The Dangers of Psychics, Fortune Tellers, and Reiki “Healers”

“Children, when you are concerned about the many misleading powers in your world today, ask this simple question. ‘Does the power for the alleged claim come from God the Father who sent His only Son into the world?’ If the answer is no, then the power is being obtained from the enemy. Does this sound confusing to you? It should not sound confusing, because it is clear. If you are still confused, it is because you do not want to relinquish some habit that has gotten hold of you. Be vigilant here, brothers and sisters. There are impostors everywhere and the impostors do not seek the good of your soul. The enemy, in the form of these powers, seeks the destruction of anything that is holy in you. The enemy seeks your soul. The Holy Spirit within you will object and warn you if you have been nourishing the Holy Spirit. Do not become involved with anything that reminds you of fortune telling or healing. These habits are sinful. You will be held accountable. Speak out against them, warning your brothers and sisters. Christians in the world have become easy targets of the enemy’s followers because they are lukewarm. Not My little apostles, though. You will know the truth and speak it loudly. Warn others, please. We are losing souls in this manner.” -Jesus in Volume 10: Jesus Speaks to His Apostles

“The use of crystals, meditation, reiki, yoga, tarot cards, belief in spirit guides, metaphysics and so-called faith healers are there to entice you to believe in an alternative superiour existence outside of that created by God the Eternal Father….

Most of these practices are presented as being good for your self-esteem, confidence, control over your life, all of which is a lie. Not only do these practices drive you away from the Truth, but they bring untold misery once the evil spirits enter your soul as a direct result of these practices.” -Jesus in “Reject the Work of New Age Spiritualism” (5/11/2011) via the Book of Truth, as revealed to Maria Divine Mercy

There is a growing trend of alternative forms of new age spirituality that have often replaced the traditional practices of Christian prayer and devotion. Though this might seem attractive at best and harmless at worst, in this post, I aim to strongly advice those caught up in such practices, persons, books, or objects (such as crystals or charms) to put them down and cut ties with them, once and for all. It is true that the power of the devil and his fallen angels, or demons, is minuscule compared to the power of the Holy Trinity, and as such, should NOT be feared. Yet if allowed the reign of our free will, the enemy of our salvation can easily influence, deceive, and ultimately corrupt the soul an otherwise intelligent and well-meaning person, and any others they may associate with/have influence over. These practices are simply spiritual doors you don’t want to risk opening.

With the help of Our Loving Lord, you can find true healing and forgiveness, holiness and peace, that comes not from the evil one and his false and fleeting powers, but from Heaven, our eternal homeland and the vast family of God. Consider, for example, the following is an excerpt from “Freed and Healed Through Fasting” by Sister Emmanuel Maillard of Medjugorje, entitled, “Fake Healers”:

“It is especially popular to go to “healers.” yoga masters, reiki masters or healing touch therapists in order to alleviate symptoms of illness. But from where do these “healers” receive their abilities? Many receive them from an unknown source. When, for example, someone visits a healer because of a bad left knee, it may get better, but then his right one begins to ache. The illness has simply been displaced. It has moved to another area and will become more serious. The person then returns to the healer, who may again recite several incantations or formulas and “heal” the second pain’ then a third illness will erupt, or perhaps something worse. In short, people who visit “healers” are never healed. Their problem only moved from the body to the heart, and then from the heart to the soul. Starting from a physical illness, it suddenly develops into temptations of suicide, incredible hatred, or deep depression. Why are we finding so many of our youth today committing suicide when apparently nothing in his or her life could have motivated such an action? Parents with good intentions take their children to “healers” looking for a miracle, and their children suffer the consequences of bad “medicine.” This bad fruit can manifest itself not only as an illness but as a lack of motivation. Suddenly a spouse becomes unbearable to his wife and every idiosyncrasy is an annoyance: his way of talking, of walking, of eating his doughnut. All at once a devout person is unable to pray. People with a zest for life no longer enjoy life.

The Church and the different religious communities within Her have seen many bizarre cases of these “healings.” She shoulders the burden of caring for the “after-sales service” of the unauthentic cures. The Church has found that the “healer” often recites incantations, pronounces strange words (sometimes mixed with Christian prayers), uses secret formulas, does massages and may mention the name of the traitor, Judas. Once I asked a fake healer, who converted and renounced his job, to tell me his secrets. He said that his “healing power” came from someone who received it from someone else, who received it from someone else. 

By tracing the history of these “powers” we see they come from satan and are given to a witch who then spreads them! Do not be mistaken- satan pretends to heal. Actually, he mimics Jesus’ healings. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that the false prophets of the latter days will perform spectacular signs and wonders, even to the point of seducing the chosen ones. This is reality! satan doesn’t give presents away for free. He only deceives us in displacing the sickness, making it worse.

Several times, through the visionaries, Our Lady said to go and see doctors, but never to see healers. Why? She knows who is behind them! I beg anyone thinking of going to a healer, please don’t go!!! Even if they have a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in their house, with a rosary in her hand, do not bargain your life for healing at any price. Chances are you will only end up sicker than before, and quite probably penniless!

If you’ve been to see a false “healer” for yourself or for your child, go find a priest and ask Jesus’ forgiveness. Also, ask the priest to pray so that all the bonds from darkness that might bind you (or your child) will be broken by God’s Word and blessing. Very often, a good confession is enough to break the chain of evil because there we renounce evil and all practices of darkness. You can also renew your Baptismal vows. This is an effective means to break all ties with evil, with satan and his works. The healings obtained through prayer and fasting are real, unlike the false cures that satan and his servants offer. The Lord gave us true healing not only for our bodies, but also our hearts, our spirits and our souls. When He doesn’t heal, He has another plan and blessing for the sick.”

If you or anyone you know has willingly participated in any potentially occult practices, in addition to having your confession heard as soon as possible to reconcile your relationship with God and cleanse yourself of any demonic activity or influence, I recommend also calling upon the holy names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. After all, as St. Don Bosco once said, “More than anything else, these three names terrify and vanquish the devil.”


Frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament as well as the recitation of the holy rosary, fasting on bread and water, reading scripture, praying with friends and family, and having your house blessed (as well as carrying holy water and blessed objects) are other powerful ways to combat the attacks of evil on you. Finally, the following is a prayer to pray to Our Lord for His gift of discernment and salvation, from the Book of Truth as revealed to Maria Divine Mercy:

“The first seal is the apostasy”
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 @ 15:40

My dearest beloved daughter tell My children that no man has the knowledge or the authority to reveal the truth contained in the Book of Revelation.

No matter how knowledgeable they may consider themselves to be, it is only I, Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer of mankind who has the authority to reveal, to the world, what is contained in the Book of Truth.

Only, I, the Lamb of God has the right to deliver the truth, given to my disciple John the Evangelist, the instrument of the truth, to the world today.

The first seal is the apostasy seen not only among unbelievers but among those who profess to know Me and those who publicly proclaim their love for Me.

This is the time when the truth faith will be twisted, when you My children are presented with a watered down doctrine which is an insult to My teachings.

I tell you children that when you see new false faiths and religious doctrines spring up you will know that this is now the time for the first seal to be revealed.

Look around and what do you see? Religions that pay homage to new gods which you have never heard of. Science fiction based religions which amount to nonsense and which are empty of substance. Spiritual entities that are not of this world but which many believe represent the Heavenly realm of My Father.

Heed now for you are living in fantasy.

None of these metaphysical beliefs represent the truth.

Any doctrine which teaches you the importance of putting yourself before everything else is a doctrine which springs from Satan.

Do not listen. Turn your backs on this cruel deceit.

Those who seek out false gods and devote their lives by idolising false gods are lost to Me.

Unless you stop and pray to Me for guidance I cannot save you.

You and all those who knowingly withdraw now from the king of darkness will be given the gift of discernment if you ask me in this Crusade Prayer (36) Help me to honour the true God:

Jesus help me for I am lost and confused

I do not know the truth of life after death

Forgive me if I offend you by honouring false gods which are not the true God

Save me and help me to see the truth with clarity and save me from the darkness of my soul

Help me to come into the light of your mercy.


There is only one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in one the Holy Trinity.

Any other god comes from Satan no matter how attractive the guise.

Please do not waste your eternal life by pledging your allegiance to those faiths which honour new age practices including Reiki, Yoga, new age meditation, tarot cards, clairvoyancy, psychic readings and angel worship connected with ascended masters.

Slowly but surely these practices of the occult are being accepted not only by your society but by Catholic and Christian Churches.

These false religious doctrines are spreading so fast they have consumed billions of God’s children who have now found so much false solace within them that they no longer acknowledge the existence of the one true God.


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