic intimacy that awaits you in eternity with Me, and in My Goodness and Unimaginable Love for you, I desire it to begin now. So quiet your heart and silence your soul, My Beloved, for your God, your Lover, your All comes to you in this very moment. This feeling of blazing love and burning peace can only come from Me. It emits a joy that radiates endlessly outward, inspiring all to join the Dance of all things Divine, inviting all into experience the glorious wonder of Heaven. Be sure to guard it vigilantly from the attacks of the evil one who comes to still, kill, and destroy, by feeding its flames with perpetual prayer, surges of the heart and spiritual communions made with your whole being! Did I not command you to love Me, your God, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? Settle down now, into My Paternal embrace, so we can pick up where we left off in this moment-to-moment love story that we will write together for all eternity. I love you so, My beloved son. Be still and know that I Am Love.”

For more intimate Love Letters from Jesus, click on any of the following, and feel the 🔥Fire🔥 of His Burning ❤️Love❤️ for you:

Photo credits to Brian Chucri, a fellow member of my Parish’s LifeTeen youth group and amazing photographer! 🙂

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