Heaven Speaks to YOU: Words of Comfort and Hope for Anyone Who May Be Struggling Emotionally or Spiritually

Since reading and rereading the heavenly messages given by Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints as given to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ in DirectionForOurTimes.com, my life has been forever changed. These words truly provide Heaven’s answers and remedies to the questions and challenges we are all faced with in these times of so much uncertainty and unrest.

In August of 2020, I received formal permission from Father Darragh Connolly, the Chaplain of the Apostolate of the Returning King (which now enjoys Canonical approval of and status in the Church), to transcribe these words from Heaven into YouTube videos! With the help of some amazing friends and a lot of grace, I have been able to make several already on a variety of relevant subject matters!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you: Do you know of any family, friends, and loved ones who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually during this time? If so, please consider sharing the following words/videos of grace and consolation, so that they may know that, no matter what they’re going through, they are not alone, but are entirely surrounded and aided and endlessly accepted and cherished, by their vast and beautiful heavenly family who eagerly awaits them in an eternity of joy, love, peace and adventure, beyond their wildest imagination.

After all, Jesus Himself has promised in Volume 8: Resting in the Heart of the Savior: “You must heed My words and you must spread them. The merit gained in the spread of these words will astound you because I am asking this of you and souls who do this work are saying “yes” to Me. I am grateful more than you realize, faithful ones. Now be brave and assist your brothers and sisters by giving them these words. You will be well rewarded in heaven.”

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Experienced Tragedy
“If you pray for others in a time of such great pain, Heaven will flood others with graces, because Heaven views this prayer, made in sorrow, as the most beautiful act of trust. The angels delight in this and bring this prayer before the Father as evidence of man’s respect for His dominion. God the Father, in turn, unleashes a torrent of conversion, healing, and calming graces for all involved in the tragedy. Truly, the Father orders the angels and saints to benefit thousands from such a situation. Talk to Heaven and you and all those around you will be blessed powerfully.” -St. Ambrose. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Fear Death
“My little child, how joyful I am to be with you. My heart rests with you as you contemplate God’s mercy. There will be no difficulty with Jesus accepting you. If you feel the smallest desire to be with Jesus, to rest in His merciful gaze, you will do so. You belong to heaven, little child. Be very humble about your entrance into eternity. A good child, a faithful servant, comes to the door in humility. This is what you must do. God is great, very great. God is all goodness, all power. Comparatively, what are you? I will tell you. You are God’s beloved and immeasurably cherished child. You are like a small infant in my arms, in need of comfort and nourishment. Allow yourself to be a small and helpless infant and I, your heavenly mother, will give you all that you need to appear before God.” -Our Blessed Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle with Depression
“Offer [Jesus] each day in the spirit of love and patience. He will get you through another day, yes, which is another one of your fears, is it not? That you cannot get through a day? He will get you through that day and preserve each moment for eternity. He will use each moment for the salvation of others, who may be suffering even more than you. This is the truth. This is how you are needed at this moment perhaps. Will you make the most use of it?” -St. Dympha. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Considering Suicide
“My dear little child, how heavy is your heart. I see that you are suffering and feeling alone. Dear beloved one, you are not alone now and you will never be alone. Even as you read these words, heaven surrounds you. The angels pray constantly for your recovery, for a return to joy for you. You must believe that I tell you the truth today. I am Mary, your mother, and I can only seek what is good for you. I will seek what is good for you right now, before the throne of God, and ask the Father to send you heavenly gifts of courage and calm. You will move through this day that is already passing into the past and tomorrow will be better. Each day will move you closer to recovery. Do not think for a moment that God will leave you with pain that is unmanageable. God will not do this. Ask for help and you will receive it. I am here, with you now, and I will make sure that you receive all that you need to move past this period of anguish. Heaven does not will this for you. Heaven wills hope for you. Heavenly graces filled with hope flow into your soul now. Rest in God’s grace and I will secure all that is necessary for you. I am your mother. I love you completely. I will help you.” -Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks on Abortion

“My children, you are all so precious to Me. There is a temptation for people to believe that if they have made a grave mistake, they are not welcome in heaven or that they are not suitable companionship for Me. This is not true. And this temptation must be fought against. Sin is forgivable. All sin…” -Jesus. Read on

To read more of the uplifting and compassionate words from Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints on a variety of topics, such as “Heaven Speaks About Addictions“, “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Rejected God” “Heaven Speaks About Divorce” and “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle to Forgive” click here:

Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully share!) these heavenly messages, which have greatly aided my spiritual journey and have truly changed my life! I hope that after deeply pondering and praying with them, you too can say the same! May God bless you and your loved ones in His infinite, intimate love and mercy, which can forgive any sin and right any wrong, now and always! Amen! 🙂 JMJ

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