Heaven Speaks to YOU: Words of Comfort and Hope for Anyone Who May Be Struggling Emotionally or Spiritually

Since reading and rereading the heavenly messages given by Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints as given to ‘Anne, apostle of the Returning King’ in DirectionForOurTimes.com, my life has been forever changed. These words truly provide Heaven’s answers and remedies to the questions and challenges we are all faced with in these times of so much uncertainty and unrest.

In August of 2020, I received formal permission from Father Darragh Connolly, the Chaplain of the Apostolate of the Returning King (which now enjoys Canonical approval of and status in the Church), to transcribe these words from Heaven into YouTube videos! With the help of some amazing friends and a lot of grace, I have been able to make several already on a variety of relevant subject matters!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you: Do you know of any family, friends, and loved ones who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually during this time? If so, please consider sharing the following words/videos of grace and consolation, so that they may know that, no matter what they’re going through, they are not alone, but are entirely surrounded and aided and endlessly accepted and cherished, by their vast and beautiful heavenly family who eagerly awaits them in an eternity of joy, love, peace and adventure, beyond their wildest imagination.

After all, Jesus Himself has promised in Volume 8: Resting in the Heart of the Savior: “You must heed My words and you must spread them. The merit gained in the spread of these words will astound you because I am asking this of you and souls who do this work are saying “yes” to Me. I am grateful more than you realize, faithful ones. Now be brave and assist your brothers and sisters by giving them these words. You will be well rewarded in heaven.”

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Experienced Tragedy
“If you pray for others in a time of such great pain, Heaven will flood others with graces, because Heaven views this prayer, made in sorrow, as the most beautiful act of trust. The angels delight in this and bring this prayer before the Father as evidence of man’s respect for His dominion. God the Father, in turn, unleashes a torrent of conversion, healing, and calming graces for all involved in the tragedy. Truly, the Father orders the angels and saints to benefit thousands from such a situation. Talk to Heaven and you and all those around you will be blessed powerfully.” -St. Ambrose. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Fear Death
“My little child, how joyful I am to be with you. My heart rests with you as you contemplate God’s mercy. There will be no difficulty with Jesus accepting you. If you feel the smallest desire to be with Jesus, to rest in His merciful gaze, you will do so. You belong to heaven, little child. Be very humble about your entrance into eternity. A good child, a faithful servant, comes to the door in humility. This is what you must do. God is great, very great. God is all goodness, all power. Comparatively, what are you? I will tell you. You are God’s beloved and immeasurably cherished child. You are like a small infant in my arms, in need of comfort and nourishment. Allow yourself to be a small and helpless infant and I, your heavenly mother, will give you all that you need to appear before God.” -Our Blessed Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle with Depression
“Offer [Jesus] each day in the spirit of love and patience. He will get you through another day, yes, which is another one of your fears, is it not? That you cannot get through a day? He will get you through that day and preserve each moment for eternity. He will use each moment for the salvation of others, who may be suffering even more than you. This is the truth. This is how you are needed at this moment perhaps. Will you make the most use of it?” -St. Dympha. Read on

Heaven Speaks to Those Considering Suicide
“My dear little child, how heavy is your heart. I see that you are suffering and feeling alone. Dear beloved one, you are not alone now and you will never be alone. Even as you read these words, heaven surrounds you. The angels pray constantly for your recovery, for a return to joy for you. You must believe that I tell you the truth today. I am Mary, your mother, and I can only seek what is good for you. I will seek what is good for you right now, before the throne of God, and ask the Father to send you heavenly gifts of courage and calm. You will move through this day that is already passing into the past and tomorrow will be better. Each day will move you closer to recovery. Do not think for a moment that God will leave you with pain that is unmanageable. God will not do this. Ask for help and you will receive it. I am here, with you now, and I will make sure that you receive all that you need to move past this period of anguish. Heaven does not will this for you. Heaven wills hope for you. Heavenly graces filled with hope flow into your soul now. Rest in God’s grace and I will secure all that is necessary for you. I am your mother. I love you completely. I will help you.” -Mother Mary. Read on

Heaven Speaks on Abortion

“My children, you are all so precious to Me. There is a temptation for people to believe that if they have made a grave mistake, they are not welcome in heaven or that they are not suitable companionship for Me. This is not true. And this temptation must be fought against. Sin is forgivable. All sin…” -Jesus. Read on

To read more of the uplifting and compassionate words from Our Lord, Our Lady, and multiple saints on a variety of topics, such as “Heaven Speaks About Addictions“, “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Rejected God” “Heaven Speaks About Divorce” and “Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle to Forgive” click here:

Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully share!) these heavenly messages, which have greatly aided my spiritual journey and have truly changed my life! I hope that after deeply pondering and praying with them, you too can say the same! May God bless you and your loved ones in His infinite, intimate love and mercy, which can forgive any sin and right any wrong, now and always! Amen! 🙂 JMJ

5 Powerful Ways to Pray “As Never Before” for Our President, Our Nation, and Our World

“Let all your reactions to any result of this election be prayer, prayer and more prayer.” -God the Father on November 4th, 2020 via https://www.holylove.org/messages/#latest-message

“The election results are illicit and do not reflect the heart of this nation. Nefarious efforts worked in the background to undermine the Truth.  Exert your prayer efforts that your President is successful in exposing Satan’s plans.  The soul of your nation needs to unite in this prayer.  Much is at stake nationally and internationally.” -Blessed Virgin Mary on November 7th, 2020 via https://www.holylove.org/messages/#latest-message

In the heat of the current uncertainty we are facing after this divisive and deceptive political election, we are faced with a choice… We can either fall into the enemy’s emotional traps of discouragement or exaggerated anxiety (the “greatest obstacles to holiness,” as Jesus once told St. Faustina) OR we can “put on the armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11) by becoming steadfast and courageous prayer warriors for Our Lord, Our Lady, and indeed all of Heaven and earth!

Think about it: every sin and unkindness negatively impacts the whole world, but every last little heartfelt prayer and act of kindness affects the whole world for good, spreading love, joy, and grace from one soul to the next. “When you pray with love in your hearts,” Our Blessed Mother assures us, “your prayers affect souls, world conditions, and the propensity of God’s Mercy.”1 Now more than ever, our nation and our world are in dire, desperate need of those who constantly and humbly surrender and immerse their hearts in faith-filled prayer: “Dear little children,” Our Lady again exhorts us, “Jesus has sent Me to ask of you extra prayers, as many prayers as you can offer, for such is the need of our Hearts. Every prayer you offer is already used up by My Son, whose Heart is greatly offended. Therefore, My little children, pray, pray, pray.”2

In particular, Our Lord is calling us to pray for a favorable and fair outcome for the 2020 Elections, for on November 2nd, 2020, He gave the following message: “You are also praying for a pro-life candidate as Trump to win re-election for President. You may have some judgments from the Supreme Court to keep the election fair. Lawyers may be examining the absentee ballots to see if they are legal. With enough prayer, your President could win re-election. Trust in Me to protect your President’s life.”3

Truly, we are so close! For if there are enough prayers offered and sacrifices made and President Trump is re-elected, then by God’s grace, Roe vs. Wade will finally be overturned after 47 years and so, so many unborn lives will be saved! Whereas if Biden gets into office, he promised to make Roe the “law of the land” no matter what the Supreme Court decides… (See post: “Why, As A Young Catholic Millennial, I’m Voting for Life!“). Therefore, from November 8th-December 8th, 2020 (when all the contested election results need to be finalized), there will be a month of intense prayer and fasting for the Truth to prevail! The following are 5 simple yet powerful ways to pray for a positive and peaceful outcome to the 2020 elections in our nation, as well as the salvation of our the whole world:

#1 “Continuous Rosaries”

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In his recent letter to President Trump, Cardinal Vigano has recently exhorted as many as possible, children, the elderly, families, and everyone in between to take up the “Weapon” (as St. Padre Pio called it) of the Most Holy Rosary:

“I ask that all of you pray the Holy Rosary, if possible in your families or with your dear ones, your friends, your brothers and sisters, your colleagues, your fellow soldiers. Pray with the abandonment of children who know how to have recourse to their Most Holy Mother to ask her to intercede before the throne of the Divine Majesty. Pray with a sincere soul, with a pure heart, in the certainty of being heard and answered. Ask her – she who is the Help of Christians, Auxilium Christianorum – to defeat the forces of the Enemy; ask her – she who is terrible as an army set in battle array (Song 6:10) – to grant the victory to the forces of Good and to inflict a humiliating defeat on the forces of Evil.”

Truly, all of hell trembles when even one soul decides to devoutly pray this ancient yet timeless prayer, second in power only to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! For in Jesus’ own words: “My brothers and sisters, if you knew the power of the Rosary that you hold in your hands and that you pray with your hearts, you would never put it down. It would always be with you and the prayers would always be on your lips.”4

“Satan knows that the Rosary is the weapon which will bring about his defeat. This is why he is desperate to discourage its use. Every time you recite a Hail Mary from the heart, the devil is weakened forever in some area and in some soul. You must never be discouraged, then, in praying the Rosary. When your heart is most filled with distraction, understand the adversary is frightened of your prayers.”5

“Think of the joy in all of Heaven when a breath is drawn and the tongue given over to prayer–the prayer of the Holy Rosary. All of Heaven sighs with joy when free will surrenders to the Divine in this way. When the ‘Hail Mary’ is being prayed from the heart, time stands suspended between Heaven and earth. Angels carry the light of grace back and forth between Heaven and earth, creating a bridge of light between the soul and his Creator. Such a soul is never alone, but has in his company all the Heavenly court.”6

Therefore, let us persevere in our heartfelt prayer efforts, for many souls, many lives, and indeed, the fate of our nation and world depend on them! Rosary after Rosary, the Truth will be exposed, God’s Will will be done, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will Triumph! “My dear children,” Our Blessed Mother warned on October 8th, 2020, “I and all of the angels and saints are encouraging all of My prayer warriors to storm heaven with all of your rosaries to help elect your President and pray for the confirmation of Judge Barrett…. Your country’s freedom is at stake with this election. So pray as many rosaries as you can to save you country from the communist left.”7

#2 Sacrifices/Fasting

“When sacrifice is added to prayers,” Our Blessed Mother tells us, “it is twice as strong.”8 These sacrifices need not be heroic; they must only given over with the utmost love. For in God’s Eyes a mere trifle, such as a simple smile when one feels annoyed or joyless or an extra few Hail Marys when one feels bored or restless, may be worth more than many much larger offerings given over reluctantly or proudly.

Fasting in particular, when done prayerfully and prudently, has sublime spiritual benefits. In the words of Sister Emmanuel Maillard in “Freed and Healed Through Fasting”: “Our heart is already big enough to hold God Himself, but fasting allows God to extend the boundaries of our heart and encompass all of the heavenly dimensions… This is why those who fast have a special spiritual sensitivity and sharpness.” “Only in heaven shall you know that, thanks to your fasting, thanks to your ‘yes’ to Our Lady, hundreds of thousands of young people have been protected from suicide, many young couples have been protected from divorce, many little babies in the womb have been protected from abortion.” (To learn more about the power of Fasting on Bread and Water 1-2 Days a Week as is the practice in Medjugorje, read Jesus’ Love Letter entitled “Fast for Me” from God’s Blue Book 3.)

The following are some more ideas for little physical, social, and mental sacrifices to give to Jesus throughout the day to help deepen our intimacy with Him and brings more and more souls to Him: https://liveandliveon.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/little-physical-social-and-mental-sacrifice-ideas.pdf

“The future is not carved in stone,” Jesus reminds us, “but is dependent upon the effort of prayer and sacrifice emanating from the heart of the world. No one knows the hour of the Apocalypse except My Father in Heaven. The present moment is the opportunity God gives you to win souls for the Remnant and to change the hearts of influential leaders. In this effort, you must never be discouraged.”9

This urgent call to accept our everyday sufferings and offer little, loving sacrifices echoes the message Our Lady of Fatima gave on August 19th, 1917: “Pray, pray much, and sacrifice for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to sacrifice and pray for them.”

# 3 Litanies of the Angels/Saints

In this age of darkness and disobedience, the angels, saints, and souls in purgatory of the mystical Body of Christ stand by ready to fight the good fight alongside us! Therefore, we should have recourse to as many of our heavenly protectors and guides as possible, who can defend us from any and all evil influences like an invisible yet invincible force fields surrounding us!

In particular, let us invoke the names of the following angels in the battle to save America from the clutches of evil:

Zechariah, the Angel of the United States, of the Choir of Powers (5th Choir);

Constant, the ruling and guiding Angel of the United States Congress; and

Micah, the ruling and guiding Angel of the United States Supreme Court.

(See: https://maryrefugeofsouls.com/2019/01/10/names-of-the-holy-angels-assigned-to-protect-and-guide-the-united-states-of-america/ )

Also, let us not forget the saints, whose intercessory powers have also been greatly enhanced during these final days in the Advent of the Warning and the Second Coming of Christ:

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#4 Holy Hours (In Person or Online)

“When we get in front of the sun, we get sun tans…” Blessed Carlo Acutis once said, “But when we get in front of Jesus in the Eucharist, we become Saints.” For many of us, this Sun of infinite beauty, wisdom, and power, this Source inexhaustible love, joy, and peace, Who holds the remedy for all our hurts, the reprieve from all our anxieties, the refuge against all our temptations, the response to our questions, the redirection in all our present moments, and, of course, the remission of all our sins… this most handsome and heartfelt Lover of our very souls awaits us with a few miles radius, in the nearest Catholic Church! What, therefore, is holding us back spend as much “one-on-one” time as possible with He Who has been burning and begging, longing and languishing, calling and crying out for our very presence in all the tabernacles of the world from the beginning of time? In His own words in God’s Blue Book 3:

“When you come to Me in the Eucharist and in front of the tabernacle, I give you special graces to help you love. I shower you with My love. I fill you with such gifts you cannot receive anywhere on the face of this earth… Do you, My beloved ones, want to love your brothers? Do you want to know My ways and live in harmony with Me? Come to Me in My Blessed Sacrament and let Me minister to you. The time you spend after Communion is your dearest treasure. Do not run from My altar to get to your world. Stay and let Me bathe you in My beautiful love! I bathe you. You leave with such beautiful love to share with your beloved ones.”

Read/share more Eucharistic excerpts from God’s Blue Books here:

Note: Jesus has revealed through various mystics that He remains sacramentally present for 20 minutes after we receive Him (until His Body and Blood has completely dissolved in all the particles the Host). He has referred to this time as the moments when He is closest to us, and when He is want to grant every request we make of Him in faith! So then, let us remain with Him after Communion and beseech His Sacred Heart burning and beating inside us for an immense outpouring of grace for ourselves, for our friends and families, and indeed, for the salvation of the whole world! 🙂 Read more quotes from Our Lord Himself about the golden and glorious moments after Communion here.

Truly, nothing could possibly be more important than starting our day by receiving the King and kings and Lord of lords into our hearts to become entirely consumed, saturated, and enflamed with the warmth, light, and energy of His burning Love to infuse into all we do and radiate toward all we meet during the day. Nothing will keep us more at peace and yet attentive and attuned to the promptings of the Lord within in. And nothing will allow us to topple satan’s empire of darkness and build Christ’s Kingdom of Light more than uniting our hearts with His Sacred, Eucharistic Heart in Holy Communion! For, in the words of St. Martin de Porres, “Please know and understand the great consolation Jesus feels in His Divine Heart whenever you pray before His Real Presence. As He is consoled, the stranglehold that satan has upon the throat of the world is loosened, and souls are given knowledge as to their sinful ways…. Believe that one holy hour can save a soul and change the course of human history forever. Live as though you believe this profound truth.”10

This time of pandemic has sadly stopped many Catholics from attending daily mass and visiting Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. However, where human sin and helplessness abounds, God’s grace and aid abound all the more! As St. Thomas Aquinas assures us in Volume 7: Greetings from Heaven:

“My brothers and sisters, you understand that we come to advise you, but also to prepare you, and indeed to advise you on how to prepare. There will come a time when you may be deprived of the Sacrament of the Eucharist altogether. This will occur in some areas of the world. This will be a grave and heavy cross but I assure you that heaven will compensate. You will make constant spiritual communions and remain united to Christ. You will have angels and saints all around you, willing to console and direct you. You will be very brave and very fixated on your Jesus and on your mission to serve Him. So even in removing the Eucharist, the enemy can do you no real harm. Do you understand?”

If you are unable to attend daily Mass or adore Our Lord in the Eucharist, remember to make frequent spiritual communions and utilize the online daily mass videos and Eucharistic adoration Livestream via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I23aEVCtzHs

#5 Acts of Love

“Nothing opens hearts like love.” Our Lord tells us in Meditations: Living the Divine Will. “It cracks hearts like a hammer to a stone.” Truly, our love for God and neighbor is the most powerful weapon we possess in the battle of good over evil, for “[satan] fears the power emanating from a loving heart.”11 Let us endeavor then, to ever-increase the number and fervor of our acts of love for God and kindness towards others, and always pray to be guided and prompted by the Holy Spirit to see and seize the many opportunities to do so during a single day! After all, if “every act of love counteracts an act of evil,”12 imagine the infinite value and endless ripple effects of an act of love of ours taken and multiplied by the Lord Himself, a thousand fold!

Finally, as we begin to employ these 5 means of prayer, it is important to understand that each is only as efficacious as the love and trust in our hearts. “The degree of faith in the heart when a prayer is offered is like the heat in an oven.” Jesus explains, “The warmer the oven the more quickly and completely the bread is baked. The higher the degree of faith, the more quickly and completely a prayer is answered.”13 Truly, I am certain that if enough brave and bold men and women of all ages and even faiths come together spiritually in prayerful love and trust, the victory for our President will be assured! Yet regardless of the outcome, we cannot forget that every prayer, even the smallest and slightest, is saved and sealed by the Holy Angels, purified and perfected by the Holy Mother, and taken and treasured by the Holy Trinity, to be used for the glory of God, the salvation of souls, and our own holiness on earth and happiness in Heaven, forever. In the words of Our Lord in Volume 4: Jesus the King: “Every breath of praise, every sentence of praise, every song of praise you utter will surround you with an oxygen-like substance in heaven. You will breathe in all of your prayers and you will exult in every earthly acceptance of suffering or hardship. Your prayers and obedience give God glory, this is true. But your earthly prayers and obedience also give you glory in eternity. These acts of submission to your God add to the light that will surround you in heaven.”

Yes, at the end of the day, no matter who wins this current US election, God is still in charge. In His own Words in Mediations: Living the Divine Will: “…I love you so much that I AM not going to let anything happen to you that will not be the best for you, and I mean anything: nothing in the physical sense, spiritual sense, or by any other creature’s desire, will happen unless it is My Will…” 

Now that’s a promise the people can believe in! Have a beautiful, blessed day, and never stop praying…and smiling! Because no matter who you are and what you’ve done, Jesus loves you!

Yours in His Infinite Mercy and Forgiveness, and in the Three Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Greg! Aka “Little Gregory”

PS- The following are some more short but POWERFUL prayers to copy/paste and text/email to share with family and friends! Feel free to spread them like wildfire, because the more prayers prayed=the more souls saved! 🙂


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Why, As A Young Catholic Millennial, I’m Voting for Life!

To my dear friends and family, brothers and sisters in Christ,

With the landmark 2020 election right around the corner, I like to focus on a few helpful resources and information I have compiled to help anyone that may not have voted yet or may still be undecided. Now I know what you might be thinking: oh, boy, more politics… Yet I would like to start by reassuring you that I am not interested in long-winded discourses or divisive debates (we have enough of those already, don’t you think?). After all, even Our Lord has even advised us thus: “Do not spend a great deal of time discussing events in the world. Long discussions do not benefit the situation. Spend instead a great deal of time praying for the situation in the world. This will benefit the situation, along with those around you, and your own little priceless soul, which becomes more and more beautiful through prayer and silence” (see Monthly Messages: August 1st, 2006).

Rather, I would simply like to share my own perspective, given the research and discernment I’ve done over the last few months. And so, without further adieu, please enjoy my YouTube video entitled, “Why, As I Young Catholic Millennial, I’m Voting for Life!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qddJ47AFocc

In it, I draw reference to first and foremost the infinite love and mercy, untold healing and hope, and endless freedom and forgiveness available to any woman that has ever chosen abortion. Truly, God loves us all passionately and completely, no matter who we are or what we’ve done. There is no sin that He cannot forgive, no mistake that He won’t immediately incinerate in the fires of His Sacred Heart if we simply have the courage and humility to say, “Lord…I’m sorry.”

“Dear woman, if you think you have committed a graver sin than I, you are wrong. Jesus loves me tenderly and I am a close friend to the Savior. And yet, I would repel you if you knew how I had lived a part of my life. We are all the same in that we are all sinners. Nobody in heaven looks at anyone else with anything but love and understanding. This is because we all understand that given the right set of earthly circumstances, we could make grave mistakes such as you did. Your circumstances contributed to your decision. I know this. Jesus knows this. All of heaven knows this. You must accept this, too. If you were in different circumstances, it is likely you would have made a different decision. But it is over and Jesus makes all things new. Let Him make your soul new and you will give Him far greater joy than you gave Him sorrow. I would not tell you something if it were not true. If you return to Jesus with your heart and ask Him for forgiveness, you will have forgiveness and He will forget your sins. He has certainly forgotten mine.” -St. Mary Magdalene in Heaven Speaks About Abortion. Video: “Hope and Heaving For Women Who Have Had Abortions” available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TPMsLgZxu8

I go on explain the startling and staggering statistics of the abortion industry in America, such as the fact that since 1973 there have been over 60,000,000 abortions, that every day there are about 3,000 abortions, that every year, around 11,500 babies are killed in third trimester abortions, and that sadly, of the babies born with Down syndrome, 67% are aborted. Truly, our world has been deprived of so many beautiful blessings from those who are missing because they had no vote, no voice, no chance, and no choice.

Of course, while the lives of the least and littlest among us, the unborn, are the most vulnerable and unprotected, abortion is not the only social justice issue. Authentic Christians and good citizens have and must continue to go out of their way to serve the elderly and the infirm, the poor and the marginalized, and the imprisoned and immigrant, just to name a few. Yet as is clear to see from the graph below, among all tragic human injustices, abortion is by far the greatest killer of innocent life in our nation. In the words of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, it is also “the greatest destroyer of peace today.” The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops affirms this in their statement from their official U.S. Bishops Voter’s guide for 2020: “The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks life itself.”

Every heartfelt prayer or act of kindness affects the whole world for good, spreading love, joy, and grace from one soul to the next. When you pray with love in your hearts,” Our Blessed Mother Mary reassures us, “your prayers are eternal in value and affect souls, world conditions and the propensity of God’s Mercy.” Conversely, however, every sin- even those hidden from others- affects the whole world in a negative chain-reaction. And while all sin damages our relationship with God and one another, there are certain “non-negotiables” that the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines as morally grave matters, and thus should be avoided at all costs. Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Emeritus of St. Louis alludes to this in his words of warning to voters: “There is no element of the common good that could justify voting for a candidate who also endorses, without restriction or limitation, the deliberate killing of the innocent, abortion, embryonic stem, cell research, euthanasia or human cloning…These elements are so fundamental to the common good that they cannot be subordinated to any other cause, no matter how good….” In fact, many reputable Catholic leaders who faithfully uphold the teachings of the 2,000 year-old Magisterium of the Church have publicly made statements concerning this pivotal upcoming 2020 election, which you can read here: https://anticatholicticket.com/clergy-statements

The following are just a few of the many major pro-life accomplishments of Trump-Pence administration, such as the reallocation of millions of our taxpayer dollars from the massive abortion industry to mostly locally funded community health centers, which provide other options for pregnant women in unplanned or crisis pregnancies, including living arrangements, parenting classes, baby food, day care, and adoption agency referrals. Over the last 4 years, our President has also placed over 200 judges who are most likely make pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom decisions, and he has appointed 3 conservative Justices to the Supreme Court (including the amazing Amy Barret of Notre Dame…Go Irish!).
With all of these and more, it’s no wonder Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life, has stated, “[Trump] has done more for the pro-life moment than any president when it comes to enacting policy.”

Amazingly, 28 state legislatures have introduced a variety of abortion bans in the first quarter of 2019 alone, in preparation for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion for all 9 months in all 50 states. However, Democratic-Presidential candidate Joe Biden has publicly stated that if elected, he would instruct the justice department to block all restrictions on abortion, that one of his first acts as president would be to restore taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, and that, if the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, he would pass legislation to reestablish it as the “law of the land.”Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn7hGkMJObs&feature=emb_title

On the other hand, if President Trump is reelected, he will continue to faithfully uphold his campaign promise: “I will veto any legislation that weakens current pro-life federal policies and laws, or that encourages the destruction of innocent human life at any stage.”
Additionally, the list of our President’s overall accomplishments on other fronts since 2016 are quite commendable, including the creation of 7 million jobs, record low poverty and unemployment rates (before the pandemic), the all-time high in US oil production (and thus decreased dependency on foreign oil), and the passing of the largest conversation bill in a decade, to protect over 375,000 acres of wilderness land, among many others:

Now, I fully understand that Donald Trump is not the agreeable, placating, politically correct politician we are used to (he is, after all, not a politician at all but a businessman). I will personally admit that I sometimes have to cringe a little when I hear him make some of his humorously “off the cuff” comments.* Yet I also recognize that he has an incredible, intelligent staff surrounding him and many supporters from all different faiths and walks of life praying for him every day, despite all the disrespectful and downright demeaning treatment he’s received. Indeed, there is actually so much misinformation from often liberal-leaning mainstream media outlets about our President, which is why I recommend having a look at the following article by Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, entitled, “Blowing Apart A Dozen Myths About President Trump” https://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/trump-myths.aspx

In it, Fr. Frank debunks 12 widespread but false claims about President Trump, such as the Charlottesville Lie (see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=587Nw4sOA44&t=126s), the alleged “Muslim ban,” and the outright lie that President said the corona virus was a hoax, which has been debunked by the media at least eight times, including by outlets that are no friends of the president, such as The Washington Post and CNN  (see article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/kamala-harriss-debate-performance-was-shot-through-with-falsehoods). This is why I feel it is so important for people to do their personal research before forming their opinions and to ultimately vote for policies over personalities. For a voter’s guide to help anyone in understanding where the candidates actually stand on all the issues, click here: https://mfv.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/PDF/2020-Presidential-VoterGuide.pdf

Finally, there are multiple Catholic prophesies regarding President Trump, predicting/confirming that God would use/is using this very far-from-perfect man to lead his people, stand up for the most innocent among us, and protect our religious liberty against progressive ideologies and globalist agendas that deny His Existence and Dominion and stand in direct opposition to His Commandments of Love. I describe a few of them in the following YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rvTQLtmb6c

Thank you for taking the time to read through these words and (hopefully) check out these resources! Please keep up all your loving prayers and hidden sacrifices, which are so precious and pleasing to God, and make such a difference in so many hearts and lives! (Truly their fruits and His gratitude, will only be seen and felt in eternity!) Also, feel 100% free to share this email or blog post with family and friends/pastors and priests before the Election, or to reach out to me with any comments, questions, or prayer requests/ways I can pray for you here from Los Angeles!

Above all, even amidst the craziness of these times and divineness of this election season, I exhort you to never lose your inner peace and beautiful smile, by resting in the childlike confidence that no matter who is in office, God is in charge. For in Our Lord’s own words in Meditations: Learning the Divine Will: “…I love you so much that I AM not going to let anything happen to you that will not be the best for you, and I mean anything: nothing in the physical sense, spiritual sense, or by any other creature’s desire, will happen unless it is My Will…” Wow…Now that’s a promise the people can believe in! 🙂

Yours in the Infinite, Intimate, Intense Love, Joy, and Peace of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Greg aka “Little Gregory”

Note: You can read the full blog post of the “An Open Letter to My Left-Leaning Catholic Family and Friends”, which was the the basis for the video here:https://liveandliveon.com/2020/05/08/why-im-voting-for-life-an-honest-open-letter-to-my-liberal-catholic-friends/

*Interestingly, you might be surprised to discover that in the first Presidential debate, which was called, Biden actually insulted Trump 24 times and Trump only insulted Biden 7 times. (See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgg4KcubODY)

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A Brief Reflection on Religious Life and A Poem of Thanks and Praise

Dear Jesus,

I am so moved with gratitude, even to tears. For You have done it. You have answered my prayer, and fulfilled the desire of my heart, which has been within me for the last year of my life…it is the desire to enter the religious life, indeed, the life of Paradise. And wow…what a life of true peace it is! Yes, all of the free time for silent reflection, spiritual reading, and heartfelt prayer makes it entirely possible, even easy, to consecrate every present moment to You! And Your physical Presence in the Eucharist of the chapel in our house means that I get to quite literally, live with You under Your roof! Though I am miles far from my family, I feel as though the life of Nazareth has truly only begun…and I will take up my place, my song of love, in the company of and constant contact with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! For now that I have closed out all the noise and nonsense of this world, I am safely enclosed in the confines of Your Sacred Heart, and together with You, I can finally and freely focus more fully on my mission for the Church, that is, to pump blood to all its members and indeed to all souls of earth through the graces granted by a life of prayer and sacrifice! Yes, there are still possible distractions, diversions, and dissipations, within and around me, but even the struggle comes with so many graces of confidence in, consolation with, and courage from You, Who are uniting Yourself ever closer and closer to my endlessly enraptured heart! And thus, no matter the temptation or trial, it seems as though that the victory seems always assured! Yes, there are still crosses, but it is as though You are carrying them all with cans even for me, in this blessed intimacy, this oneness we share! And so they are all consumed in the enlivening fires of divine love and so light and sweet they all seem! Yes, even despite the current chaotic state of this world, which will soon pass away, and the wounded state of religious life, which will soon be rectified, my life here has become a perpetual Paradise, an inner love affair, indeed an Unceasing Act of Love! Thank You, Good Lord, for the Grace of my vocation! Thank You, Sweet Lord, for having allowed me to find the pearl of great price, and sell all the passing pleasures and temporal treasures on earth for it! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the unfathomably beautiful and endlessly blissful gift of the consecrated life, by which even here and now, I begin to live the fullness of eternal life, of Paradise, through, with, and in You!

I love You Jesus! I love You Papa God! I love You Mother Mary! I love You Saint Joseph! Love, Your servant, sinner, soldier, and son…

“Little Gregory” Your Beloved One

Verse: Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant you your hearts desire.”

Poem: Thank You Lord!

For every special and sacred space, every foreign and familiar and face, for every perfect and plentiful present-moment grace…

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!”

For every restful night, every morning delight, for every hour in between, of promising daylight…

For every unutterable goodbye and lighthearted greeting, every long-awaited reunion and unanticipated meeting, for every interaction and encounter, no matter how simple or fleeting…

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, thank You, Thank You, Lord!”

For every family member and friend of old, every inside joke and outdoor adventure yet to unfold, for every human companion and connection, more permanent and precious than pure gold…

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord

For every elementary school student with whom I free ran wild, every nursing home resident to whom I lovingly smiled, for every human being on this earth, man, woman, or child…

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, thank You, Thank You, Lord!”

For every inspiration to prayer, every blessing to share, for every opportunity show forgiveness and forbearance, kindness and care…

For every sacrament and priest, every thorough Confession and cathartic release, for every last bit of inner healing and harmony, forgiveness and freedom, pardon and peace…

I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank You Lord!”

For every heartfelt aspiration, every heavenly inspiration, for every Holy Communion in which our innermost Union brings me to deepest relief and highest elation…

I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank You Lord!”

For every deep wooded forest and soft little flower, every loud thunderstorm and light rain-shower, for every aspect of Creation which manifests Your gentleness and power…

I say, “Thank You, thank You, thank You Lord!”

For every mammal, reptile, insect, and bird, every pack, flock, colony, and herd, for every living creature which comes forth from Your life-giving Word…

I say, “Thank You, thank You, thank You Lord”

For every scenic landscape and luminous star, every nebula, planet, and galaxy, near and far, for every beauty and wonder in the universe that gives a glimpse of all You are…

I say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!”

For every passing year, every bittersweet tear, for every memory I’ve ever held dear…

I say,  “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!”

Every valley and hill, every boredom and thrill, for every last detail of your Most Holy Will…

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!

Yes…even for every suffering, sickness, struggle and sorrow, every cross you carry before, beside, and within me and Crucifixion we both undergo, in every moment of yesterday, today, and tomorrow…

For every trial, tribulation, temptation, and test, every doubt, disappointment, discomfort or distress, for every passing pain I embrace by which my soul and countless others will be eternally blessed

For every battle I face, whether victory or defeat, every soul I embrace, whether bitter or sweet, for every chance to overcome myself and love You and others with my every breath and heartbeat

I say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!

Because now I see…that experience, from the good and the bad, both celebrations and lamentations, every emotion, from happy and the sad, both consolations and desolations, yes, everything You’ve ever given me was for my sanctification and salvation, my holiness and happiness, my greatest good and Your greater glory!

And even though all eternity will be too short to sing all of your praises, with all those who will glorify You throughout all lands and gases, on this very day, in this humble yet wholehearted way…

Still I say…

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!

Quote: from the Diary of St. Faustina, Paragraphs 15-17: “This is how I was accepted. However, for many reasons I still had to remain in the world for more than a year with that pious woman [Aldona Lipszycowa], but I did not go back to my own home. At that time I had to struggle with many difficulties, but God was lavish with His graces. An ever greater longing for God began to take hold of me. The lady, pious as she was, did not understand the happiness of religious life and, in her kindheartedness began to make other plans for my future life. And yet, I sensed that I had a heart so big that nothing would be capable of filling it. And so I turned with all the longing of my soul to God. 16 It was during the octave of Corpus Christi [June 25, 1925]. God filled my soul with the interior light of a deeper knowledge of Him as Supreme Goodness and Supreme Beauty. I came to know how very much God loves me. Eternal is His love for me. It was at vespers — in simple words, which flowed from the heart, I made to God (6) a vow of perpetual chastity. From that moment I felt a greater intimacy with God, my Spouse. From that moment I set up a little cell in my heart where I always kept company with Jesus. 17 At last the time came when the door of the convent was opened for me — it was the first of August [1925], in the evening, the vigil [of the feast] of Our Lady of the Angels. I felt immensely happy; it seemed to me that I had stepped into the life of Paradise. A single prayer was bursting forth from my heart, one of thanksgiving.”

Note: This diary excerpt belongs to the Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the BLV

Living in the Divine Will…Messages from Our Lord

The following are many of Jesus’ Messages in “Meditations: Learning the Divine Will ”  from Trentditional, (W 5111 Robin Court, Necedah, WI 54646, USA)… Enjoy and feel free to share and spread the Love! 🙂

“Put all your Trust in Me. Definition of trust: “To commit or place in one’s care or keeping, to hope or expect confidently assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone.”

“I, your Jesus, am in control of everything that happens.”

“Realize that I have each day for the rest of your life, and then for all eternity planned for you.”

“Forget yesterday and don’t think about tomorrow.”

“Every day is planned out for you; every hour, every person you will meet or talk to.”

“Depend on Me, and I will always tell you what to do, moment by moment.”

“If you are troubled, then you are out of My Will, for I am controlling everything in your life: your job, family, financial status, health, everything.”

“I will take care of your room and board and all the details of your life and will go with only one thing on your mind- loving Me and loving souls.”

“I want you to stay on the plateau above the world, doing your daily duties but thinking about Me, loving Me and loving others.”

“Love other by listening to them, by helping them, by speaking positively, by smiling, by praying for them. Let your light, which is My Light, shine.

“Think of it this way. If you had a human friend that took care of all your problems, then you would be carefree and happy and not worrying about anything. Well, I want to be that person in your life. I am taking care of all your problems. Now let go, let go, let go.”

“Nothing matters in this world. It is all passing. I AM in control of every breath you take and every step you make.”

“Be stable, peaceful, calm serene; trust ME for everything.”

When you learn and have the true sense of MY Love, My Peace, My Joy, then you can experience a Divine Union and you can become one with ME and reflect these supernatural qualities that are not like what the world thinks these qualities are.

“Have not a care, except for loving Me and souls.”

Don’t think about the future, don’t think about the past, and don’t think about creatures, what they say or have done to you. Please, only think about Me and then you can be joyful and transparent and I can use you to Love.”

I have people today that I AM placing in your path that need My Love and you can’t give it them if you are all wrapped up in your thoughts and problems and work.”

You must stay in a surrendered and abandoned state all the time as I have been teaching you so I have free reign with all your faculties.

When you are not on missions of love, you will be able to pray with words or by offering up your daily work. This will also save souls, and to cover all the other time in between, you will offer up an ‘Unceasing Act of Love’

Continue striking to pray the “Unceasing Act of Love.” Read the book [Jesus Appeals to the Word] and live it. This will truly keep your soul in a stable and joyful state while you are saving souls and loving Me with this prayer.

My Love is your security. My Love is your salvation. This world is passing and soon all of the present problems are you concerned about will dissolve and mean nothing.”

“Having MY Peace is more important than anything that happens to you, for if you lose your peace then you may fall from Grace and then everything is for naught.”

“You see, it is not about what happens to you, it is how you think about what is happening. If your mind is not under wraps, then you will lose your peace, so you must continue striving to control your thoughts by repeating the “Unceasing Act of Love.” This alone is the solution to maintain a peaceful, joyful life because you will not have time to entertain bad that’s that will overwhelm you and cause you to lose your peace, and once you lose your peace then I cannot have full reign and time is wasted and opportunities are missed to save souls.”

“More rosaries, more sacrifices, more self-denial. The tide must turn, Love must overcome evil. The catalyst of the Triumph of Love in this world will be the “cross of the chastisements.” All will be brought to their knees, but some will not have a chance because of all the disasters, so tell all to pray, pray, pray for souls.”

“This is a very serious time in My Father’s Plan of Salvation. You are living in this time and I need you to participate in spreading a message of prayer for souls that will be caught in My Father’s Wrath. Do all you can. I will guide you, I will direct you.”

“All your problems are Mine. All will be solved to the extend I desire and according to My timing. Forget them. Just go through the day loving others, staying at peace, and offering up your work for souls, and repeating the “Unceasing Act of Love” to save souls.

“I want you totally dependent on Me for everything, then you will stay little like a child and then I can Love you as creatures love their little children who are not old enough to have their own desire to do it their way.”

“It is not how holy you are, it is the effort you make to become holy. Only I can make you holy by My Grace.”

“Holiness is a gift; but I need a heart that is open and striving to want to do what will please Me.”

“How beautiful is a child in a Mother’s or Father’s eyes if that child is always trying to please them with every word and action. The child will do it because of a pure and innocent heart and because he or she loves the parents and does not want to hurt them by doing something against their will.”

“Strive to live your life doing My Will. I promise you that everything I let happen to you is for your best interest and if you ask Me for guidance, then each circumstance of your life will give you great joy, for you will know that I am perfecting you.”

“You must strive to live totally detached from the world as I have been teaching you and you must depend on Me for everything so you remain little, and you must live the Gospel in every way.”

“If you strive to be holy, to do My Will and not your own, and if you live in an abandoned state and are obedient to My Words, then I promise I will pour My Grace into you and you will go higher and higher each day in My Kingdom of Grace.”

“You will be given crosses in your life, but if you accept them as My Will, then you will know that the cross is either one to learn from, or to merit from, or in most cases both.”

“Be full of love and cheerfulness. Be a pleasure to be around and you will see how good a day you will have for I want My children to be happy and joyful. Why shouldn’t they be? If they are living in the state of grace, then they are on their way to Heaven, their home. The only thing that can ruin their day is if they focus on themselves instead of on Me and others.”

“You are in a war. This is another reason that you must stay abandoned to Me so you can be protected from the devil for he is after you in a big way; but don’t be troubled. You have Me and My Mother’s protection and your angels. But you must stay at peace and you must call on Us to defend you.”

“All of the people you are in contact with need you prayers, for their lives are so wrapped up in the world. It is important; their souls are so blinded from the truth and so enslaved by their passions and desires and your prayers will give Me the opportunity I need to touch their hearts.”

“Abandon yourself to Me and let Me use all of you faculties. Keep turning over to Me your words and actions and I will talk and act though you.”

“Can you change the past? No, you can’t. Can you control the future? No. Then, to spend time thinking about them is wasted, so please don’t. Live for today, only today, and live each activity or task of the day intensely so that you can be perfected and focus on others totally, their cares and needs.”

“Time slips by quickly. You must pray for souls. I need your prayers and all those of My other family members. Don’t neglect them, make it a priority, I cannot help souls without prayers.”

“Your country is so pacified by the evil one and many souls will be lost if no prayers are said. All the activities of the day can be a prayer if offered to Me, so do your work well. Do it for Me, do it as a sacrifice to save souls.”

“I have everything under control. I need you to be abandoned and open to My Will in your life so I will not miss an opportunity to love through you.”

“Live each moment intensely. Do the task at hand and have peace. Give others My smile, My encouraging Words, My Hope in the future. Think and talk positively, for the storm in the world will end with a dawn of Love and Peace in a renewed world.”

“I have all your problems in My Hands and I am caring for you as My precious little child.”

“…Live in My Will in an abandoned state and live the present moment intensely. You are starting to realize how precious it is to live in the present moment. Live becomes so simple because you can concentrate on the task at hand, or the circumstances you are in, or loving the people you are with.”

“So you must pray, pray, pray and tell others to pray, pray, pray for it is a requirement to save souls.”

“Live the present moment and trust Me and My Mother to get you from point A to point B.”

“I want you to become My child of the Divine Will. I want you to be purified and grow. These words will accomplish this if you study them and change your ways and life to match My teachings.”

“I will guide you, hour by hour, if you let Me, by your abandonment to My Will.”

“Be fill of joy; please don’t worry about the world’s problems. I have everything under control. All things work out for your good. Live this day in complete abandonment and surrender. Wear My smile and love all those I place you with. I am going to take care of all your problems, at home, at work, in religious life, so go, without a care, in order that I can use you to the fullest.”

“I thank you for your abandonment and letting Me control your faculties. I use you in ways you don’t even realize. This is why it is so important to live the Consecrated Life so I can have full reign and get the most out of the opportunities.”

“You must meditate on how much I love you. It is so important to have a deep understanding of this; for My Love for you is your food, your protection, your security, when you truly grasp the depth of My Love.”

“You will maintain a very stable peace for I love you so much that I AM not going to let anything happen to you that will not be the best for you, and I mean anything: nothing in the physical sense, spiritual sense, or by any other creature’s desire, will happen unless it is My Will; and My Will is that I Love you so much that I am always going to make all things turn out for your best interest, for you are My child in the Divine Will and I am a jealous God and My Love is endless for you.”

“Stay in a state of peace and calm and serenity, for you are in My hands and nothing will harm you.”

“The greatest gift that I can give to My creatures is their children, and their greatest possession is their children. It is the same for Me. My greatest possessions are My children and the apples of My Eyes are My sons and daughters that strive to do My Will and please Me with their heart’s intentions; so I am always a happy God when My children act this way and I am not going to let anything happen to them which would hurt them in any way.”

“My love is limitless and when My children have nothing on their mind but loving Me and doing My Will, how can I not go to the endless boundary of Love and bless them with Graces and gifts from My storehouse?”

“As you would die to save and protect your child if you had to, so I have no hesitation in loving you to that extreme, and it is your knowledge of this Love that I have for you that will give you the reason to trust Me in all the activities and details of your life.”

“’May all men recognize God in His immense ‘I love you’ that is manifested to us in every circumstance of our lives.’ Doesn’t this statement say it all? I love you so much and everything that happens to you is your betterment and it is only happening to you because I love you, for I created you out of love and keep your body alive because I love you. And I am teaching you and guiding you in each circumstance in your life, hour by hour, moment by moment, because I love you.”

“I will infuse so much Love and Grace into you that no one will be able to love Me and desire Me like you; and the condition for obtaining this: If you want to become something great in Me, always consider yourself nothing; then I will pour My Whole Being into you.”

“So many people think that living and doing My Will will cramp their life and not be anything but a bore and an endless life of misery. They don’t understand that is its just the opposite, for all of life is a lesson and a test to become another Jesus, another image and follower of Me in all ways for I only did the Father’s Will and I always lived a joyful life, and I want the same for you and every creature on this planet- especially for all your family members.”

“The ‘human will’ gets in the way, so get rid of it and become a ‘nothing’ and I will reign. My Will will reign and together we will become one and you will have all the gifts and fruits of My Spirit and you will reign with Me in Heaven with all My sons and daughters of My Divine Will.”

“Don’t try to cross the currents or swim upstream by doing your will. Instead, abandon yourself to Me, and float downstream, for I will support you and I will not let you be hurt on your journey, if you trust Me and live in My Will.”

“How I wish that all souls recognized Me in the Blessed Sacrament. The Sacred Host is Me; it is truly Me, God in the flesh. The attack on Me does not end. They want Me out of their sight, and they want Me in the closet. They are so wishy washy in their belief. How I long for the reversence of ages past. Be sure to visit Me today and console Me for I am so upset about this and I need My family members to comfort Me and show Me reverence… The reverence deserved by their God, their Creator, their Redeemer and their Comforter; Three in One, all present in the Bread.”

“Continue to do your work; do it as a prayer. Do it united to the work as I did with St. Joseph in Our workshop and work will save souls.”

“I love you and want you to love Me with all your heart. How can this be done? Well, unite your heart to My Mother’s Heart and love Me with Her Heart. For Her Heart is a Flame of Love that is brightness itself. Her Love for Me is endless. It is a Heart that was created by and infused by Me with a Love that is pure and spotless. A Heart that is Immaculate. A Heart of a Perfect Mother, created for you and for all My family. My Mother loves without hesitation all the souls on the earth that love Her, and all the souls that don’t- everyone.”

“Try to imagine a mother watching her children being carried off by devils to Hell, never to return. This is why My Mother is pleading for prayer, for conversion, for peace. The souls, the souls! She needs your prayers and all those of Her children to stop the devils from taking Her children to Hell. How would you feel if you saw souls carried away screaming and not being able to help them? Well, this is what is happening because not enough prayers are being said.”

“Love Me with the Heart of MY Mother and pray with Her to the Father with all of your heart for the freedom of the souls that will be carried away if you don’t say the prayers for them.”

“Nothing opens hearts like love. It cracks hearts like a hammer to a stone.”

“The harvest is at hand. The clock is ticking. Soon, it will be very hard to convert. No more time will exist for many that will be taken in an instant.╬ And for the others, they will be in such a state of shock, that unless prayers are said for them, they will be lost also. So pray, pray, pray. Please live your consecration to the fullest. Become a true slave of Mine.”

“If you ask your Mother, She will tuck you in tonight; She will make sure you don’t get cold. She will station angels all about your house. The battle will continue while you are asleep.”

“Love will conquer the world. Your part is to love those with whom you live and work with and those I place you with.”

“My Mother loves you and desires you to place your life, your will, and your heart in Her safekeeping. She will watch over and protect you. She will present you to Me, your Lord and Savior.”

“The future will be different. Imagine this world without evil, without all the sin. This will be an earth where the father’s Will is done, not man’s, not the selfishness and stubbornness of human desires. You need to understand this. You need to transition into this type of life or you will be in for hard times. The adjustment period is now for the trials are already upon the world and only My Mother’s children who have made this adjustment are ready to be at peace, will be stable, will trust, and fully abandon themselves to God’s Providence in their life.”

“You need to be aware of the fact that all of your needs will be taken care of if you trust; but if you try to prepare and control everything, as most of you are so used to doing, then you will left in a state of utter confusion and be distraught. The only way to live is by Faith in Me and Trust that all things will work out for the good of those that love Me.”

“So the emphasis is to learn to, and strive to love Me, in all that you say, all that you do and all that you plan to do.”

“Please love Me with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul, for I need you love in these troubled times.”

“Your focus must be to live your Consecration to the fullest and detach yourself from this dying world and begin to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will by total trust and surrender and abandonment to My Will.”

“Please trust that My Mother will guard and protect you from all evil and lead you by the hand to the dawn of the new era, the ‘Reign of Peace,’ of Love.”

“My Love is consoling, it is kind, it is gentle, it is warm, it is sincere, it is joyful, it is Divine. So only think about what is important today, loving others.”

“Please realize the gift of peace. It will completely change your life. If you can live in peace, your whole life will be joyful. You will always be happy and your being will shine with My Love and Virtues. I know most of you don’t live in a monastery and I know that your life is full of activities, but this must not change or hinder your resolve to live a peaceful existence. Peace is the number one priority in life. It is the foundation of your interior life and without it your foundation will shake like a building in an earthquake. The earth will quake over and over again but you must not lose your stability. You must be calm; be serene.”

“The gift of peace is very, very precious and it takes practice to maintain it but it is My gift and if you depend entirely on Me, you will not lose it.”

“Any time you feel you are losing your peace, scream for help! I live in your heart and help you to stabilize, for I do not want you to be injured.”

“I want My Body to be strong for the upcoming trials ahead. Everyone needs this teaching. I know you have heard this before but I want it ingrained into your mind, your heart, your soul, for My Pure Love is your security blanket.”

“I send you on a mission each day of your life. If you live abandoned to Me, and strive to be guided by Me at all times, then you will benefit each day by the circumstances that I place you in and the souls I place you with will benefit, because I will love and shine through you. So as you walk throughout the day, realize you are both in training and on a Mission of Love.”

“Time is short so don’t get wrapped up in this dying world. Just do your duties. Do them with Love, with Peace, and for Me, and always do your best; but do them and forget them.”

“How do you become a nothing? Well, just think how awesome God is. I created the universe, I created the earth, all the surface features, all the life, all the animals, everything, and I AM in control of everything. Now, what are you in comparison to this? You are nothing and you must remain a nothing for you want to be humble and not fall like the devil did from Grace because he though he was something; for he forgot that everything he was and the glory he was at, was due completely to God, and the same with you.”

“I have blessed you with My Graces. You deserve none of them. You merit none of them. You have them because I love you and want to shower you with My gifts, and I AM God, and can do whatever I please, but I will not give anyone gifts if they are full of pride for they have to realize they are nothing in comparison to their God.”

“The important thing to concentrate on is being a nothing or realize you are a nothing and living surrendered to Me totally, so I can take control and live again on this earth in you, to love, to console, to care, to be a fireball of joy, of peace, of tenderness and I will choose what to say, what to do, what and how to act if you turn yourself over to Me. All day long you will be so surprised at what comes out of your mouth and how much you love others.”

“Do you realize the potential to save souls and the height in Heaven you can be raised to if you just implement My teachings? How can you lose? You can’t; except you will lose your ‘free will,’ your ‘selfishness,’ your ‘attachments,’ your ‘desires’ for power, control, and all the other worldly vices. So make it simple. Love Me with all your heart, mind, soul, and live in an abandoned state and you will see how happy you will be.”

“Don’t talk about anything negative; don’t watch too much news on TV because it is all negative; don’t presume about the future, just live the day with Me, for Me, in Me, in My Heart.”

“Love all those I place you with in a special way with sincere interest in their wellbeing and their life’s activities. I live in you. Let Me take control in every conversation, every activity of the day.”

“As a forest must burn to establish new growth, as a field must be plowed under and tilled for new seeds to be planted and grow, so it will be for the earth and all those living will desire that My Will, shall be done.”

“What a beautiful future for all those that persevere, all those that love, all those that shed their human will, their own wants, their own desires, their own pleasures.”

“Implement My teaching to you. Keep perfecting them, keep studying them. Make them the norm, not the exception, and as more of My children live in My Will then the quicker will be the total transition to the New Kingdom on Earth.”

“Peace. Make that the priority. Love. Let it flow. Nurture it. Surrender into My arms. Rest in My heart. I love you and will be with you everywhere you go. Let Me shine through in your conversation with others and with all your faculties, your smile, your eyes, and your manner.”

“I want you separated from the world. I want you to realize that the world gives no security. Only in My Kingdom of Love is there security for creatures, and the world is full of selfishness and misery, and to be attached to either creatures or the world, in any way, is to invite this selfishness and misery into your life.”

“You can never please creatures, and the world’s unending demands and needs. So you must live apart, detached from both, only connected as is necessary to function in this life. You must live abandoned to My Will. You must not let the demands of creatures lead your feeling and emotions. You must act and do and fulfill your vocational duties, yet still remain apart from a leading a life that is center in the world rather than centered in My Kingdom of Love and Peace and Joy.”

“This is a life of detachment; for if you are not God-centered you will not have the pureness of these virtues. Offer up the demands that are placed on you to save souls and meet these demands for others and to fulfill your vocation with unselfish love. This is your cross and you must carry it with joy, with peace, with love as I carried My Cross.”

“It is a martyrdom of your ‘human will,’ for doing things for others, and working in the world must be done as you are still part of the world. To this degree you must always keep in front of you that all things work out for the good of those who love God and you must offer up the ‘Unceasing Act of Love,’ and you must live one day at a time and, moment by moment, in an abandoned and surrendered state.”

“In My Heart you will find a refuge, a place of rest; for to know that in My Heart is Love, is Peace, is Joy even in the midst of all the craziness of the world. So enter into this haven. Walk enclosed in this protecting shield as you live and function in the world of My Love. My Heart is security, it is contentment, it is warmth in a cold, cold world of selfishness and endless demands and desires.”

“You are a nothing, a bunch of nothing, and being such, you can love others with My Love and you can be one with Me and you can rest in peace, and work in peace, and function in this world; so take advantage of your inheritance in My Kingdom.”

“Live as if only you and I existed, and love others as I place them in your path, but don’t let their wants and desires affect your peace and tranquility. Meditate on My Love for you and My desire to keep you apart from the world. I am jealous of any thoughts that are not necessary for your daily activities. I want your thoughts centered on Me so don’t think about other creatures or other things, or the future or past, only think of My Love for you.”

“My Heart is a spiritual structure, a place of protection, a room of storage of Love. Come and dwell in this place. Live in it. It has all you need to survive in this world and more. It will keep you in a state that will maintain your peace and will make you bright with virtues and wisdom. Oh, come through the door and sit and make it your home.”

“The devil is trying hard to divide you and your loved ones, those in your community. He is trying in every way imaginable but he can’t get anywhere if you stay at peace and turn it over to Me; so continue to do this and realize that I know the thoughts and hearts of your loved ones and am working on them. I love them just as much as I love you and I am caring for them too. Remember, how much I love you and I am not going to hurt you but I am making all things work out for your best interest. Offer up the pain you feel and know that it will be used for their spiritual growth and their protection.”

“My Heart is a symbol of My Love. My Heart is described as a place because it encloses those that rest there in a shield. This shield is My Love, which will protect you from all evil, for satan cannot stand Love. He flees with haste.”

“My Heart is a place of refuge because It is not of the world, but Divine, and knowing this you realize that enclosed in My Heart you will protected from all the worldly allurements.”

“To rest and dwell in My Heart you must maintain peace, calmness, serenity and you must trust Me and live surrendered to My Will for your life. It is only the ‘act of surrender’ that My Love will enclose you; for if you have any pride or ego I will flee and you will be on your own.”

“You have a choice. You can have a beautiful, peaceful day or you can be full of selfishness and anxiety. Your call! It is your choice because you have to check your thoughts; you have to strive to live as I am teaching you. You have to live abandoned to Me, moment by moment. Work on it. Concentrate on it, and ask for My Help all day.”

“Offer up the ‘Unceasing Act,’ try all day to love Me with all your heart, your mind, your soul and love your neighbor- all those I place in your place. This is your part of the triumph of Love in the world. Love will break the hearts of stone. Love will expel evil. With love there is order, with love there is peace, with love there is joy, with Love I AM present for I AM Love and your whole life must be devoted to Love, to Men people and nations because My Sacred Heart, the symbol of My endless Love.”

“I control all, I see all, and I desire only love from My Creatures. All things work out for the good of those that those that love Me. So concentrate on loving Me and I will take care of everything.”

“Love is called ‘Kingdom’ in the Divine Will Prayer Book because of the order it establishes and it is necessary to have Love to obtain all the virtues. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be given to you.”

“You were created because of Love, you were redeemed because of Love and you are being sanctified because of Love. I, your God, am Love- Love is the goal; Love is the prize, Love is the priority, Love is your life, Love is your security, Love is your peace, Love is the doorway to all the virtues and good habits, it is also order to this life.”

“Love can stop wars and heal wounds between people and nations because where there is Love there is forgiveness, and where there is Love there is caring for each other, and where there is Love selfishness does not exist, nor the desire for power or control, but only with Love is the desire to help and the desire to serve and your love is what I desire above all else.

“Love is My Plan for the new earth after the trial. Love is My Will, and My Will be done and the earth will be delivered from all evil because Love will vanquish it. Love is the key, Love is the focus. Put all the efforts of your life into Love- love Me and love souls.”

“Tomorrow will be taken care of as will the future. You are in My hands and I love you; so please, please, make Peace the priority and then I can have full reign.”

“With love all things are possible, for I AM Love. That is why Love is the common denominator; for all members of My Body have Love as the basic strength of their being and when members of My Body love together, then great things can be accomplished. Love makes it happen, for Love is harmony among My brothers and sisters. I need your community to unite under the banner of Love, love for Me and love for souls. All together with My Love, great things are possible. Love is the goal.”

“How many souls could be saved, how many souls could be given to God if your community can unite for Love of God and Love of souls? With this unity a mountain of Love can be formed in your religious community, and in your area with all My family. Why now> Because time is short and souls will be lost’ so unite, My children. You are brothers and sisters of My family. God is your Father, I AM your Brother, Mary is your Mother, My Spirit is your Sanctifier. Do great things for God together as members of this one family united by Love.”

“Get rid of all human wants and desires. Put on the Virtues of Heaven so unity among your brothers and sisters can be of a bond that can weather all the storms of this life now, and those of the tribulation period.”

“My Gift to each of you, is your brother and sisters of My family, those that do My Will; and My Will is to love each other unconditionally, unselfishly with My Love, the Love that knows no bounds, the Love that is not of this world, the Love that is pure without blemish. Do not reject one another. See Me in each of your brothers, in each of your sister, and love Me, and care for Me, and console Me, and you will see unity grow, joy will grow and peace will flourish and let all know My family, My Faithful Remnant, by their love for each other.”

“Live in My Peace or I will not reign. Love Me or today will be wasted. Let tomorrow and thoughts of tomorrow be far from your mind.”

“I live inside; you don’t shade out this brightness with the cares and troubles of the world. Live in union with Me; live in the cloud of My Spirit above the world, separated from the world. I want you to live in a different world, the world of My Love, of My Heart. It keeps you in a cloud of love, a force field of protection from the world. I know you live in the world, but don’t let thoughts of the world occupy your time. Think about Me, how much I love you, how I am taking care of you, how you can please Me. Think about My Life on this earth and My Passion but don’t spend time thinking about the happenings of your life or about what could happen in the future.”

“You are on a mission of Love. You are going to mess it up if you are thinking about the world so abandon yourself to Me and love Me and let Me shine through you. Be a nothing, a clear shell, a body with My Heart, My Spirit, My Will.”

“Bless those souls I place with you; with the heavenly aroma of your virtues. I have placed you in the field of souls to brighten their day and soften their hearts. Please, accept your mission of Love with joy and peace, and forget yourself so that you will reflect the Glory of God in all you say and do.”

“Please, contemplate how much Love I have for you and how much time you spend loving Me. Now, the later must increase, for loving me is the only thing that matters. To love Me is to live in Heaven while still on earth, for in Heaven, Love rules. There is no evil, no distraction, no cares, so live in Heaven while still on earth. My soul is like a parched desert. I have so few souls that love Me and put Me first in their lives.”

“Do you realize how lonely I am? I creature creatures to love Me and for the most part no one does. I am on a raft in a vast oceans of souls. I thirst for Love but there is none to be found. Please, be a fountain of Love that I can drink from.”

“I, your Jesus, am crying. I can’t find souls that love Me. They are all watching TV, shopping, or at the restaurant, or reading magazines, or bowling, or playing cards. Where can I find souls to love Me. I died on the Cross for these same souls and they have all left Me for their more important worldly cares and concerns. Please, don’t follow their lead.”

“Keep Me number one in your life and think only about Me, expect when it is necessary to perform your vocational tasks.”

“Please, cheer Me up. I am Jesus, your Savior. Put your arm around Me by walking with Me and talking to Me all day long. Enjoy My Company, My Presence, and My concern for you.”

“My Heart is broken; My Eyes are sobbing with tears of loneliness. Bring Me joy with your attention, with your focus on Me, and love Me, adore Me, praise Me. I AM your God. Turn your hours into Love for Me with the ‘Unceasing Act of Love.’

“Spread the word without hesitation. Be a living prayer. Put all your heart into it. Focus on it, love and pray for soul for soon the Ark will shut and I and My Mother will return to Heaven and the Father’s Wrath will be exhausted. So pray, pray.”

“Happy are those that live in and do My Will for they will live in My Will for all eternity. They will be brought forth through the trial safely and in peace and love. They will be stable. They will be calm, for they will trust totally and completely in My Love for them. They will walk in Light.”

“Pray for the coming of the Kingdom. Pray for more souls to make it. Pray for enlightenment, for perseverance, for peace through the trial. It will be yours if you totally abandon yourself in trusting surrender to My Love and detach yourself from the spirit to the world. Live the Gospel message. Live one day at a time. Live without worry. Seek the Kingdom of God. Love your neighbor. Sin no more.”

“Simplify your life! All that is necessary is Love and that is all that will be important in the new Era of Peace. Love will rule in all hearts; so begin today to live on the new Earth and in the new Heaven. Live in My Heart, live in a Cloud of pure Love.”

“Your Mother is raising you spiritually. She wants you to grow into a strong, caring, loving son or daughter of the Divine Will. All that is necessary is your heart’s intention to be pure, to be sincere. She has a perfect Motherly Heart. She will teach you, She will guide you, She will correct you, She will love you. Her desire is only to love you with the Father’s Love and raise you to be a son or daughter that She is proud of so She can present you to your Brother and your Dad, to the Holy Spirit, and to Their Family. You are only a little infant now. She will nurture you and feed you with the truths of the Will of My Father.”

“Try your hardest to be a perfect son or daughter by doing what I ask of you; and what I ask is that you love Me and love souls- live the teachings- live the Gospel- live Our Messages- live the examples of the Saints- live in accordance to the true teachings of the Church- those of My Mother’s beloved son, the Pope (Saint John Paul II), and those that still follow him in spirit.”

“The Holy Virgin is your Mother and God the Father has granted Her great power over the evil one and his followers, so run to Her, fly to Her, She will wrap you in Her mantle and there Satan will not dare to touch you. She can’t protect you if you don’t remain close to her at all times. You must stay at peace and calm and in prayer.”

“I have the whole day planned. Live and work in My Peace. Have a joyful day. Please, don’t concern yourself about your business or work cares or concerns of your community or any other future type of problems; I have all under control. Practice peaceful existence. Offer up the ‘Unceasing Act of Love’ and live the moment intensely.”

“I love you. Have this in your heart and in your mind at all times. Trust in My Love for you. I will care for you and provide all your needs- everything. I will always be there, for when you are weak, I AM strong. Be My Apostle of Love. A message of good news, the news of the greatest importance, that of My Love, for My ‘Little Nothings’- for My Children that are striving to live the Gospel and do My Will. Their lives are in My Hands and they will be taken care of each day, each hour, each moment, if they just trust Me and love Me and do My Will.”

“The only thing that is important is saving souls. All the worldly matters and cares are way down on the priority list. When you are with others you must think only of their salvation. Love them and pray for them. Do not judge them or think about how they fit into your worldly life; for you have no worldly life. You are only here in the world to complete your mission, and that mission is to love God, love your neighbor, and do My Will.”

“How important it is to be in the Divine Will program of learning the teaching for the new Era of Peace!”

“Sunday is My Day, a day of rest. A day to become closer to your Lord and God, a day to pray, a day to read. Live, moment by moment, so your thoughts are clear; don’t overeat; protect your mind from worldly thoughts and distractions.”

“I AM Love and My Love will conquer all evil. It will rule, it will be the only important factor in all activities of all men and all women in the New Era. In this Kingdom, Love will be taught, Love will be practiced, Love will be the important consideration in all decisions made.”

“The new Earth, the new Heaven will be a place of joy, a place where families will always be the number one social unit as the cells are to the body. For the family is My design for mankind where Love must reign and Peace must be established and all the members must love and worship God together. Pray for your family, and for it to be protected from all evil.”

“Raise your family by being totally dependent on My Love and trusting Me for all your family’s needs. If you family loves God then all things will work out for its good.”

“Unite your suffering to Me. I always loved My persecutors and forgave them. Learn from My example. Creatures that step on you are for your practice in and of the School of Love, of forgiveness.”

“Decrease so I can increase. I have a plan for you as I do for all My children. The plan can be implement to the 100% stage if you don’t interfere and block it with your will. Live a moment at a time; be in awe of God’s care for you.”

“The Catholic Church is the Rock; the gates of hell will not triumph over Her.”

The Dangers of Psychics, Fortune Tellers, and Reiki “Healers”

“Children, when you are concerned about the many misleading powers in your world today, ask this simple question. ‘Does the power for the alleged claim come from God the Father who sent His only Son into the world?’ If the answer is no, then the power is being obtained from the enemy. Does this sound confusing to you? It should not sound confusing, because it is clear. If you are still confused, it is because you do not want to relinquish some habit that has gotten hold of you. Be vigilant here, brothers and sisters. There are impostors everywhere and the impostors do not seek the good of your soul. The enemy, in the form of these powers, seeks the destruction of anything that is holy in you. The enemy seeks your soul. The Holy Spirit within you will object and warn you if you have been nourishing the Holy Spirit. Do not become involved with anything that reminds you of fortune telling or healing. These habits are sinful. You will be held accountable. Speak out against them, warning your brothers and sisters. Christians in the world have become easy targets of the enemy’s followers because they are lukewarm. Not My little apostles, though. You will know the truth and speak it loudly. Warn others, please. We are losing souls in this manner.” -Jesus in Volume 10: Jesus Speaks to His Apostles

“The use of crystals, meditation, reiki, yoga, tarot cards, belief in spirit guides, metaphysics and so-called faith healers are there to entice you to believe in an alternative superiour existence outside of that created by God the Eternal Father….

Most of these practices are presented as being good for your self-esteem, confidence, control over your life, all of which is a lie. Not only do these practices drive you away from the Truth, but they bring untold misery once the evil spirits enter your soul as a direct result of these practices.” -Jesus in “Reject the Work of New Age Spiritualism” (5/11/2011) via the Book of Truth, as revealed to Maria Divine Mercy

There is a growing trend of alternative forms of new age spirituality that have often replaced the traditional practices of Christian prayer and devotion. Though this might seem attractive at best and harmless at worst, in this post, I aim to strongly advice those caught up in such practices, persons, books, or objects (such as crystals or charms) to put them down and cut ties with them, once and for all. It is true that the power of the devil and his fallen angels, or demons, is minuscule compared to the power of the Holy Trinity, and as such, should NOT be feared. Yet if allowed the reign of our free will, the enemy of our salvation can easily influence, deceive, and ultimately corrupt the soul an otherwise intelligent and well-meaning person, and any others they may associate with/have influence over. These practices are simply spiritual doors you don’t want to risk opening.

With the help of Our Loving Lord, you can find true healing and forgiveness, holiness and peace, that comes not from the evil one and his false and fleeting powers, but from Heaven, our eternal homeland and the vast family of God. Consider, for example, the following is an excerpt from “Freed and Healed Through Fasting” by Sister Emmanuel Maillard of Medjugorje, entitled, “Fake Healers”:

“It is especially popular to go to “healers.” yoga masters, reiki masters or healing touch therapists in order to alleviate symptoms of illness. But from where do these “healers” receive their abilities? Many receive them from an unknown source. When, for example, someone visits a healer because of a bad left knee, it may get better, but then his right one begins to ache. The illness has simply been displaced. It has moved to another area and will become more serious. The person then returns to the healer, who may again recite several incantations or formulas and “heal” the second pain’ then a third illness will erupt, or perhaps something worse. In short, people who visit “healers” are never healed. Their problem only moved from the body to the heart, and then from the heart to the soul. Starting from a physical illness, it suddenly develops into temptations of suicide, incredible hatred, or deep depression. Why are we finding so many of our youth today committing suicide when apparently nothing in his or her life could have motivated such an action? Parents with good intentions take their children to “healers” looking for a miracle, and their children suffer the consequences of bad “medicine.” This bad fruit can manifest itself not only as an illness but as a lack of motivation. Suddenly a spouse becomes unbearable to his wife and every idiosyncrasy is an annoyance: his way of talking, of walking, of eating his doughnut. All at once a devout person is unable to pray. People with a zest for life no longer enjoy life.

The Church and the different religious communities within Her have seen many bizarre cases of these “healings.” She shoulders the burden of caring for the “after-sales service” of the unauthentic cures. The Church has found that the “healer” often recites incantations, pronounces strange words (sometimes mixed with Christian prayers), uses secret formulas, does massages and may mention the name of the traitor, Judas. Once I asked a fake healer, who converted and renounced his job, to tell me his secrets. He said that his “healing power” came from someone who received it from someone else, who received it from someone else. 

By tracing the history of these “powers” we see they come from satan and are given to a witch who then spreads them! Do not be mistaken- satan pretends to heal. Actually, he mimics Jesus’ healings. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that the false prophets of the latter days will perform spectacular signs and wonders, even to the point of seducing the chosen ones. This is reality! satan doesn’t give presents away for free. He only deceives us in displacing the sickness, making it worse.

Several times, through the visionaries, Our Lady said to go and see doctors, but never to see healers. Why? She knows who is behind them! I beg anyone thinking of going to a healer, please don’t go!!! Even if they have a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in their house, with a rosary in her hand, do not bargain your life for healing at any price. Chances are you will only end up sicker than before, and quite probably penniless!

If you’ve been to see a false “healer” for yourself or for your child, go find a priest and ask Jesus’ forgiveness. Also, ask the priest to pray so that all the bonds from darkness that might bind you (or your child) will be broken by God’s Word and blessing. Very often, a good confession is enough to break the chain of evil because there we renounce evil and all practices of darkness. You can also renew your Baptismal vows. This is an effective means to break all ties with evil, with satan and his works. The healings obtained through prayer and fasting are real, unlike the false cures that satan and his servants offer. The Lord gave us true healing not only for our bodies, but also our hearts, our spirits and our souls. When He doesn’t heal, He has another plan and blessing for the sick.”

If you or anyone you know has willingly participated in any potentially occult practices, in addition to having your confession heard as soon as possible to reconcile your relationship with God and cleanse yourself of any demonic activity or influence, I recommend also calling upon the holy names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. After all, as St. Don Bosco once said, “More than anything else, these three names terrify and vanquish the devil.”


Frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament as well as the recitation of the holy rosary, fasting on bread and water, reading scripture, praying with friends and family, and having your house blessed (as well as carrying holy water and blessed objects) are other powerful ways to combat the attacks of evil on you. Finally, the following is a prayer to pray to Our Lord for His gift of discernment and salvation, from the Book of Truth as revealed to Maria Divine Mercy:

“The first seal is the apostasy”
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 @ 15:40

My dearest beloved daughter tell My children that no man has the knowledge or the authority to reveal the truth contained in the Book of Revelation.

No matter how knowledgeable they may consider themselves to be, it is only I, Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer of mankind who has the authority to reveal, to the world, what is contained in the Book of Truth.

Only, I, the Lamb of God has the right to deliver the truth, given to my disciple John the Evangelist, the instrument of the truth, to the world today.

The first seal is the apostasy seen not only among unbelievers but among those who profess to know Me and those who publicly proclaim their love for Me.

This is the time when the truth faith will be twisted, when you My children are presented with a watered down doctrine which is an insult to My teachings.

I tell you children that when you see new false faiths and religious doctrines spring up you will know that this is now the time for the first seal to be revealed.

Look around and what do you see? Religions that pay homage to new gods which you have never heard of. Science fiction based religions which amount to nonsense and which are empty of substance. Spiritual entities that are not of this world but which many believe represent the Heavenly realm of My Father.

Heed now for you are living in fantasy.

None of these metaphysical beliefs represent the truth.

Any doctrine which teaches you the importance of putting yourself before everything else is a doctrine which springs from Satan.

Do not listen. Turn your backs on this cruel deceit.

Those who seek out false gods and devote their lives by idolising false gods are lost to Me.

Unless you stop and pray to Me for guidance I cannot save you.

You and all those who knowingly withdraw now from the king of darkness will be given the gift of discernment if you ask me in this Crusade Prayer (36) Help me to honour the true God:

Jesus help me for I am lost and confused

I do not know the truth of life after death

Forgive me if I offend you by honouring false gods which are not the true God

Save me and help me to see the truth with clarity and save me from the darkness of my soul

Help me to come into the light of your mercy.


There is only one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in one the Holy Trinity.

Any other god comes from Satan no matter how attractive the guise.

Please do not waste your eternal life by pledging your allegiance to those faiths which honour new age practices including Reiki, Yoga, new age meditation, tarot cards, clairvoyancy, psychic readings and angel worship connected with ascended masters.

Slowly but surely these practices of the occult are being accepted not only by your society but by Catholic and Christian Churches.

These false religious doctrines are spreading so fast they have consumed billions of God’s children who have now found so much false solace within them that they no longer acknowledge the existence of the one true God.


Pregnant? Scared? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Finding out you’re pregnant can be some of the most unexpected and overwhelming news you’ve ever received.

There are probably tons of questions rushing through your mind, like, “What about my life, education, career, and goals? Will I have support if I chose to bring this child into the world? What options do I have? Who will I go to to talk about this?”

These are all very real and valid questions and in the above video and brochure, we will address each one, and more. But first, I ask you, in the midst of this crisis, to take a breath. Even though you might feel scared, pressured, or confused, you don’t have to deal with this on your own. There are many caring and compassionate people who can and want to help you.

IMG_3388 (3)
Call 1-800-712-4153 anytime to speak with someone (en ingles o español) about your current situation and any pregnancy support centers and services near you, such as FREE pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, financial aid programs for mothers in need (like WIC), parenting classes, daycare, baby food/clothes/supplies, living arrangements, adoption agencies, and more! Or visit https://www.womenscarecenter.org/

There are 3 important questions to ask yourself when facing an unplanned pregnancy:

1. “How many weeks into the pregnancy are you?”

The answer to this question might surprise you and could ultimately make this decision for you. If you don’t know, don’t worry, because simple and FREE ultrasound can easily show you this.

Statistically, you are more likely to choose to keep the unborn child living inside you if you actually see him or her for the first time. Because of this, abortion providers may neglect to show you the reality of your child revealed in these live images.

Indeed, modern science tells us what you’re seeing on an ultrasound screen is not just a cluster of cells, but is actually a unique and precious human being. Thousands of embryology textbooks, science professors, and medical researchers confirm that at the moment of fertilization, when sperm meets egg, all of the unrepeatable DNA that determines your baby’s countless traits such as gender, ethnicity, and eye color are present.

If you are like most women, who find out that they are pregnant by 5 or 6 weeks into pregnancy, your baby is 3-4 weeks old and most likely, already has a heartbeat!

Click here to watch a video showing the first 10 months of fetal development!

When I saw my baby for the first time, I fell in love. I did not know I could love another human being so much. I could not be more thankful that I did choose life.”   -Hannah, TN. Watch Hannah’s story here:

2. “What is abortion and what are it’s health risks and long-term effects?”

In the following videos by Live Action News, Dr Anthony Levatino, a practicing OBGYN who himself performed over 1,200 abortions explains the different kind of abortion procedures: 

In first trimester Suction and Aspiration surgical abortions, which occur anywhere from 5-13 weeks of pregnancy, the abortionist inserts a suction catheter through the cervix into the uterus. The suction machine is then turned on, and the baby is rapidly torn apart by the force of the suction and squeezed through this tubing, followed by the placenta.

In second trimester Dilation and Evacuation surgical abortions, which occur anywhere from 13-24 weeks of pregnancy, the abortionist opens the cervix and uses a clamp to grasp and pull an arm or leg of the unborn baby. One by one, the baby’s limbs are removed, along with the intestines, the spine, and the heart and lungs. The abortionist then grasps and crushes the head of the unborn baby and removes the placenta, scraping out any leftover tissue or body parts in the uterus with a curette.

Remember, if you choose abortion, you are putting yourself at risk of major complications such as perforation or piercing of the uterus, hemorrhage, and infection, which can even lead to lifelong sterility and, in rare cases, death. This is why Planned Parenthood will require you to sign a consent form that states, “I understand that my doctor cannot make any promise regarding the end results of the abortion or my care.”

Medical or “toilet bowl” abortion pills also come with a list of harmful side effects such as anywhere from a few hours to several days of pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, cramping, and bleeding. However, if you have already taken the first pill, RU-486, it is not too late to reverse its effects within the first 24 hours and save the baby.  Help is available through the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline by calling  1-877-558-0333 or visiting AbortionPillReversal.com   

IMG_3339 (1)

Additionally, you should be aware of the emotional trauma that many women have suffered from abortion:

-One study found that women who choose abortion have a 65% higher risk of clinical depression compared to those who give birth. 1

-Another study found that 60% of women surveyed after abortion responded, ‘Part of me died.’ 2

-An 8-year study found that women who chose abortion were, sadly, 6 times more likely to commit suicide than those who gave birth. 3


If you struggle with post-abortive guilt or grief, remember that healing is possible and that God’s Love and Mercy is always infinitely larger than your past mistakes. Many men and women have found a safe space on private weekend retreats to voice the heartbreak that abortion has caused them. Learn more at RachelsVineyard.com

3. What is your conscience telling you?

This is perhaps the biggest life decision you’ve ever had to make and no one should ever pressure you to go against your inner values, morals, or beliefs.

It can be hard to resist the influence of all of the voices around you in order to listen to the voice within your heart.

Spend time in silence, reflection, and prayer and you will begin to understand that this life, this human being inside you was nestled there by God Himself.

Who will your child grow up to become? A scientist? A singer? A world leader? Another parent? Only God knows the special plan He has for him or her.

 For these 9 months, this person depends upon your body and your cooperation. It won’t always be easy, but if you say, “Yes” to Him, God will equip you with all the strength and support necessary for bringing this unique and precious little child into the world!


In the words of Abby Johnson, former 8-year director of Planned Parenthood and author of the book become movie, “Unplanned“:

Having a baby is hard. But there is nothing that will bring you more happiness. I will never forget the first time she looked at me and smiled. It was like she knew me…she knew she was part of me…she knew I was her mommy. I remember the first time she called me “Mama.” Her voice was so sweet, so perfect. I WAS her mama. Only me. I gave her life; she gave me joy…joy that I would have never experienced without her.

I remember when she cut her first tooth, when she took her first step, her first Christmas, her first birthday. All of these firsts that I could have taken away because of “choice.” Choice. Choice because we are scared? Choice because we don’t have enough money? Well, big decisions in life are usually scary and if you wait for
your savings account to grow big enough to have a baby, you will never have a child. You see, many of life’s greatest blessings are unplanned. Mine was unplanned, and her name is Grace. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Is it always easy? No. But it is ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS!

Finally, if you feel you cannot support a child at this time in your life due to your current financial, educational, or family situation, please consider the beautiful, life-saving and free option of adoption. Visit https://www.hopespromise.com/pregnancy-faqs/ to learn about the frequently asked questions of adoption.IMG_3346 (1).jpg

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this information on the science of fetal development, the truth about abortion and its health risks, and all of your options and resources! May you know the reality of God’s real Presence and deep Peace, especially in the midst of your current situation as you ponder and pray about His perfect Will for the beautiful little one within you.

“When it’s hardest to pray, pray the hardest.”

Note: For women of faith facing unplanned pregnancies, see: https://maryourlady.com/reasons-to-choose-life-for-your-unborn-baby-be-pro-life/

For a PDF brochure of the information in on this page to hand out to young women, as well as youth pastors and youth ministers, and school/club/community leaders, click here:

Info and Resources For Pregnant Mothers (PDF)


For a PDF of the information regarding OptionLine’s 24/7 bilingual hotline, to place on bullietin boards and other public places, like walls and stalls, click here:

For Pregnant Mothers (PDF)

Sources: 1 & 2. Med Sci Monit – “Depression Associated with Abortion and Childbirth…” & “Induced Abortion and Traumatic Stress” 3. Brit Med Journal – “Suicides after Pregnancy in Finland”

Life Update: I Have Some Exciting News! :)

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.” -St. Therese of Lisieux

Greetings to my dear friends and family! I have some exciting news for you all that’s ready for releasee…
After much prayer and discernment, I have decided to join the Salesians of St. Don Bosco as a 2020 Candidate for Seminary!!!
Praise be Our Sweet Lord Jesus and Beautiful Mother Mary!
I’m so excited to serve God’s people, especially through the main charism of the Salesians: youth ministry! Salesians are known for helping run high schools, churches, and youth centers in the United States and in 132 countries around the world!

After all, the desire for the priesthood was something that had been on my heart for quite a while. As a young kid, I remeber acting out a “pretend Mass” with my parents as the congregation and my little brother as the altar server! I even asked for a podium one Christmas to be able to give speeches/homilies from! Yet after a difficult middle school experience of bullying and exlusion, I fell away from my childlike faith in and love for God.

In high school, I tried so hard to seek acceptance and validation through all the wrong medications and masks. I tried dressing, talking, and acting like in a conceited, deraogary, impure and selfish way (since that’s what website and magazines told me “alpha males” were like), giving into lustful and impure desires, and amassing as many social media “likes” as possible…\all of which just lead to more sin and emptiness.

Then one night in my Junior year, upon experiencing tears of joy and gratitude for all the incredible and true freinds made, who loved me for me, despite being so undeserving, I remembered God (yes, the God of the whole universe!) and felt the warmth of His Loving Hand, literally holding me. I also experienced His Divine Mercy in the Sacrament of Confession, where, through the priest’s words of absoluation, Jesus forgave me of my whole lifetime of sins and made my soul “good as new”…though it was going to be a long journey of falling, failing, and and going back to Confession to keep myself in a state of grace, purity, and holiness…

It wasn’t until my college life at Notre Dame that I began to “fall in love” with Christ in the Eucharist, by adopting a much more consistent prayer life of spending “Tabernacle Time”  with the Lord in my dorm’s chapel, recieving Holy Communion nearly every day in the Masses on campus, and praying the daily rosary. At this point, the “call” inside me began to feel more and more apparent, and even urgent, and I began discerning with different religious communities, including the Franciscans, the Benedictines, and the Marian Fathers of the Imaculate Conception (the official Divine Mercy promoters!).

Though I had heard briefly about the Salesian order before, I first become aware of Don Bosco’s presence and intercession in my life through a fellow missionary with NET ministries. He had a powerful spiritual gift of being able to tell if a certain saint was praying on someone’s behalf and informed me that  St. John Bosco was praying for me! Various signs began to confirm this, such as seeing an image of the saint (who I think kinda looks like Robin Williams!) as I was exiting a room that was “randomly” chosen to be my room for facilitating a small group faith sharing session with young men on a certain retreat. (Apparently, he’s been known to “wink” at those who the Lord is calling to become a Salesian!)

Eventually, I ended up reaching out to the vocations office via email and that was how I was put in contact with the vocation director of the Western Province of Salesians, Fr. John Roche. We had a good and friendly conversation and then a few months later, seemingly out of nowhere, he called me again to see if we could meet in person for a night since it had just so happened that he was visiting my area in Clearwater, FL for a funeral mass of one of his priest friends. I gladly agreed and we ended up going out to dinner (for Greek food at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks!), and afterward he even came over to have a mass said for me and my parents at my house (having Jesus sacramentally present in your living room is SO COOL!). Father John was such a kind and encouraing presence for me, and my parents still recall some of his final words before parting ways with us: “I’ll see Greg again when he becomes a Salesian…”

After being invited on a “Come and See” weekend retreat with the Salesians in one of their Parishes in Laredo, TX and greatly enjoying the company of the beautiful Hispanic poeple there, I decided to apply. In March of this year, just before the coronavirus started shutting everything down, I was able to spend a week in Los Angeles, CA, for a series of interviews with various Salesians preists. Then, on Friday, May 15th, on the first day of the novena to Mary, Help of Christians, I found out that I had been accepted into the order as a first year Candidate!

Of course, it’s going to be a long road to the priesthood (around 3 years of prayer/discernment before potentially professing temporary vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and then 7-8 more years of education/formation until Ordination), and I am certainly not worthy of such a high calling, but I also am confident Our Lord will provide all the grace and strength I need, every step of the way!
I know there are so many prayer warriors out there who lovingly remember me in their rosaries and Masses, even every day! Truly, THANK YOU so, so much and KEEP IT UP, because every prayer, sacrifice, and act of kindness, even the smallest, surrendered in love and trust touches lives, heals hearts, enlightens minds, saves souls, and changes the future of world forever. Indeed…
IMG_2414 (1)
May God bless you all in His Infinite Love and Goodness! And may you have the abiding JOY of discovering God’s plan for you in His Kingdom and place for you in His Heart.
Peace be with you (John 20:19)! -Greg! 🙂
“Frequently kiss your medal and crucifix; bless yourself with lively faith and say: ‘Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help me to save my soul!’ More than anything else, these three names terrify and vanquish the devil.” -St. John Bosco, founder of the Salesians
To read more about the Salesians of St. Don Bosco, click here:
And for a video of my Conversion Story to watch and share, click here:

Why I’m Voting For Life: An Honest, Open Letter to My Left-Leaning Catholic Friends…

 “In public life, Catholics need to act in support of the teachings of the Catholic Church on human life and dignity.

The Bishops speak out in a common frustration and deep disappointment at some Catholic political leaders who ignore or contradict Catholic moral and social teaching in their campaigns or votes. We do not accept the too common refrain, “I’m personally opposed, but…” or “my votes are public and my faith is private”, or, “I vote my constituency, not just my own conscience.”

The life and dignity of the human person is fundamental. Without the right to life, no other rights are possible…We believe every human person has a fundamental right to life. All issues are clearly not of equal worth—life comes first.”United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), “Catholics in Political Life” (1).

For a PDF of the following letter, click here: An Open Letter to My Liberal-Leaning Catholic Family and Friends

To my dear friends and family, brothers and sisters in Christ, I write to you today in the hopes that you understand, despite the world’s attempts to divide us, that we belong to the same side. It is the side of goodness and kindness, the side of every soul in heaven, and indeed the side of every heart of good will on earth. We belong to the side of Jesus Christ.

Yet there is unmistakably a spiritual battle taking place today and oftentimes we, I myself included, fail to realize it. There is a side of darkness. A side of destruction and death, yes, yet perhaps most cunningly of all, a side of deception. And for the past several decades this deception has slowly crept into our Church walls through our hearts, from the constant influx of the worldly ideas, norms, and opinions that seem to permeate every facet of life. It is a both subtle and overt depiction of good as evil and evil as good, and sad to say, its influence has reached even our leaders, our beloved priests.

But I ask, indeed beg you today to take up your arms in this spiritual and moral turned political warfare, through our first and greatest defense: prayer. We can no longer afford to accept and embrace whatever our current culture, entertainment, and media outlets are both implying and insisting on what is true. We need enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. And so I ask you in all sincerity: please, even if you think all of your beliefs are fully in line with what a modern Catholic should believe…discern again. Pray the Holy Rosary, fervently and from the heart, so that Our Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary can closely guard and tenderly guide you so as to leave nothing to chance. And in addition to the “weapon” of the Rosary, pull out the Catechism, so as to be 100% sure of the teachings of the Magisterium of our humanly imperfect yet divinely one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. For there is simply far too much at stake, in terms of both lives and souls.

I don’t mean for this to be a solely political commentary (we have plenty of those already), but I would like to honestly and openly address the social and moral issues that the Church speaks up about, even if her voice has been muted and muffled recently. Specifically, I would like to address the “hot button” issue that is really affecting our communities, our nation, and our world more than any other, and sadly grieving God’s own Heart like never before.

I want to address the issue of abortion.

And I want to start out by saying that if you, your family member, your friend, your coworker or anyone you know has ever had an abortion, that they are loved…infinitely, entirely, and unconditionally loved. Yes, it is true. I love you. God loves you. Jesus and your Mother Mary love you. And even if the Church on earth has loved you inadequately or imperfectly, all of heaven loves you overwhelmingly and never, ever judges but always rushes to in to protect you and minister to you in all humility and gentleness.

I also want to say that there is healing- so, so much healing grace- available for anyone and everyone who has been physically, emotionally, or spiritually injured by this tragedy which has become so tragically commonplace in our society.

If you’ve had an abortion, please, allow Jesus to heal you, to hold you, to forgive you, and most of all to love you exactly where you’re at for exactly who you are.

Maybe you don’t believe me. Maybe you agree with me and with the Church that abortion really is the taking of an innocent life. But you do not believe that you can be forgiven, or even loved for who you are based on what you have let happen to you and your child. Please, allow me to quote Saint Mary Magdalene here, who was no stranger to guilt and shame during her life on earth:

“Dear woman, if you think you have committed a graver sin than I, you are wrong. Jesus loves me tenderly and I am a close friend to the Savior. And yet, I would repel you if you knew how I had lived a part of my life. We are all the same in that we are all sinners. Nobody in heaven looks at anyone else with anything but love and understanding. This is because we all understand that given the right set of earthly
circumstances, we could make grave mistakes such as you did. Your circumstances contributed to your decision. I know this. Jesus knows this. All of heaven knows this. You must accept this, too. If you were in different circumstances, it is likely you would have made a different decision. But it is over and Jesus makes all things new. Let Him make your soul new and you will give Him far greater joy than you gave Him sorrow. I would not tell you something if it were not true. If you return to Jesus with your heart and ask Him for forgiveness, you will have forgiveness and He will forget your sins. He has certainly forgotten mine.”

(For more heartfelt and compassionate words of St. Magdalene to women who have had abortions, as given through “Anne” a Lay Apostle on August 1st, 2005, feel free to watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TPMsLgZxu8&t=3s)

That is why one of the unrivaled beauties and graces of the Catholic Church that Christ Himself instituted as His Body on this earth is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He knew we would sin, we would fail, we would make mistakes and fall short of His standard of holiness of life and perfection in love. And out of our weakness comes His Mercy, freely dispensed in the confessional, through His very action and full absolution in the person of the priest.

Indeed, the fullness of freedom is only possible through the fullness of healing. And healing requires both the acceptance of the truth about the consequences of our sin and the acceptance of the superabundance of God’s forgiveness. We must apologize to, ask for forgiveness from, and ultimately become reconciled with God, our fellow human beings, and not at all any less importantly, ourselves, all of whom have been hurt by our sins. It is when we honestly and humbly confess our sins and admit our mistakes in this freeing sacrament that Jesus can incinerate them with the burning flames of Divine Love bursting forth from His Sacred Heart.

Perhaps you have never had or even participated in an abortion, and would never consider aborting your unborn child, but you agree with the idea that women should be allowed to chose to do what they want to do with “their bodies” based on their “reproductive health care rights.”

In this case, I have something to share with you, lovingly yet solemnly.

God does not create life in the womb only to have that life destroyed and done away with. That is simply never His Will. Never. Every life that He nestles inside a mother, regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy, is a unique human being with a specific divine plan. This is simply an irrefutable truth.

There is now no longer any room for doubt. For modern science has shown us, time and time again, that the creation of a unique human organism, entirely distinct from both of its parents, and already containing all of the DNA determining its specific biological phenotypes, (like race, gender, eye color, etc.) begins at the very moment of fertilization, when sperm meets egg (1). Indeed, 95% of all biologists agree that a fertilized egg is a human being, and thousands of biology and embryology textbooks, medical dictionaries, science professors and medical researchers, that confirm to us that truly, human life begins at conception:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-10.png

Drawing from the 3,000 year Judeo-Christian Tradition, the Catholic Church has regarded human life from its very beginning as blessed and sacred: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you” (Jeremiah 1:5). Additionally, Catholics universally affirm the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And yet, how could Mary be conceived free from original sin without the presence of a soul at the very moment of Conception? Regardless, the Catechism itself teaches that all unborn children from their conception are human beings entitled to all the inviolable rights of the human person and thus declares that, “Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law (see CCC #2270, under the interpretation of the 5th Commandment).

Given what scientific research, divine revelation, and indeed the voice of our own reason and conscience tells us, is it any wonder why Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “I am sure that all people know deep down inside that the little child in the mother’s womb is a human being from the moment of conception, created in the image of God to love and be loved. Let us pray that nobody will be afraid to protect that little child, to help that little child to be born. Jesus said: ‘If you receive a little child in my name, you receive me.’

Therefore, if you are a Catholic Christian who believes both the scientific evidence and Church teaching that life begins at conception, yet you cast your vote in favor of a pro-abortion politician, to you my friends, for the sake of the lives of the littlest and least among us, for the sake of the souls of so, so many, including all those involved in the violent act of abortion, as well your own soul and those you have any influence over…I ask you to please, please, please prayerfully and profoundly reconsider. For as the Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burk, warns: “There is no element of the common good that could justify voting for a candidate who also endorses, without restriction or limitation, the deliberate killing of the innocent, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia or human cloning…These elements are so fundamental to the common good that they cannot be subordinated to any other cause, no matter how good…procured abortion is intrinsically evil, and as such, can never be justified in any circumstance(1).

Albert Einstein once said that, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on it and do nothing.” In the same way, the womb has become a dangerous place, not only because of those who perform abortions directly, but because of all those who support it through their tolerance, their indifference, and yes, their vote. As Our Blessed Mother said on November 5th, 2016: “You do not have to participate in abortion to support it. It is enough to vote for a candidate who supports abortion to lend support to this sin” (2).

Now, I know many modern-day good and practicing Catholics will point out that life at all stages, from conception to natural death, is immeasurably cherished by God and deserves the utmost protection under the Law. And truly, this “consistent life ethic” or “seamless garment” as it is sometimes called, insists that we do everything possible to fight not only against abortion, but euthanasia, the death penalty, human trafficking, poverty, terrorism, war and any form violence as well. To quote the historic words from the first ever Presidential Address at the 2020 March for Life on January 22nd, the newly declared National Day of the Sanctity of Human Life: “Every person — the born and unborn, the poor, the downcast, the disabled, the infirm, and the elderly — has inherent value.  Although each journey is different, no life is without worth or is inconsequential; the rights of all people must be defended.

Yet at the expense of sounding overly political or partisan, abortion not just another “life issue” on the spectrum of life issues. Without the very right to life, the first and foremost of all basic human rights, there cannot be any life at all, let alone “life issues.” The enemy of all that is good, through the secular mass media, press, and entertainment, misrepresent the fullness of the Truth by redirecting our attention to the events, issues, and opinions of often hidden, biased agendas and by barraging us with worldly, fear-inducing, or even overtly sinful images and ideas. Yet if we are honest and courageous enough to uncover his cunning distractions and distortions, we will come why, as Bernard Nathanson, M.D., the abortionist doctor turned pro-life advocate who presided over more than 60,000 abortions himself once said, “Abortion is the worst holocaust in the history of the US.”


Note: The number of reported abortions in the following graph, which come from the CDC, is likely a much more conservative estimate of the actual number of abortions which took place in the US in 2015, given that the Guttmacher Institute, the Research Arm for Planned Parenthood, estimated that there were 926,190 in 2014, just one year before.

Indeed, worldwide there are 55,000,000 killed by abortion every year, which amounts to 105 abortions every minute (3). In the US alone, there are over 3,000 abortions per day (3). This means that 3,000 mothers are being seriously emotionally and even physically wounded (a study in the British Medical Journal found that women who chose abortion were six times more likely to commit suicide than those who gave birth) and 3,000 fathers silently deprived of their children every single day….all while the massive abortion lobby and industry continue to make millions of dollars in profit, much of which becomes funds for promoting and politicizing abortion, and thus perpetuating the cycle of death and destruction.

And even though these troubling statistics adversely affect everyone, minorities are hit the hardest. A research analysis published by the American Public Health Association in 2017 concluded that nearly 1 in 4 American women will have an abortion by the age of 45 (4). Yet, according to the CDC, African Americans have abortions at three times the rate of white women and twice the rate of all other races combined (5). Sadly, this widespread unjust discrimination isn’t limited to just race. “Of the babies diagnosed with down syndrome, 67% are aborted in the United States. Our world is truly being stripped of love, joy, and beauty” (6)! Retired OB-GYN and former abortionist, Dr. Kathi Aultman described the chilling paradox of the culture we live in: “If it’s wanted, it’s a baby. If it’s not, it’s a fetus.”

Yet should this really come as a surprise to us when the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a proponent of the Eugenics movement? Indeed, Sanger wanted to purify humanity of those who she describes as “biological and racial mistakes” through birth control, sterilization, and abortion. In her 1920 book, “Women and the New Race,” she even wrote “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infants is to kill it” (7). Nearly 60 years later, at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta proclaimed that, “The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” Are you beginning to see the clash of worldviews between the culture of death and the culture of life?

As Catholic Christians, we simply cannot sit back idly as innocent life after innocent life continues to be snuffed out, while the news headlines, the sporting events, the reality TV shows, and indeed the rest of the world simply go on, without seeming to care or even notice. It is time to act. That is why, in the upcoming 2020 election, we must take an uncompromising and unapologetic stand against legalized abortion and vote for life. 

Sadly, the Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, fully supports unrestricted abortion throughout all 9 months for any reason, and would use our taxpayer dollars to fund it, both within the United States and abroad. Additionally, his party platform and proposed policies are at odds with multiple other non-negotiable teachings of the Catholic Church: euthanasia or “physician-assisted suicide” (which is now legal in 10 states), fetal stem cell research, human cloning, same-sex “marriage,” contraception and artificial birth control, third-party reproduction (via sperm or ovum donation and a surrogate uterus), in vitro fertilization or “test tube babies” (Note: IVF intentionally ends the life of hundreds of thousands of embryonic human beings annually, by “discarding” embryonic children due to detection of diseases or disabilities. In fact, it is estimated that less than 8% of embryonic children conceived in the IVF lab will survive until birth (8)), and most recently and tragically: infanticide.

Yes, it is the startling truth. Not only has the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have prohibited most abortions starting at 20 weeks (or five months) into pregnancy been rejected by nearly all of the democrats of the US Senate multiple times. But in February of this year, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have required abortionists to transfer infants who survive abortions to hospitals, to be given the same degree of care as any wanted newborn, was voted against by 41 of the 45 democrats in the US Senate.

Every year, an estimated 11,500 premature babies are killed in the United States in third trimester abortions, and there are thousands of living “abortion survivors” who were born alive, even after the abortionist’s failed attempt to dismember, burn, or poison them (one of whom I have met and personally befriended) (9). Thankfully, the Marinist Poll from last year found that 80% of Americans want to limit abortions no later than three months, or 12 weeks, into pregnancy (10). Yet despite all of this, Joe Biden recently publicly stated that if elected he would instruct the Justice Department to block all restrictions on abortion.

Meanwhile, since his election in 2016, President Trump has deprived the abortion industry of billions of dollars. For example, he has signed legislation that has effectively:

  • cut taxpayer funding for any facility that performs abortions or refers clients to them
  • protected taxpayer money (upwards of $8.8 billion) from funding the abortion industry overseas
  • required insurers specify to their customers whether the plan they are buying covers abortion
  • permitted states to defund Planned Parenthood of Title X family planning.

In addition, President Trump also created a new office in the federal government for Conscience and Religious Freedom to protect medical professionals like doctors and nurses from being forced to participate in abortions in any way. (As it stands, All OB-GYN residents are required to do abortions unless they opt-out because of conscience, but that is discouraged). Perhaps this is why Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, told the Daily Signal, “[Trump] has done more for the pro-life movement than any president when it comes to enacting policy.” (To read more of President Trump’s many Pro-Life accomplishments, visit https://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/trump-prolife-accomplishments.aspx, which is being constantly updated by Priests for Life.)

In addition, President Trump also created new office in the federal government for Conscience and Religious Freedom to protect medical professionals like doctors and nurses from being forced to participate in abortions in any way. (As it stands, All OB-GYN residents are required to do abortions unless they opt-out because of conscience, but that is discouraged). Perhaps this is why Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, told the Daily Signal, “Trump] has done more for the pro-life movement than any president when it comes to enacting policy.” (To read more of President Trump’s many Pro-Life accomplishments, visit https://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/trump-prolife-accomplishments.aspx, which is being constantly updated by Priests for Life.)

Now, President Trump is not perfect, by any means. He is bold. Very bold. And outspoken. Very outspoken. I will personally admit that I sometimes have to cringe a little when I hear him make some of his humorously “off the cuff” comments. But he is also bold, outspoken, and very direct about the corruption in Washington, the biases in the media, and yes, the issue of abortion itself, not just in the legislation he passes but in the way he calls out the abortion industry, the pro-abortion politicians, and the gruesome abortion procedure. (No wonder he is infuriating many of the wealthy and influential elites such as former democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and one-world globalist George Soros, who are both multi-million dollar donors to Planned Parenthood).

Clearly, Trump is not the most agreeable, charming, politically correct, or even “presidential” candidate. And yet, I reject the constant, cynical, and sometimes downright dirty narratives that portray Donald Trump as a (insert divisive label here). This is because, as evidenced by Sacred Scripture and human history, God can and often does use even the most broken and imperfect vessels, like the pagan King Cyrus the Great, the Jewish Psalmist David, and even the Christian-convert Emperor Constantine, to lead His people and carry out His designs. For God, no person is irredeemable, no past is irreconcilable, no sin is unforgivable. And Indeed, there are many reputable Protestant and Catholic prophesies regarding President Trump, including the Hermit of Loreto (author of the Pieta Prayer Book), who predicted, in the 1980’s, that …“Donald J. Trump will lead America back to God”  (11).

One of the series of heavenly messages that I have personally discerned and been faithfully following since 2017 is Holy Ministries in Elyria, Ohio. The Messages of Holy and Divine Love, which have been given by Jesus, the Blessed Mother, various angels and saints, and most recently, God the Father, through visionary Maureen-Sweeney Kyle began in 1985. (I have written a Defense of Holy Love Ministries and Messages, which have been carefully discerned and openly endorsed by multiple bishops and priests around the world, on my website here: https://liveandliveon.com/the-messages-of-holy-and-divine-love-qa/). Consider, for example, the following message, which Our Lady gave to Maureen on November 9th, 2016, the day after President Trump was first elected into office:

 “I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President. Many innocent lives in the womb will be spared now. Religious freedoms will be restored and preserved. Your Supreme Court will maintain loyalty to the Constitution. Progress will be made in becoming independent of foreign oil. Your country will regain its dignity, power and respect amongst friend and foe alike. I am very pleased. I could not tell you who to vote for. I could only make your choices more clear.” “Continue to pray for your president-elect” (2).

If you are anything like me, and it took you a little while and a lot of research to unite with Americans of all faiths behind Donald Trump’s strong leadership and legislative efforts, I really recommend watching the following video. It is an interview with Catholic apologist Jesse Romero about his new book: “A Catholic Vote for Trump: The Only Choice for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Alike.” In it, Romero addresses common objections to Trump, such as questions like, “Why do you support Donald Trump as  Mexican-American?” (5:19) “What about Trump’s former immoral lifestyle or his sometimes belittling or rash manner of speaking?” (9:06), “Don’t you think Trump is just using the Republican party and Christian vote to gain power?” (14:40), “What do you have to say about Trump’s insistence on ‘building a Wall’ and even Pope Francis’ comments regarding building walls instead of bridges?” (19:12):

Even if you disagree with our President’s personality, past decisions, or public comments, remember that it is his policies, principles, and platform which are ultimately making a difference in your life and the lives of us millions of citizens, born and unborn alike. Indeed, our president kept his promise to only appoint pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court in appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He has also placed another 191 conservative judges on the circuit and district courts around the country. And as Dr. George Delgado, the medical director of Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) and Culture of Life Family Health Care stated on May 13th of this year: “There’s a very real possibility that if Roe vs. Wade gets brought to the Court for examination that it will be overturned, either with the current Court or if one other justice is appointed.”

Truly, there is a very high likelihood that, if Trump is re-elected in 2020, Roe vs. Wade will finally be overturned! Indeed, several states have already been passing new laws to regulate abortion for when this does happen, such as the “heartbeat bills” proposed in Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, and Missouri. According to Planned Parenthood’s own website, a total of 20 states have new or existing abortion bans that would be able to go into effect if the Supreme Court overturns the 1973 decision: “FACT: If Roe vs. Wade is further overturned or further eroded, one-third of all women of reproductive age in America [25 million women] could lose the ability to access abortion in their state.” Truly, in all its 47 years of hard-fought battles through courageous public advocacy, compassionate social outreach, and heartfelt communal prayer, this is the most exciting time for the pro-life movement in the United States of America!

Perhaps you think that overturning Roe vs. Wade would cause women to procure dangerous, “back-alley” abortions. In the following video, former abortionist and Planned Parenthood owner dispels that notion with the facts. (For example, according to the CDC, more women died from legal abortions than illegal abortions in 1973, the year abortion was nationally legalized):

In his book, “Persuasive Pro-Life: How to Talk About Our Cultures Toughest Issue,” Catholic Apologist Trent Horn, states that “every year thousands of women in the United States are unable to get an abortion because it is too expensive. Sometimes abortion providers simply refuse to perform abortions for women who are too far along in their pregnancies (12). But the vast majority of these women do not break the law in order to pay for their abortions, nor do they try to perform an abortion on themselves (13). Instead, they give birth to their child. If most women do not break the law to obtain expensive or hard-to-get abortions, then shouldn’t we expect that, in general, women would not break the law in order to obtain illegal abortions?”

Here, I’d like to add that I’ve actually met a woman who, even though she considered herself pro-life most of her life, was at one point seriously considering abortion. However, she didn’t have enough money to buy the abortion at the time (the average cost of an abortion through Planned Parenthood is $500). So she decided to “Google” it, and when she saw what an unborn child looked like in the womb at her number of weeks in the pregnancy, she changed her mind. Thus, she decided to keep and raise her beautiful and joyful little daughter, who she herself described as the “light of her life.”

Now, I certainly don’t doubt that there will be women who decide to travel even great distances to have abortions. But I also propose this question: If our President is re-elected and Roe vs. Wade is overturned, how many women will decide to obey the law and allow their unborn children to have a chance to live? In other words, how little baby girls and boys of unique and unrepeatable personalities, passions, and potentials- the future doctors and engineers, politicians and priests, mothers and fathers of our country- will be spared from death by abortion? Thus, how many otherwise slaughtered human beings will be able to pursue, like you and I, the path to happiness, holiness, and ultimately the Good Lord’s perfect and personal plan for their lives? For in the Eyes of God, the Creator, Redeemer, and Lover of all life, one is not too many. Indeed, the great theologian and doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas tells that a single soul is worth more than the entire universe.

This is also why, in addition to bravely speaking up and kindly reaching out, we need to constantly and deeply immerse ourselves in prayer. After all, single ‘Hail Mary’ said with a loving heart carries with it the power to flood other hearts with grace…those in purgatory who need relief, those on their deathbed who need conversion, and those who are contemplating abortion, who need the strength, light, and courage to say “YES” to the life of their unborn child. In particular, the Rosary of the Unborn, is the “weapon of weapons” in these times, for Our Lady has promised that every single Hail Mary prayed from a loving heart rescues an unborn child from death by abortion. He has even revealed, on October 7th, 2004, that, “If you knew the power of the rosary which you hold in your hands, if you knew the power of the rosary that you hold in your hands and that you pray with your hearts, you would never put it down. It would always be with you and the prayers would always be on your lips” (2).

As the little children of a God who is utterly enamored with every part of us, none of our decisions are insignificant and all deeply affect Our Father’s Heart and all His many children, even through the centuries. Truly, our vote, like our every action and word, prayer and sacrifice, once cast, is irrevocable…irretrievable…irreversible. On November 5th, 2016, Our Blessed Mother Mary, Refuge of Holy Love explained: “This life in this world is passing like a leaf in the wind. It is what you hold in your heart at the moment of your death which determines your eternity. Do not let it be the support of abortion” (2).

Indeed, when future generations look back, they will mourn the depth of darkness, disobedience, and death of our modern times. Yet they will also marvel at those who, despite all of the confusion, compromise, and controversy, chose to stand against evil, for the sake of all those that had no vote, no voice, no chance, and no choice…It may cost us our comfort and convenience, our popularity and praise, and indeed even our very lives! Yet, I truly believe that there is no more urgent task, no more important cause, no more necessary step for our country and our world than abolishing abortion, “the sin of the century which is and will be responsible for the greatest loss of life and souls” (2).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. Please, take these words, these statistics, and these heavenly messages to prayer and consider sharing them with others. In all quietness, allow the Lord to whisper the Truth to your heart… For in the intimate silence of heartfelt prayer, “you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).

I love you, my brothers and sisters, no matter what you decide. But I sincerely hope and pray that we can fight today’s battle for life, and celebrate tomorrow’s victory over abortion, together.

Yours in the Infinite Love and Mercy of the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,

Greg (aka “Little Gregory”)                                                                        https://liveandliveon.com/

“. . . we are facing an enormous and dramatic clash between good and evil, death and life, the “culture of death” and the “culture of life”. We find ourselves not only faced with but necessarily in the midst of this conflict: we are all involved and we all share in it, with the inescapable responsibility of choosing to be unconditionally pro-life.” Pope Saint John Paul II the Great in his Papal Encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life).

The following PDF is a Nonpartisan Comparison of Current Party Platforms: https://mfv.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/PDF/2019-Party-Platforms.pdf

Click to access 2019-Party-Platforms.pdf

Crusade Prayer (74) For Gift of Discernment

O Mother of God, help me to prepare my soul for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Take me as a child, by the hand, and lead me on the road towards the gift of discernment through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Open my heart and teach me to surrender in body, mind and soul. Rid me of the sin of pride and pray that I will be forgiven for all past sins so that my soul is purified and that I am made whole so that I can receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you, Mother of Salvation, for your intercession, and I await with love in my heart for this Gift for which I yearn with joy. Amen.

Our Lady has asked us to pray the Crusade Prayers for 15 minutes a day to plead for Divine Mercy. Learn more about the Crusade Prayers in the battle for saving as many souls as possible here!


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(13)                      Those who do break the law usually try to buy medication that causes abortions without having a prescription for that medication. See, for example, Susan Donaldson James, “Nursing Home Worker Charged with Illegal Abortion of Teen; Ordered Drugs Online,” ABC News, March 7, 2014, abcnews.go.com/Health/pa-woman-charged-illegal-abortion-teen/story?id=22802782.

It’s All About Trust


The Greater Sinner Thumbnail
Happy Divine Mercy Sunday (and Greek Easter! Christos Anesti!) everyone!!! 🙂
On this special day of beautiful grace, I would like to remind us of God Our Father’s beautiful promise to all His beloved children, no matter who we are or what we’ve done:
“I see all. I will judge every action. I will reward every decision made by one soul for the benefit of another. In the same way, I will challenge every decision made by one soul to the detriment of another. Children, all is being recorded. You will account for your life. I am merciful. I am merciful to a degree that will astound you. But you must allow Me to be merciful. You must accept My mercy. You cannot scorn My mercy, child. Allow Me to exercise My mercy in your life. “How must we do that, Father?” you ask. I will tell you. You must say this to Me:
“God, my Father in heaven, You are all mercy. You love me and see my every sin. God, I call on You now as the merciful Father. Forgive my every sin. Wash away the stains on my soul so that I may once again rest in complete innocence. I trust You, Father in heaven. I rely on You. I thank you. Amen.”
I am acting as the merciful Father in these days, children. Pray this prayer to Me and I will respond in mercy. Your soul will be washed clean.” (Volume 3)
Indeed, if we accept God’s tender love and forgiveness in our final moments of this life, we will live forever with Him and the entire family of Christ in the “indescribable and glorious joy” of the heavenly Kingdom (1 Peter 1:8). So let us accept Him now, and let go of all pride and bitterness, searching our hearts for even the smallest residue of resentment or hint of a grudge. For if we allow ourselves to step into the constant, steady stream of God’s pure goodness and infinite grace, we will be spiritually strengthened and sanctified, humbled and healed. Only then, will we be able to pursue the path of holiness and perfection, patiently and peacefully accepting our own faults and failings, as well as those of others. As C.S. Lewis once said:
“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”
On this day in particular, there is an incredible opportunity for obtaining a clean slate, a “fresh start” -so to speak- for our souls. Listen to the way Jesus Himself described it to Saint Faustina, in her Diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”:
My daughter, tell the whole world about My inconceivable mercy. I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy (699).
I want to grant a complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy (1109).
Under normal circumstances, all that it would take on our part to receive this full forgiveness for an entire lifetime of sins and full remission for all the justice due them, would be to simply have a good confession with a priest and then receive Our Lord in Holy Communion in a state of grace. However, given the constraints that have arisen from the Coronavirus for receiving the sacraments, all you need to do to obtain this plenary indulgence is make a heartfelt act of contrition and spiritual communion.
The following photo explains how to do just that:
Maybe you think it would be impossible that God could love you at your darkest (Romans 5:8) and forgive you of everything, yes…everything! That is a very legitimate hesitation… After all, we have all been hurt and wounded in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly, by the human beings around us. Yet we are made in God’s image, not the other way around! The eternal, all-powerful, Triune God is not bound by our fickle human weakness, narrow-mindedness, and sin. Yes, God, far more than even Mary Poppins, is perfect in every possible way! As Jesus revealed to Blessed Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I”:
“Aren’t you attracted by intelligence, warmth, kindness? Multiply by infinitely all the gifts that you look for in those you love; God is more. For there are depths of tenderness in Me that you have never known. And this very God wants to possess you! …You, little nothing, loved by the all!”
Amazingly though, despite all God’s wonderful and glorious divine attributes, such as STRENGTH, JUSTICE, WISDOM, PASSION, and CREATIVITY, St. Faustina in her Diary tell us that “we resemble God most when we forgive our neighbors. God is Love, Goodness, and Mercy…” (1148). Why is this the case? Just think of radical love of Jesus Christ on the Cross, willingly accepting all of the whips, shouts, rods, scorns, nails, spit, and hellish hatred of the soldiers crucifying Him. Instead of lashing back in any way, He was like a lamb lead to the slaughter, silently and submissively (Isaiah 53:7), and He was even actively loving all those who were killing Him, crying out to God, begging and pleading for their ignorance, for their salvation…for our ignorance, for our salvation: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).
Perhaps you’re still not fully convinced of Christ’s merciful message to St. Faustina, put so plainly in the following words He gave to the modern visionary Maureen Sweeney Kyle: “Do not be discouraged by the numbers or types of sins you have committed. The greatest sinner deserves most My Mercy.” (holylove.org). Here, I would like to remind you that some of the greatest of all sinners really did become the greatest of saints! Take for example, murderer turned Martyr and Missionary St. Paul, playboy turned Bishop and Church Doctor St. Augustine, satanic priest turned knight for Our Lady, Blessed Barolo Longo or imprisoned drug addict turned Catholic priest and worldwide evangelist, Father Don Calloway, the “Poster Child of Divine Mercy,” who’s beautiful conversion story video has brought tears to my eyes:

And then, of course, much less dramatic and acclaimed, but certainly no less raunchy and rebellious, is my own conversion story…of how God saved me by showering me in the warmth of His tender, burning Love…even and especially when I definitely didn’t deserve it. Truly, the only limit on the power of His Graces and amount we can receive are the limits we place on them, by our own lack of faith. For as Saint Faustina herself put it:
“Let no soul, even the most miserable, fall prey to doubt; for, as long as one is alive, each one can become a great saint, so great is the power of God’s grace. It remains only for us not to oppose God’s action” (283).
Once, I heard a talk by Father Mike Schmitz about a certain saint who lived a disobedient and wild life and had a child out of wedlock. At age 28, she had a conversion experience after seeing her lover dead on the ground (and perhaps contemplated the shortness of the life of the body compared with the length of the eternity of a soul!). Scorned by her own townspeople, she was taken in by some Franciscan Friars and ended up becoming a very devout and holy penitent woman, consecrated to Christ! Later on, I discovered who this amazing princess, bride, virgin of our Lord was! Her name is Saint Margaret of Cortona and her body is incorruptible, and Our Lord revealed to her that not only had He entirely restored her purity and innocence, but that she would be praising God in Heaven one day with even the highest choirs of Seraphim, among the holiest of Virgins! The following is an excerpt of one of their conversations, from the book, “A Tuscan Penitent: The Life and Legend of St. Margaret of Cortona”:
Thus, one festival of the royal virgin, St. Catherine, Margaret was at the altar receiving Holy Communion when she heard Christ say to her: “My child, thy place shall be amongst the Seraphim, with the virgins aflame with divine love.” At these words Margaret was astounded and replied: “Lord, how can this be with one so stained with sin?” But He Who has promised by the prophet: “return to Me and I will receive thee, made answer: “Thy manifold sufferings shall cleanse thy soul from all attraction to sin, and in thy suffering and contrition thou shalt be restored to virginal purity.”
Hearing these words, Margaret feared the more: “Christ, my Master!” she exclaimed, “and is Magdalene amongst the virgins in the glory of heaven?” Christ, the only Truth, replied: “Except Mary the Virgin and Catherine the Martyr there is none amongst the virgins greater than Magdalene.”
 Saint Mary Magdalene? The highest in glory of the female saints in Paradise, only short of Saint Catherine of Siena and the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven?! She who was known as an adulterer possessed by seven demons? Talk about the power of God’s Mercy, which truly “makes all things new” (Revelation 21:5)
Indeed, Not only has He revealed to us that all sin is forgivable, but Saint Mary Magdalene herself revealed the following in “Heaven Speaks on Abortion“:

“Also, if you have fallen victim to the modern deception that sinful physical intimacy is acceptable, you are not alone. Many holy souls have also made these mistakes. But here is God’s promise to you. Confess your sins. Pour them all out where they cannot hurt you and He, Jesus, will take them away. They will be cast into the fires of His Sacred Heart and they will be incinerated and gone forever. Jesus will grant you complete healing. Be patient and let Him do this for you. Your purity will be returned to you and your beautiful sexuality will be restored to its original state. Remember that I told you that heaven speaks with great authority? Well, you can be assured that this promise comes from the throne of God. Walk in joy, dear sister of mine, because Jesus loves you.”

Another time, I remember coming across a description I once read of St. Augustine in particular which astounded me. It came from the Revelations of Saint Gertrude the Great:
“As she reflected thus, he [Saint Augustine] appeared to her in glory, bearing a globe on his head, enriched with an infinite variety of rare colors, and covered with brilliant stars, which indicated the reward that God had bestowed on him for his holy thoughts during life: such as the application of his mind to the things of God; the contempt which he had for the pleasures of life, from his desire of finding pleasure only in God; the care which he had taken to make his heart pleasing to God, who, as the Wise Man says, finds His delight in conversing with the children of men; and all the occupations to which he had devoted himself with his whole soul, either by speaking, writing, or by promoting the love and glory of God by his example; and the pleasures which he enjoyed were so great and so admirable, that he could pour them forth on all. 
Then our Lord said to Gertrude: “Consider how perfect My beloved is in purity, humility, and fervent charity.” 
She replied, in great admiration: “Lord, how can he be so pure, when he must have contracted so many stains in his wanderings from the faith before his conversion?”
He replied: “I permitted these wanderings, awaiting his return with patience and mercy, and then overwhelming him with My gratuitous favors.” 
After these words, as she examined the ornaments of 
this prelate very attentively, he appeared vested in a garment of crystalline purity, beneath which she saw three colors, which indicated his purity, humility, and charity; and these shone forth as gold shines through crystal.”
If “where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more” (Romans 5:20), imagine how much . Not only does St. Mary Magdalene tell us that “There is enough for every bit of spiritual and emotional healing that is necessary for every soul who has ever been injured in any way.” Our Lord actually goes as far as to say the following, from Volume 2:
“Come back to Me now, My little lost soul, and I will lift all punishment due you. Repent and throw yourself into My arms. I will forgive you immediately. I have already done so. But in order to heal and to be comfortable in heaven, you must repent and seek My forgiveness. You must come to Me to seek My forgiveness. You must come and get it from Me. I am here, in the tabernacle. Come to Me here and I will forgive all sin. I will make you as pure as if you had never sinned. My children, all in heaven are awed at the scope of this promise. I want you to consider that this is an opportunity you should take advantage of.”
Of course, we will not have forever to take advantage of this incredible opportunity Our Lord offers us, so let us seize the day and receive His Merciful, Healing Grace…today! And the more we trust, the more we shall receive!
If for any reason, you are tempted to doubt the beautiful and powerful promise of Jesus these words of His to us, this is precisely where an exercise in true TRUST must comes in…and hence, that simple yet powerful prayer that Jesus told St. Faustina He wanted inscribed at the bottom of the Image: “Jesus, I Trust in You!” After all, as St. Monica tells us in “Heaven Speaks to Parents Who Worry About Their Children’s Salvation”:
“It is good to tell God that you trust Him. It is good for God to hear this because it consoles Him. It is also good for you to hear yourself telling God that you trust Him as you will begin to believe.”
Therefore, keep praying this prayer, even all day long if you have to, and I promise you, you will soon you yourself will experience a peace beyond all understanding, a peace that evades the enemy’s snares of distraction, worry, or regret, a peace that only Christ can give (Philippians 4:7). Believe that truly everything? (yes…everything!) is being taken care of by your all-knowing, all-loving, all-forgiving, good, good Father, and then leave everything in His Hands! If you want, you can even pray the following refrain of the Surrender Novena which Jesus revealed to Servant of God Don Dolindo as the most efficacious novena of all! “Jesus I surrender myself to You! Take care of everything!”
Remember! No mater what you have ever said, thought, or done and no matter what anyone else may think, say or do, YOU are a CHILD of GOD! Indeed, you are perfectly KNOWN, infinitely LOVED, tenderly CHERISHED, and, as long as you have the humility to simply say, “Sorry”… fully FORGIVEN by the God of highest heavens, who dwells in the deepest depths of your heart. Tell Him that you trust Him often- even when you don’t believe it. Tell Him that you love Him often- even when you don’t feel it. And most of all, serve Him- even when you don’t desire it. Let Jesus Christ lead your life, your work, your heart, even in the most monotonous moments and down to the most minute details and soon, all the faith, hope, and love you could ever ask for or even imagine will follow.
Thank you so, so much for (hopefully) taking some time to read through another rather lengthy email message of mine! May God bless you and your families in this time, and especially all those affected by the virus. And may you always trust in His His Unconditional, Unfathomable, Unlimited, and Unending Love and Mercy.
Peace be with you (John 20:19).
Greg! 🙂
PS- Please enjoy the following excerpts from St. Thomas the Apostle in Volume 5 about having FAITH in Our Lord, even when it’s not easy:
“I had the greatest of faith on earth, truly, but when you live on earth, and you are following Jesus, there are times when you are asked to believe what is inconceivable to the limitations of human thinking. It is at that time that you must turn joyfully to heaven and say, “Jesus, I trust in you, I believe in you, and I will follow you.” Those simple words should be said all the day long. There will come times when you will feel your faith wavering. This is perfectly normal, dear followers. You may expect to confront doubts at some time during your service. This should not affect your service in any way. Say those words and cry out to me, Thomas, and I will console you and comfort you while I simultaneously turn to the Throne and pray, interceding for you until the time of challenge has passed.”
I am the saint who will help you with your doubts. You must call on me often, as often as you have doubts, and I will rush to you because I understand the pain and anguish of wanting to serve but struggling to believe. You must understand how much I love you. Believe, dear soul, that your times are changing. This is a mercy and you should thank heaven for it. You are being well prepared and this opportunity for enhanced unity between earth and heaven is part of that mercy. We are with you at every moment. You have many friends in heaven. Use them.
I, Thomas, pledge to walk with you in times of doubt so that your service to the Kingdom is unaffected. In that situation, you gain the most powerful of graces and rewards because it is far more difficult to serve when you are struggling. What you must concentrate on always is service. I will serve! That is your refrain. God can do great things with a soul who speaks that way all day.”